Adoption Successes

Brett and Kelly
As we sit at our dining table, beginning to write our “Birthmother Letter” for a woman we have yet to meet, we pause to reflect on how soon our lives will forever be connected by this one amazing life that has yet to be born. While we can never begin to understand how difficult this is for you, we want you to know how incredible we already think you are. As you are sitting, perhaps at your own dining table, we want you to know that by choosing life, we think of you as an amazing, courageous woman. Before we tell you about ourselves we want to emphasize how thankful we are for you. It is only by your unselfish act of love that we are given the precious gift of parenthood. We search to put our feelings into words, but we could never begin to express just how truly “thankful” we are for you, and your most blessed act of love. Ultimately our feelings of eternal gratitude will be best demonstrated through our lifelong commitment to provide unconditional love, care, and devotion to this precious gift of life.
Christopher and Samantha

We could barely wait for our honeymoon to be over so we could race home and begin our search for the perfect home for our family! We had talked endlessly about children and having at least four, we just knew we wanted a BIG family. So we purchased a four bedroom home with the white picket fence and gorgeous green lawn in a family friendly neighborhood near the best schools in the city.

Mark and Kristina

Our names are Kristina and Mark and we have known each other for 10 years (married for 7 years), and it gets better every year!  But our hearts are missing one thing…to be a mom and a dad.  We live in a 3 bedroom house with a fenced yard in a quiet family neighborhood.  Mark works as a computer programmer and Kristina works as a computer-aided facilities manager and will cut back her hours to spend more time with family.  When she does work her company has a daycare that will allow for visits during the day.  We are very close to our families, and love to spend time with them, either snow tubing in the winter, apple picking in the fall, planting flowers in the spring, or going to the beach in the summer.  Our home misses the pitter-patter of a child whether it’s playing outside, doing crafts, playing games, or just sitting reading a book.  Our dog Molly would also love a playmate, to either chase her around the yard or just throw the ball.

Christopher and Alisa

We are Chris and Alisa, and we are very grateful that you are considering us as adoptive parents for your child. You are incredibly courageous and adoption is the most selfless decision we can imagine you will ever make.  We realize the choice you make is difficult, but we hope that you take a lot of pride in knowing that you will bring happiness to a couple that could not have that kind of happiness unless someone like you gave it to them.

Timothy and Stacy
Our names are Tim and Stacy, and we would like to thank you for taking the time to read this letter and learn a little about us.  We would also like to thank you for making this courageous and selfless decision concerning adoption.  A baby is truly a miracle and a wonderful blessing to everyone.
Bruce and Krystina

When you look out into an endless world, you have to sit back and wonder about the journeys that have been bestowed on us all. We can't always understand them at the time, but we are sometimes forced to move forward courageously, and with our heads held high. As we sit here, writing this letter, we silently commend you for your bravery and selfless act of bringing a child into the world. Words are hard to convey at a time like this, but we thank you for taking the time to consider us as the loving, nurturing couple who will welcome your child into a new life filled with love, hope and limitless possibilities.

Vance and Vicki
Close your eyes and journey with us to the land we call the Double V. A green pipe fence is wrapped around three acres of land and a large quantity of trees, which are just waiting for a fort or a playhouse. There is a spacious house with a wraparound porch and a balcony above, which overlooks a pool and gazebo. Can you hear the sounds of crickets and bullfrogs that share space with lightening bugs and cottontail rabbits that feast on fresh dewy grass? There are an abundance of birds and butterflies that call this home just as we do. We are waiting for the sound of a child’s laughter to echo about and to see all of this through a child’s eyes. What could be more beautiful?
Matthew and Gretchen

We imagine our home filled with giggles, storybooks and endless love.  We cannot wait to build a playhouse in our large yard and play a game of hide and seek.  We cannot wait to be parents; our hearts are bursting with love to give.

Erik and Lea
Thank you so much for having the courage to place your child for adoption. We cannot begin to express our gratitude to you. Your commitment to this adoption will be met with our commitment to raising your child in a safe and loving home. We believe that you will have given us the greatest gift in the world and we are awe-struck by your brave choice. 
Phillip and Rebecca

We have been married since 1996, and have been praying for a long time for a child of our own to love. We tried fertility treatments, including two IVF cycles, without success. As foster parents, we have loved and cared for two infants from birth, but it broke our hearts to have to say goodbye, and we realized independent adoption was the best way to grow our family. We believe everything happens for a reason, and each of our experiences has played a part in leading us to our decision to adopt. 

Cory and Holly

Hello, we are Cory and Holly and we are honored you are reading our letter. Although we cannot fully understand the decision you are faced with, we pray the letters you read will give you peace about your decision. We are unable to have children on our own, but are so excited about the possibility of having a child with the help of someone like you. Thank you for your consideration.

Luis and Penny

What grace and beauty you have shown to us.  Words cannot even express our appreciation for looking into our hearts. Our hearts are full of compassion, sincerity, love, conviction, honesty, and laughter; traits that will bless your precious gift for a lifetime.   You are such a courageous woman to make such a life changing decision.  Please know in your heart, that Luis and I promise to love your child as our own.

William and Elizabeth

Who knew that life would lead us down this path to meet each other?   We are excited and thrilled you are making the courageous choice to bring a baby into this world, and taking the time to learn more about us too.

Joel and Lisa
Thank you for choosing life for your baby. We admire your love, courage, and commitment and pray that God will give you strength and guidance as you continue your journey. After reading this letter, we hope you will feel as though you know us better. Thank you so much for considering us for adoption. We hope that we can be the answer to your prayers and that you can be the answer to ours.
Ryan and Anne

Hi, we are Anne and Ryan.  First of all, we want you to know that we are amazed at your strength and determination.  We cannot begin to imagine what you must have gone through to reach the incredibly selfless decision to put your baby up for adoption.  Though we have not met you, we look up to you.  We are honored that you would consider us to be parents to your child and would like to tell you about us…

Bryan and Kacie

We sincerely thank you for reading our profile and considering us as parents of your child. We understand the choices you are making right now are among the most difficult you will ever make in your lifetime. We are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to help ease your burden and tell you more about our hopes and dreams of having children.

James and Monique

We cannot possibly understand the difficulty you are experiencing at this point in your life; we can only hope to help you feel confident in the selfless, brave decision you are making to place your child for adoption. We want to assure you that your child would be loved, cherished, well-cared for, and exposed to all the wonderful things life has to offer by being part of our wonderful, stable and nurturing family.

George and Rebecca

Here is a window into our world…music playing, dogs barking and laughter resonating. All we long for is the pitter-patter of little feet, belly laughs and baby talk.  

Fred and Pamela
It is so great to be able to say “hi”, and share our hopes and dreams with you! We have been anxiously waiting for this moment, with much excitement. We simply cannot express how very special you are to us. Your unselfish act and empathy will long be rewarded and never be forgotten. Children are a very crucial and dynamic part of society, and bring such warmth to a home. As a young married couple, we long for that feeling.
Alistair and Kristine
Thank you so much for taking the time to read our letter to you. We would like to start by letting you know how courageous we think you are. The love you have for your child must be great for you to have already decided what is best for their future. You are the strongest person we will ever come across in our lifetime. We have the utmost respect and admiration for you.
Bryan and Qing

We are grateful to have this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. Our names are Bryan and Qing, and we know the decision you are making is a difficult one. We hope we can help to fulfill your dream by providing everything your child needs in his/her life. Your child will receive all the love, support and opportunities you could wish for.

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Adoption Success Stories