Adoption Successes

Dale and Kami

Thank you so much for considering us. Our names are Dale and Kami. We wish the best for you as you go though this difficult time. Please trust that your child would be dearly cherished and loved as a member of our family. After being told by our infertility specialist that we are unable to have children of our own, the decision to adopt came quickly and easily. We strongly believe that everything happens for a reason, and that God has led us here in accordance with His plan. In 2007, we were blessed with the adoption of our daughter, Jordan. We now desire to have another child to love as well.

Kristopher and Andrea

We want to thank you for making this courageous choice. This is one of the most important letters we will ever write, and we appreciate you taking time to read it and considering us as parents for your baby. We would love to get to know you better and show you what kind of parents we would be.

Todd and Susannah

Thank you for considering us in your search for adoptive parents. We cannot begin to understand how stressful and difficult this decision is. Please know that we are very caring, open, and honest people and would provide the best life possible for your child.

Kevin and Leyla
Our names are Kevin and Leyla. We are so excited to be writing this letter to you. We have been waiting to adopt again, and we cannot express the many emotions we feel now that we are finally here. Our paths were meant to cross long before either of us knew it, and we are in awe of you and your strength in making this choice. We have thought of many things to say to you that would show you how grateful we are for your existence, and it is not enough to just put words on paper.  Let us tell you our story…
Anthony and Natasha

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter to find out a little more about us. We want to start by saying how much we respect you. By making this selfless decision to create a life plan for your baby, you will be giving us the greatest gift we will ever have the joy to receive. You are one of the most courageous people we will ever have the pleasure to meet. 

David and Cherie

We are aware of the difficult choice you are in the process of making right now. We are very proud of you for already making the choice of life. We believe that sometimes the most difficult decisions you make can be a huge sacrifice for you, but the most loving for someone else.

Michael and Claire

As a dedicated loving couple, our dream is to one day be parents who are able to provide love and devotion to our own child.  When we found we were unable to have children of our own, we knew in order to be parents, adoption was the obvious choice.

Edward and Jennifer
It is with great love, respect and thankfulness that we write this letter to you.  The love you hold for your unborn child, while making such a self-sacrificing decision to change the future of others who would never have had the opportunity to be parents, is overwhelming.  May you find comfort in knowing that your child will be showered with love, shown the world, and have a future filled with dreams and opportunities.
Eric and Meridith

Our hearts, arms and hands have more room than we can even imagine for a new little one!  We have so much love for each other and cannot wait to share that love with a child.  We dream about the day that we become parents, with your help.  Our house is too quiet (even though we have 2 “furry babies” running around)…whether our halls are filled with car chases or princess races we are so excited and ready to become parents together!  Thank you for choosing life for your baby.  Thank you for reading about us. 

Frank, Jr. and Teresa
With so many wonderful families wanting to adopt, we thank you for taking the time to consider us as a potential family for your child. We cannot begin to imagine the courage it takes to make such a difficult decision.
James and Angela

Our names are Jim and Lisa and we would like to share with you something about us.  But first we want to let you know how much we admire your courage and strength in choosing adoption for your child.

Geoffrey and Marie

Marie and I have always wanted to have a family. God blessed us with Ella. We now wish to add to our family unit by adding a healthy and beautiful baby boy.  We feel sibling relationships are very important. I enjoyed growing up with brothers and we’re best friends to this very day. I love them. Marie grew up an only child but wants a different and more special experience for our daughter. The two children will grow up together to share so many memories, laughter, and love.

Mark and Ingrid
As you read this letter, your heart must be filled with a wide range of emotions. We admire your strength and selfless love. God has placed you at this perfect time and place in your life and you have already made a wonderful decision in choosing to give your child life!
Andrew and Sandra

We live in a 4 bedroom home with a pool and big yard. Our neighborhood has lots of children who come by almost daily to play with Luke and the dogs. We joke that we are the neighborhood community center as our basketball hoop in the driveway and pool in the backyard are usually filled with lots of our friends’ and families’ kids. We love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Barry and Jillian

God always has a plan and we believe for us it is to become parents through adoption. It is our desire to give you the peace you are searching for knowing your child will be cherished and loved unconditionally.  Although we have never met, we already know a few things about you. You are a selfless and courageous woman who has chosen to give your baby life. Barry and I cannot wait to share our lives with a little one.  Words cannot even express what is in our hearts and how much we will love and nurture your child.

Burt and Venniese

We would like to thank you for taking the time to get to know us better. We empathize with the difficulty of your decision and wish you peace as you read through ours and other letters. We hope that your decision brings you peace knowing that we will dedicate our lives to your baby’s safe, secure and happy future.

David and Carrie
Our nursery is full of oversized sea-creatures, hand-painted with lots of love. The crib is ready to have a little one sleeping in it. Our names are David and Carrie, and we are amazed and thrilled you are choosing to give an unselfish give of love to your child and to us. We hope that after reading about us, our love for each other, our values and interests, you will discover how committed we are to being loving and nurturing parents. We always planned to have children and wanted to share in the gift of life and our deepest desire is to be a mom and dad.
Stephen and Maria

We thank God every day for his blessing on our life and strong relationship.   We also thank him for bringing you to us. We feel it is the right time, the perfect time, for a baby to add to our joyous and happy home.  We wait with open arms and a warm heart for our new baby, your baby, to join our family and add to our happiness.  We hope our words and our pictures will give you the comfort and confidence to say Hello and talk with us.  We are ready to take this journey with you, and we want to be your strength during this difficult time.  Making your baby a member of our family will be a dream come true and we will treasure the moments of loving, caring, laughing, playing, teaching and helping him/her to grow to his/her fullest potential.

Joshua and Kimberly
Josh: This is the toughest letter Kim and I have ever had to write. A month or so ago, while searching for help, we began examining countless letters from others for a common link or something that just sounded good. Eventually we discontinued the pursuit of a perfect letter and decided to try writing what came naturally. It is impossible to put our feelings into words, predict the future, or speculate on your feelings in one letter. However, we can promise not to tell you how perfect we are, how we will be flawless as parents, or that our home is regularly in Home & Garden Magazine. So beyond everything else, we promise to be sincere and honest with you, because no matter how much we polish our profile, you will probably know right away which couple is right for you.
Jason and Luminita

We truly admire your courage to find your baby a loving home. We hope to exceed your expectations and become the parents we always dreamed we would be. Our promise is to give your child a loving home, a supportive family and opportunities to become all that a child could dream of.  Please know that your child will always know of your love.

Michael and Suzanne

Our names are Suzanne and Mike and our son, Carson, was born in 2006. We were blessed with Carson after several pregnancy losses and fertility treatments. Our little family is so ready for a new member. We cherish the thought of having another child to love and nurture, and Carson is excited to become a big brother.

Paul and Jacquelyn

“Baby sister, baby brother!” says our soon to be three year old making the sign for “more” with his hands. “I want a baby sister or baby brother” is what he’s telling us. Although we always dreamed of having a larger family, we were unsuccessful in having more children. When deciding between fertility treatments and adoption, we chose adoption, knowing in our hearts that this was the right path for us.

David and Angela

"Learn from yesterday, Live for today, Hope for tomorrow." ~ Anonymous

We came across this quote shortly after we decided to build our family through adoption. We felt it was a very uplifting and an appropriate philosophy to live by, and to use in raising a family. Throughout our journey together as a couple, we have grown stronger each day because we have learned from yesterday. We invite you to learn a little bit about our yesterdays, and discover the future awaiting the child you now lovingly carry. We are Angie and Dave. Hi!

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