Adoption Successes

Jeremy and Jill

Without a doubt, you will be the most amazing person we ever meet—equaled only by our much-anticipated future child. Yet we know this decision must be difficult, even painful, for you. Your strength and selflessness are so admirable. Here we are, total strangers, coming together for the love of one little life. Thank you for this opportunity to share a bit about ourselves.

James and Amanda

In December of 2008, we were blessed with our foster son David.  David is our son in every regard. He is a fourteen year old boy who has been given an opportunity for a second chance at life.  We have provided him with love, encouragement, stability, and a place to live that he now calls home.  Nothing has been more rewarding in our lives to have him become a part of our family. We are very eager to provide the same loving and safe environment for your child.

Ryan and Rebecca

Words cannot begin to express our eagerness and excitement to accept the gift you are able to give. Your selfless act is one that we will be eternally grateful for. Choosing an adoption path for your child is admirable and courageous. We hope through this letter you will learn more about us and consider us to take on the important role of being parents to your little girl or boy.  

Michael and Lori

We met in 1994.  When I met Mike for the first time, I experienced a feeling I had never felt before, like God was whispering that this man was my future.  We became instant friends and it became obvious to us and everyone else that something more was there.  After about seven months, he asked me out and we have been together ever since.  We were engaged at our favorite theme park in 1997 and married in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by family and friends in 1998.

Robert and Christina

We would like to say what a wonderful thing you are doing. You are allowing someone the opportunity to become parents that otherwise would not have the chance. What you are doing is brave and unselfish. You are putting the well being of your child first.  We recognize how difficult this journey has been for you and praise you for your courageousness. We appreciate you reading our letter and considering us to become your baby’s adoptive parents. We hope that in looking over our letter you will have a better understanding of who we are.

Radames and Wanda
Writing you these few lines, made us wonder if words can even express all the respect and admiration both of us have for you. All the choices you have and the path that you choose to pursuit. How brave! Thanks for the blessing you are giving us. If you choose us as parents of the baby you’re carrying, we can assure you, that there’s nothing we won’t do to fill that little heart with family love, security and the conviction that with God’s blessing anything is possible. That’s our commitment to you; that we will fill that little mind with education and a childhood full of fun and laughter, supported by loving discipline. 
Daniel and Kristen
In our hearts, we know we were meant to love and raise a very special baby.  Hopefully, that baby is yours.  Please know that we will love your child with all our might and give him/her a wonderful life.  We want to thank-you for giving us the gift we have always dreamed about; being parents.  
James and Karen

We are Karen and Jim, and we thank you for letting us share who we are with you.  We have longed to be parents and our hearts are open to adopting a precious baby who needs us as much as we desire her/him.  Our life together is built on a strong foundation of love, devotion, respect, friendship, and adventure. Together we have created a home life that nourishes and comforts us.  It is free of chaos and full of peace, and we want to share this life with the blessing of a child.

Mark and Rebecca
Let us tell you a bit about who we are.  We have known each other for 18 years and have been married for the last 12 years.  Mark and I met in college and quickly became close friends. Mark is a creative, thoughtful, and caring man with a great sense of humor. He always finds a way to make people laugh. In his free time, you’ll find Mark drawing and painting in his studio or cooking wonderful Italian cuisine.  Rebecca is a passionate, creative, and caring woman who enjoys yoga, swimming, gardening, and being active outdoors.  She also designs her own jewelry and is the official family photographer. We both share a love for the visual and performing arts, spending time adventuring outdoors, and traveling to experience different cultures. We have one adopted son, Mateo, who is 2 ½ years old and constantly on the go. 
Sean and Monique
We have been happily married since 2005.  We are blessed to have a happy marriage, good health, and loving families.  It has been a dream of ours to have children.  Although we can’t conceive a child, we are excited and looking forward to the day when we can welcome a new life into our home. 
John and Paige
We live in a nice 5-bedroom home with the brightest room just waiting to be enveloped by giggles and play.  John is the president of our Homeowners Association and is known throughout the neighborhood.  He runs cool neighborhood picnics, too.  Paige is often called upon to chalk draw with the neighbors’ kiddoes outside, but is also known as the person seen running in the wee hours of the morning before anyone else is up.
Dhiraj and Luann

“Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man.”  ~Rabindranath Tagore. 


We love the above quote because we know the joy and optimism every child brings to the world. We think it is a phenomenal thing that you are trying to find the best family for your child. 

Caddo and Jennifer

Let us start by saying it is our solemn promise to you that your baby will be raised in a safe, loving, spiritual, and supportive home.  We can't express in words the respect and admiration we have for you and the difficult decision you are making.  You are giving us the greatest blessing we could ever hope to receive! Words cannot express what it will mean not only to our lives, but our extended families as well. You are giving us the opportunity to provide your baby with a life full of love, adventure, education, and support that will not only come from us but also our loving family and friends.  

Dean and Sharon
We are Dean and Sharon, and we are so grateful for the chance to share a bit of “our story” with you.  Dean and I are deeply in love and committed to our life and our family.  We have been married for ten years and have been blessed with a son who brings us joy beyond measure. We have always yearned for a bigger family and would love to grow our family through adoption.   
Brian and Darlene

We grow squash in our garden that we cut up and freeze to have all winter long and use our home grown tomatoes to make spaghetti sauce. On our birthdays, we bake homemade birthday cakes for each other. We like to make each member of our family a homemade Easter basket and a stocking filled with goodies from Santa. We are looking forward to the day a new baby will be a part of all the happy celebrations and traditions that we share. 

Joshua and Sally

We’re ready for extra giggles filling our hallways.  Our cameras are ready to take millions and millions of pictures that will be hung on the walls and placed into photo albums to show the world just how beautiful and unique your child is.  We have many storybooks we want to read to your child every night before bedtime.  We want to be able to turn the light out when he/she goes to sleep and give thanks to God that he/she has become a part of our life.

Ted and Lisa
Lisa and I were raised in Ohio and met after college.  When we met we both realized we had met our soul mates.  Within a year we were married.  Lisa is a registered dental hygienist, and I am a doctor.  Lisa is a full-time mother who takes care of our adopted daughter Madison.  Because of our economic good fortune, Lisa will not return to work. 
Michael and Lee

We believe adoption is a light in the darkness so we are pursuing adoption to grow our family. 

David and Keri

“Twinkle, Twinkle, little star, how we’ve wondered who you are”. Countless nights we have prayed that God would bestow another angel we can watch giggle and play. We have an unknown cause of infertility that has prevented us from having children of our own. When a door closes a window is opened, adoption has been that window for us.

David and Bethany
Through our journey, we have clung to the promise from God’s Word in Romans 8:28 that “all things work together for good for those who love God!”  The best thing that has come from our journey is the joy and excitement we have about adopting and loving a child into our family!
Edward and Christina
We want you to know we relish the opportunity to add a child to our lives and words cannot express how much love we will share with our child.  We have a strong relationship and we are able to provide our child with a stable and loving family.  All that is missing in our lives right now is the pitter-patter of little feet in our home.  We hope that the child you are carrying will be the first to fill our home. 
Chad and Tiffany
We have discussed adoption for several years now but have waited until we were settled in one place before we began the process.   We both believe that adoption is the path for us.  Doctors have discussed several reasons for our not conceiving but instead of us choosing to go forward with medical treatments, we felt led to adoption.   This path has given us the most peace.   We hope to fill our home with many children to love, support and continue on with family traditions. 
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Adoption Success Stories