Adoption Successes

Dustin and Kristen

We are thankful that you are considering us to raise your baby. We realize everything happens for a reason. Unfortunately, we are not able have children of our own but we always felt that adoption was just as amazing or even more special. Being selected is an honor we would never take for granted. We pray that God will protect you and put your heart at ease knowing that your little angel will be raised with as much love the two of us can offer.

Marc and Heather

We are so excited to get this opportunity to tell you more about ourselves! We are thrilled that you are considering choosing us to raise your child. We understand that you are making an extremely difficult decision and know that you must be very brave to choose adoption.

Robert and Amy

Our names are Amy and Stewart.  We have been married for over ten years.  We hope as you read this letter you will get a sense as to what it’s like to live and be loved in our home.

Michael and Laura
Our names are Michael and Laura and before telling you about ourselves, we want you to know that we understand that this is a very difficult decision for you to make. You must choose who is going to raise and love this beautiful baby, who is going to provide the best possible life for them, and who is going to be there for them always, and you must make this incredible decision based on a few pictures and a handful of letters. We cannot think of anything more difficult.
Gregory and Jessica
Our names are Greg and Jessica and we met while in high school working at a part time job together. Greg was Jessica’s boss and she knew that they would be the best of friends. After a few years of dating, we decided to get married in early 2004. While Jessica was going to college, Greg became a salesman to follow in his family’s footsteps. In early 2006, Greg was promoted to Sales Manager and shortly afterwards Jessica was promoted to an executive position in her company. She finished college in early 2007, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. Though successful in our careers and marriage, the one thing missing is a child. After discussing parenthood early in our marriage, we knew we wanted children in order to complete the master plan of life. With your help this is made possible and we are truly excited. Though we can never understand how you feel, we deeply respect your decision and know that this must be a very difficult choice for you to make.
Donald and Ana
Thank you for the immeasurable love you have, for your child’s happiness. We humbly come to you in true amazement at your courage and selflessness in placing your child up for adoption. We want to express our gratitude to you for allowing us the opportunity to love, care and provide a safe environment for your baby. We will always love and protect your child and we will pray for your happiness and safety.
Bradley and Jodi

We have so much fun together. We are both huge football fans, our favorite team is the Chicago Bears. Whenever we get the chance we like to go to a game, but the good tickets are hard to come by so we tend to stay at home and watch the games most of the time. I myself love to garden and make quilts. Brad is nuts about golfing and computers.  We are currently foster parents to two beautiful, energetic little girls. They take up a lot of our time, but the reward of helping someone and seeing them grow and develop is worth it. We also have two playful and energetic dogs, Jakie a miniature schnauzer and Cinny-Mini a miniature dachshund. They are our four legged kids.

Michael and Tracy
Writing a letter like this is difficult for many reasons. This is not an easy situation, and it should not be. Adding a child to your family through birth or adoption is a serious decision and a life-long commitment. Giving a child to a warm, loving home is a great gift, and we do not take it lightly. 
Bryan and Susanna

We were trying to find just the right words to say then realized we simply need to let our hearts speak to you. Your courage in making this decision and your love for your unborn child is amazing. We have dreamt of being parents and are so grateful to you for making our dream a reality.

Michael and Sharon

We have a good-sized house but there are only two people living in it. The one thing missing is the pitter-patter of little feet running around. Since we met and fell in love, we have wanted children. Unfortunately, this has not been possible. We believe that adoption is the right choice for us and we want to assure you that your child will receive our unconditional love and support throughout his/her life.

Michael and Jo Ellen

Our hearts are full as we sit down to write this letter. Please let us introduce ourselves to you. We are Mike and Jo Ellen. We know this is your first chance to get to know us but we already feel like we know you because we have been praying for you and the decision ahead. Your courage and strength overwhelms us, and we are so proud of your choice to carry a child full term and put him/her up for adoption to a loving home like ours. We love being parents and cannot wait to share that love with another child.

Steven and Donna

It’s not everyday you write to a hero…one that has been in your thoughts for a very long time but yet have never met face-to-face. We can’t imagine the decision ahead of you picking a couple that best meets your expectations of raising your child.  We can only tell you we think what you’re doing is very brave and selfless and if we are chosen, we will love your child unconditionally.  We know the importance of your faith in us and would never let you or the child down.

