Adoption Successes

Joseph and Jane

Thank you for reading our letter, which is the hardest letter we have ever written.  How do you ask someone to give a child to you?  How can mere words convey that you are worthy of such a precious, priceless gift?  We can only hope that something we write will speak to your heart, and reveal to you how much we will cherish this child.

Michael and Angela

We hope that after reading this letter and looking into our profile, the placement of your precious son with a loving family becomes an easy decision. It would be both an honor and a privilege to raise a child that you have blessed us with.

Gary and Donna
Gary is an Accountant and Donna is a mom and a teacher for Grace. Our hobbies include cooking, reading, music, travel, and sports. Grace and mom play everyday, whether it is Barbie’s, Polly Pockets, Sweet Streets, or American Girl Dolls.  Those are her favorite doll games. I am thankful to be a stay-at-home mom.  We also love do to “Arts and Crafts.”  Gary looks forward to reading to her every night.  This is their “snuggle time” on the couch together.   I love to see her face as “daddy” is reading her a story with a lot of drama in it.   Without a doubt, she can sense she is important to her daddy. Besides all the girl things we do, we could easily do “boy things” too.  We could go see Thomas the Train, look for bugs, build towers with Lego’s, go camping, or play T-ball. 
David and MariaRosela

It is so hard for us to express our gratitude to you and admiration for you, the ultimate mother.  We are in awe of the courage you have in making this decision of pure love & sacrifice.  We are forever grateful and we pray for you during this time.  You are truly a special & beautiful person.  

Roger and Maria

We believe God has chosen a different pathway…one that leads us to you.

Michael and Elisa

We are Michael and Elisa.  We are a family full of love, living in Florida.  We have such an overabundance of love that we need another member in our family to share it with.  We feel sure that God will bless us through adoption. We admire your courage and respect your decision to provide your child with the best life possible.  A life that is full of faith, safe, and full of love.  We offer this and so much more.

Nathan and Kara

We would like to tell you a little about ourselves. Nathan is a pastor at our church. He finished seminary last year and received his master’s. Nate enjoys playing and watching sports and being in the outdoors. Kara is a special education teacher at a local high school.  She loves to dance and take walks. She also enjoys the outdoors. We are both very involved at our church, where we both help with youth ministries, Sunday school, and music programs. Nate plays the guitar and sometimes the trumpet at church. Kara helps with the children’s drama. We are both very active and can’t wait to have children of our own be involved in all the fun activities.

Mark and Amy

We spend many summer days swimming in our pool with neighbors and friends.  We have a beautiful fenced in yard with a waterfall perfect for all of our summer picnics.  We have 2 small dogs, which we absolutely adore, Fluff and Zoe.  We live at the base of a mountain surrounded by trees and nature while being within minutes to major shopping centers, community centers, and cultural events.

Angelo and Donna

We have a picture on our wall that says FAITH makes all things possible…not easy. The decision you are making is not an easy one, it is difficult, but a courageous one based on love. It is through faith that our dreams of having a child will be fulfilled by your generous gift of life.

Clark and Sarah

Both of us can trace interest in adoption back to our childhood.  Clark’s interest began in high school and Sarah remembers telling friends in middle school that she would someday adopt.  It is exciting to see the paths of our lives have led us to this choice, and to you. 

Alan and Sandra

We love our dogs very much, but for a long time now we’ve sensed that someone is missing—a child.  Our yearning for a baby has grown as we’ve watched our dear friends, Robbie and Susan, get pregnant and have two beautiful children, Julia and Moses.  We’ve grown closer to these babies than we could’ve ever imagined because, unexpectedly, Susan passed away.  Since then, we’ve grown into an extended family.  We spend a lot of time at Robbie’s changing diapers, weathering the “terrible twos,” and laughing a lot!  We are getting wonderful hands-on experience in the deep joy and the gritty reality of raising children.

Kevin and Megen

You are reading this because you’re hoping – hoping that somehow you will be able to make this unimaginable decision of who should parent your beautiful, wiggly baby. We are writing this because we are also hoping – hoping that the perfect round-bellied mom would read our letter and catch a glimpse of how deeply honored we would be to love and be parents to your sweet little child! We have no idea what this all must be like for you, and so we promise to continue praying for you and for the perfect little life you are so tenderly nurturing!

Bret and Sterling

Adoption has been the greatest experience of our lives. We will never forget the first time we met our son’s birthparents. Our son never tires of hearing about the night he was born. His birthparents are his history, a part of his story.

Scott and Danasa
Having a baby has been a dream of ours since we met.  As you will see, we are able to provide a fun, loving and nurturing environment for your child. Through this glimpse of our lives, we hope that you feel the love we have to give to a child. Within these pages, you will find the comfort and security you are seeking for your child.
David and Nancy

As a family, we are very involved in our community, sharing our time with local schools, the Assistance League, and Church. We want our children to know that happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love and gratitude.

Thomas and Stacy

We are so fortunate to be able to live the traditional family lifestyle, Stacy enjoys being a stay at home mom and Tom works for a technology company.  Our home is nestled in a vibrant subdivision that is buzzing with kids and young families. 

Craig and Kerri

We are Craig and Kerri from Florida writing to you as Maggie, our three year-old Chocolate Lab lazes nearby in her favorite spot in our house – under the coffee table!  We already share a bond with you as our common thread is the welfare, growth and development of a precious gift, your baby.  We feel in our hearts that adoption is as much a miracle as giving birth is.  A mother who displays selflessness by her decision to choose us as parents for her baby and fulfill our strong commitment to be parents to her child is someone who we hope to learn as much about as she will know about us. 

Jeffrey and Alicia
We have a large extended family filled with young children eager to get to know our new baby.  Alice is eager to start setting play dates with her other mom friends.  Our home is filled with love and there is plenty of room in our home and in our hearts for a new baby.  We will make sure that our baby will grow up knowing what a courageous woman you are and that you will always be remembered.   We know you are making a difficult decision, but hope and pray that you will consider us to be the loving parents your baby needs.
Ronald and Kathryn

Our lives will change so much with the arrival of this baby, and we are more than ready for all of the changes!  We admire your selflessness and the great love you must feel for this baby to make such a courageous decision.  Our prayer is that this letter will speak to the precious woman that God intends to bring into our lives, and that our hearts will be connected. 

Ryan and Tracy

If you choose us please know that we promise a loving, happy and a safe home. This child will always be prayed for and taught about God and his love. With God at the center of all things, we believe God has great plans for you. He even promises this in Jeremiah 29:11. “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

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