Adoption Successes

Anthony and Rebecca

Adoption is the best decision for us and we look forward to welcoming a new child into our family.  Our parents, family and friends are thrilled to meet our new addition.  We know in our hearts that we will give this child a loving, caring environment and let him/her achieve their dreams. 

David and Tracy

We are Dave and Tracy. We met in church, fell in love, married, and have been best friends for ten amazing years. After two years of infertility and several miscarriages, we are very blessed to have two children, Lauren (five) and Parker (three). We dream of a large family and want to adopt multiple children. As we begin the adoption journey, we are all very eager to bring a new baby into our family!

Brent and Melissa

After being a nurse for eleven years, Melissa was able to have a dream come true, being a full time stay at home mom.  We are excited to continue that dream with your most precious gift.  Brent is a pilot for a major airline which gives us great opportunities to travel to many beautiful places. He has a schedule which gives him four days off every week.  In Brent’s free time he volunteers at a park operating a miniature railroad giving free rides to kids and adults. 

Christopher and Michilia

Both of us have achieved a lot because of strong work-ethics and solid values.  Kyla finished college and medical school in six years and was able to finish her residency by the age of 27.  All the while she has been a great family member and friend to many.  Chris played varsity lacrosse in college, his team winning national championships.  Since then he has earned two master’s degrees, along with several professional accreditations, all while working full-time.  He too makes sure that he always spends time with family and friends.  It is our desire to instill the same work-ethic and solid values in our child that has helped us in life. 

Troy and Kristin

Troy and I have been married almost fifteen years and we started our family a little later in our marriage. We have a wonderful little three year old boy named Quinn and a mini schnauzer named Lola.  Lola has been by Quinn’s side since he was born, she is so protective of him it is adorable.  Troy and I spent many years traveling and doing a lot of things life has to offer before we decided to have a child.  Through the adventures we spent lots of time together learning the challenges of marriage; it gave us time to be financially and mentally prepared to have children.   Quinn has provided such joy in our lives we are anxious to welcome another child into our lives.

Thomas and Christina

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to introduce ourselves, express our admiration for you and tell you about our longing to have a child. The decision you have made is a remarkably selfless act as you are thinking about the well-being and future happiness of your child.  There are few people who unselfishly consider the happiness of another before their own.  We know that taking this step and helping us fulfill our dreams requires unbelievable strength.  It is this combination of generosity and strength that astounds us. 

David and Julie

In the evenings, we like to play with our two dogs, Gunny and Zoey.  We also enjoy making dinner together since we both love to cook.  During the summer, we cook out on the grill or make a campfire to cook pizza pies or s’mores.  When it is hot out, we enjoy our pool with family and friends.  On weekends whether they are long or not, if we can get away, we try to visit my sister’s family, go to our friend’s cabin at a lake or go camping.  We love to stay active but also enjoy a relaxing day spent with family and friends.  When we want to enjoy the indoors, we keep ourselves occupied with TV, board games or cards. 

Anthony and Christine

It’s hard to believe our son, Andrew, is almost two years old.  He was born to a rising high school senior, who made the selfless decision to place him for adoption.  We feel tremendously blessed that Andrew’s birthmom selected us.  We think of her often and are excited to say that she is pursuing a degree at one of the nation’s top universities.  She is a wonderful example of a person who made the most of a challenging situation.

Andrew and Mary

We always knew we wanted to have a family and came to realize everything happens for a reason and in its own time. God had a specific plan for us and that plan led us here, to you.  We don’t believe in coincidence but rather a chosen plan.  The love you have for your child has led you to this incredible, selfless decision.  A decision to give your baby a life filled with security, love and happiness.  We can’t find the words to express how grateful we are to you for giving us this chance to be a family.  We feel so blessed to have each other; we have so much love for each other we cannot wait to share that love with a child.