John and Kimberly

While the path you have chosen is the noblest, it is by far the hardest. We respect you for your strength of character and the selfless choice you are making. In advance, we want to thank you for taking the time to read our letter and for considering us for this incredible gift. 

Steven and Roxane

As adults, you learn that life is so unpredictable. Such is this adoption journey for Steve and me.  A person can have dreams and plans for their life but they never really know what is going to happen until it does. We never imagined being faced with the choice of adoption but now that we are, we realize this was all a part of God’s plan for us.  Looking back, we can see how he prepared us for it all along.

Mark and Joelle
Our home echoes with laughter and fun as our one daughter runs in and out to play with her kitties and ride her bike. But other times we snuggle up with a story book and those are the times when we talk about how we long for another baby- a baby to love and cuddle and kiss, as well as a little brother or sister for Renae. We greatly admire you as you are making this courageous choice for the life of your little one, and feel so thankful to be part of the miracle of adoption. We already love this new little baby.
Edward and Susan

It is impossible for us to imagine how you are feeling at this moment, looking over the words and faces of prospective parents for your unborn child. We wish we could ease your pain and fears. Our hope is you will receive some comfort knowing if you choose to place your child with us, he or she will be well taken care of and loved unconditionally.

Mark and Marti
We are a fun and highly creative and artistic family that frequently involves ourselves in artistic endeavors. We have one daughter, Aria, who is now 11 years old. We want to expand our family and share the love that we have in our hearts. Spirituality is a very important component in our family. Although, not religiously affiliated, we have spent many years developing our spirits and the connection we have with this amazing universe. Part of this connection is expressed through creativity. Marti is an artistic director of a theatre company, Mark plays guitar in a band and Aria loves to sing, dance hiphop and play violin. Music is very important to our family as is taking in cultural events. We go to the theater, coffee houses for open mike nights, and folk singing concerts. We have many friends who play music, act, paint and are involved in the arts. We visit galleries and museums. Travel is also a much loved family activity. We have family in Europe and take vacations there in the summer. We have traveled to various locations throughout the United States and there are many more destinations that we look forward to visiting with our children. 
Alex and Jodi

In the instant we held our now six-year-old daughter Naomi, for the first time we transformed from an ordinary couple into something very different, a mom and a dad.  We’d always believed that each child is a little miracle, but we didn’t fully understand that until we were holding our own little miracle in our arms.  We can’t wait to share the joy we felt as new parents with another child.  We now know our next little miracle will need to come to us through a wonderful gift from a generous and brave young woman like you.  We are Alex and Jodi, and we are so very grateful to you for considering us.

Tek-Min and Tsia-I

We know your situation is difficult and the decision you make will change the lives of many. There are a lot of things in life we don’t understand, but we do know love, and to us, love means togetherness.

Fred and Christina
We commend you for making this difficult decision. Thank you for taking the time to get to know more about us. Our names are Fred and Christina, and we have been married since 2003. When I was younger, people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up. My answer was always, “a mom”. Though we have had many disappointments since we decided to start a family, it has brought us to the realization that adoption is the path God wants us to follow.
Anthony and Carrie

We think that you are very courageous in making the decision that you have made.  You have given couples like us hope for being parents.  You are blessing us with a chance to fulfill a dream we have not been able to fulfill ourselves.  The nursery has been prepared in our home just waiting to hear the joy that your child will bring to it.

Jason and Jill

Our special note to you is that we promise to love your child unconditionally.  We will do everything in our power to provide your child with the life that he or she needs and deserves.  Your child will be taught about life and the importance of values.  Our greatest desire is to expand our family of three to a family of four. We look forward to watching our children play, laugh and create memories only siblings can share.  Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers as you make your decision.

James and Lisa

The path always seems to be the steepest before you reach the peak. Courage, strength and selflessness are virtues that you posses and that will help you reach the peak in your life. We enjoy the life we have created, but the one thing we are missing and praying for, is a child to love. 

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