Adoption Successes

Luis and Ophelia

We are Luis and Ophelia, and we have been married since 2000.  After trying unsuccessfully to have our own child, we now believe that it is God’s will for us to adopt.  Life is such a precious gift from God, and more than anything, we want the chance to provide a child with all of the love, nurturing, security, and support, to make their treasured life so completely fulfilled, satisfied and successful. 

Todd and Jacqueline
Everyday each one of us is faced with issues, situations, conditions, experiences, moments and events that shape not only our own lives, but shape the future. While everyone faces something different, the one thing that holds true for all of us, is that we all have hope.  We all hope optimistically for tomorrow, bright futures, wonderful moments, and so on.  Your choice to give life brings hope right to the doorstep of the future.  You carry this gift of hope and it is one you are doing with the most unselfish intention.  Giving, saving and protecting a life. 
James and Molly

We have been together for over 6 years now and hope so fervently to have a family to enrich and deepen our lives and the love we have for each other.  We believe that we could give a child a loving, happy life.  We would raise our child in the Catholic faith – spirituality is an important part of our lives.  We live in an excellent school district; the elementary school is only four blocks from our house.  We would love to get to know you, and for you to know us.  We believe that we would be wonderful parents and pray for that opportunity.  We also pray for you in this time, we are amazed at your selflessness and strength. 

Gregory and Angela

Will you be our sweet little girl or our silly little boy? Either way we’ll swell with pride, when with the world we share our joy. Will you be our son or daughter? You know it really doesn’t matter. We’ll love you just the same.

Christopher and Melinda

If you were to peer into the window of our home, you might happen to see our beautiful daughter, Audrey, playing horsey with Dada, and squealing with great excitement “giddy up horsey,” as Chris laughs and gently gallops around the living room. Later, you might find Audrey sitting on a stool in the kitchen, while helping Mama make cookies from scratch. Her face would be covered in flour and chocolate, while wearing a huge grin. I would be wearing a huge grin too. The wonderful smell of cookies and lots of laughter would be wafting from the kitchen through the entire house. Moments like these are priceless, and they happen often, within our home, which is filled with warmth, love and laughter.

Nicolas and Dawn
Although our circumstances are completely opposite of each other, we are here now together.  We are thankful that you are taking the time to get to know us a little better and, hopefully, you will feel comfortable enough for us to get to know you a little better too. 
Adam and Donna

We are fortunate to live in Northern Virginia close to mountains, meadows, and beaches, where we can share the beauty and wonder of nature with our children.  One of the most rewarding experiences as a parent is witnessing the awe in a child’s face when he experiences the simply joys in nature for the first time like catching snowflakes with their tongue during the first snowfall in the mountains or building their first sand castle at the beach and watching it get washed away by the ocean waves. We have enjoyed these things with Dillon and Colleen and look forward to sharing similar adventures with our new child.

Kenneth and Carol

Thank you for choosing to consider us as the adoptive parents for your baby. We have been in a loving marriage since April of 2002 and hope to share our love and grow our family through adoption. Although we have only been married for seven years, we have known each other for over twenty, so we believe that being together is truly our destiny! 

Brian and Rebecca

My husband’s name is Brian and mine is Rebecca.  We wish that you could be sitting here in our family room with us so that we could give you a big hug and express to you how much your sacrifice really means to us.  Brian and I have always believed that a person never fully recognizes how powerful their inner strength is until they are met with what seems an insurmountable adversity.  You have been faced with making a decision that will affect the rest of your life and that of the precious child you carry. The strength that you have shown at this difficult time is astounding.  Your baby is a miracle growing inside of you and it will be the most precious gift that Brian and I will ever receive.  You have our utmost respect and we are in awe of the selfless love you have for your child.  We have been praying for the day when you would enter into our lives and forever be a part of our hearts. 

Richard and Andrea

Richie’s older sister was adopted and this is the best gift his family has ever received. It brings great joy to us all when we hear his parents recall the story of when she came into their lives. We hope that we can soon tell our own story of the miracle of adoption.

Joel and Vicky

Hi, we are Joel and Vicky. It's so great to spend a moment with you. Thank you.

Michael and Susan

Belly laughs and butterfly kisses, bedtime stories and morning hugs, sandcastles and snowmen...these are a few of our favorite things.  Thank you for sharing your miracle of life.  You are a remarkable person for the choices that you’ve made.  We hope to have an opportunity to share with you the love that binds our family together.

Kurt and Cecily

You are a brave and loving woman offering this human being life and a chance to grow up in our home where we have so much to offer this little one.

Daniel and Lisa
Dan and I both come from small towns, we met at a local fair when we were in high school and we have been together ever since. We have always wanted a child to call us mom and dad and again we can not express how thankful we are to you for the brave decision you have made. We have been having our nieces and nephews to our house to visit since they were born so we understand the responsibilities that comes with a child; they need attention and a lot of love 24 hours a day. We promise to provide both. We believe a family is the foundation of life and we will build that foundation for the baby you are carrying.
Marc and Billie

What a courageous decision to place your child for adoption. We have much respect and admiration for you. You are giving your child the best gift of all…life. We realize this is a very emotional time for you and the most difficult decision you may ever make.

Christopher and Michelle

We thank you for choosing life for your bundle of joy and selecting us to share in one of the biggest miracles of life with you; a little baby.  Your unselfish gift will be the most precious addition to our family.  Our names are Chris and Michelle and we sincerely yearn to be parents, even though we are unable to have biological children ourselves. Our Midwestern home, on a quite cul-de-sac with apple trees out back, is just waiting for the day a little one is babbling up a storm in the kitchen with mommy or riding their tricycle up and down the driveway with daddy.

Chadlee and Laura

Chad and I have been married for over eight years.  Infertility has been a part of our marriage for the past five years and although it has been difficult, our struggles have ultimately led us to you.  We love being around children, in fact, we have the awesome honor of being godparents to six beautiful little ones!   We have five true nieces and nephews and many who call us “Aunt YaYa and Unkie Chad” even though they aren’t related.  We love all of these children so much, however, our desire is to have a child to call our own.

Scott and Theresa
We have a large beautiful home that we hope to share with children.  Our property has a creek where we enjoy family bonfires.  It’s also large enough to have many animals as well.  We look forward to our children learning about farm animals.  Some that we have now are cows, baby calves, a horse, a bull, chickens, and alpacas.  Our most favorite pet is Sunnybear, our English Mastiff dog.
Douglas and Irma

As a loving couple of 15 years, we relish in the joys of marriage and parenthood.  Since our union we have dreamt of having three children.  We were blessed with a son who is 12 years old.  We planned to expand our family by giving birth to one more child and adopting our third; adoption has always been in our hearts.  After seven years of trying and two failed in-vitro fertilizations, it was natural for us to turn to adoption.

Andrew and Kelly

As we enter into our world of dreams, we dream of pushing our son or daughter on the swings, building sandcastles at the beach, jumping in the leaves and helping our little one to build a snowman. Our dream is to be parents.

Michael and Karen
We know this decision is one of the biggest you will ever make in your life. We truly hope our letter will give you an idea of who we are and will help you in making your decision.
Robert and Heather

We pray that God helps you find peace in your decision, and hope that you will take a moment to get to know us.

David and Justine

You are searching for parents that will raise your child right - to love, to teach and to kiss goodnight!  We hope that this letter will help make your search as well as our dream of being parents come true.  Being parents will complete our family circle, bringing us new meaning, more dreams, and tons of happiness.  We want to get to know you and the dreams for your baby. We hope this sneak peek into our lives will help you understand who we are and why we would be the best choice for raising your child.

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Adoption Success Stories