Jerrod and Tracy
We have been blessed with a wonderful life, with plenty of love and joy, but we are missing one thing - a beautiful baby boy or girl to share it with.  We can’t wait to bring a child home to nurture, love, and cherish.  We long to make them a part of the wonderful family, friends, and church family we have been blessed to have in our lives.  We look forward to the simple moments of holding, feeding, singing silly songs, reading stories, and playing games.
Robert and Julie
We feel very blessed and grateful for all that we have, but we are longing to have a child to share our lives with. We believe that God is in the business of turning sad and painful situations into something beautiful: this is the miracle of adoption. If the life that we have described is what you want for your child, then you may be the special lady who will help to make our dreams come true.
Sammy and Lesley

A strong, loving family is a priority to us. We have two precious daughters, Laney and Samantha (who we adopted last year). Both of our girls are a blessing to our family. Steve and I are enthusiastic, loving parents. Whether we are reading bedtime stories to Samantha, proofreading Laney’s schoolwork, taking walks to the park, or traveling together on family vacations, we love spending time with our girls. Our large, loving family of grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins are in the immediate area; and, they are all very excited to meet our newest family member.

Scott and Ann

We are all faced with difficult decisions in our lives, but we cannot imagine a more difficult and courageous one than the choice you have made for adoption.  Please know that even though this is one of the most difficult decisions of your life, you are also providing a great blessing to the adoptive parents. 

Timothy and Sarah
Life doesn’t always turn out the way we had planned. This is true for everyone, but the difference that determines our character is the choices we make when life gets hard.  This beautiful choice your making lets us know what a good person you must be.  Our names are Tim and Sarah.  We hope to give you an idea of what kind of people we are in this letter.
Kenneth and Shari

During our free time together we often go to sporting events, take our dogs for walks, ride our mountain bikes or remodel our home.  One of Shari’s favorite hobbies is creating abstract acrylic paintings on canvas.   She also enjoys gardening and cooking for family and friends.  Ken enjoys taking photographs of family occasions and vacations. He is very passionate about movies, watching them and learning about how they were made.

Norman and Kristine

 We have always wanted a bigger family and are excited about the prospect of adding more smiles and laughter to our family.  If chosen by you, please know that you will be enriching the life of the child you are carrying as well as our lives by helping us to make this dream come true.

Paul and Lynn
We have always wanted to have at least three children.  Now that we have our two beautiful boys we would love more than anything to add a baby sister to our family.  Lynn has always dreamed of having a baby girl.  Her dreams will have come true if you consider us to be your baby's forever family.  We are hoping that through adoption we will find her, love her and raise her in the best way we know how.  We hope you consider us as the perfect family for your baby.
Tony and Kelli

This will be our second adoption; we adopted one of our children and feel very fortunate to be a part of this amazing child’s life. Our children have never been looked at differently by family members; they are both truly treasured by all of our family. We personally know the birthmother of our child and we know how difficult the decision to give her child to us was. When we talk to her she has always been happy about her decision. She knows that she gave her child to a family that is able to love him with all of their hearts.  

Mitchell and Maureen

Another important aspect of our lives is our Christian church.  Our church is a fun place for kids, with two large playgrounds and a two-story building dedicated to little ones!  We feel that God plays an important role in life and helps us in ways that people cannot. We take time each day to pray for our family and friends, and we look forward to praying for you and your child as well. 

Jason and Nicole

We will provide a loving stable home. We can’t wait to document all the “firsts” - smile, laugh, steps, words and first day of school. We will tell the adoption story to him or her about how you loved them so much and knew that we couldn’t have our own children and you picked us to be the parents and how you are our angel that delivered our miracle.

Scott and Rhodora

We are very blessed to have two happy and healthy children and are looking forward to adopting our third bundle of joy.  Parenthood has been a crazy and awesome journey so far.  Our children have a happy home life and love to spend time playing in the family room with their toys, or reading books.  Our basement is set up as a kids play land.  With such young children, we love having toys, books, puzzles, and other games out and ready to be played with 24/7!  

Carlos and Maria

I want to express my deepest appreciation for taking time to read about my family, and I hope that you will consider us for parenting your child. We had learned that life is not perfect. It is a road full of obstacles and challenges. At this crossroad, when our lives meet yours, I want to let you know that you have my genuine admiration for putting the life of your child first.

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Adoption Success Stories