Adoption Successes

Michael and Amy

If you were to look around our home you would see toy trucks, cars, baseball hats, bikes, big wheels, and camouflage cloths. You would never see Barbie dolls, princess dresses, pig tails, or pink. What you would hear is “Daddy lets play cars.” or “Mommy can we go outside and play baseball?” never “Daddy will you have a tea party with me?” or “Mommy can we play dress up?” Clearly a girl is missing from our family.

Edmund and Krista
We are Krista and Tony. We dream of giving a child all the love and security that life has to offer. Tony himself was adopted. He has the greatest respect for his birthmom, and is comforted in knowing that she loved him so very much to give him life and the best future possible. Because of this, know that we respect and admire you tremendously, and always will. It is through her love that I am blessed to have Tony in my life. As hopeful adoptive parents, please know that there can be no greater gift. 
Jared and Sarah
When we built our lovely home six years ago, we could picture raising our children in it. There would be cookies baking in the kitchen, art projects at the table, room to get wild in the playroom, and stories in bed at night. Over the years our house has become a true home to us, but it is still missing the joyful energy of a child. After years of trying to conceive, we now know we will not able to achieve this dream on our own. We truly respect and admire the love you have for your child, and we are so grateful for this chance you are giving us to make our family complete.
Troy and Denise
We’ve written this letter over and over again to ensure that we put all of our thoughts and feelings into it, and then it just hit us, the only way to start this letter is by saying “Thank you!”
Keith and Sherrie
We would like to start by commending you for choosing to give your child life. We know that you only want the best for your baby, and we applaud you in giving your child the gift of adoption. Not only will your baby benefit from your selfless decision, but so will the adoptive parents you choose, as well as all those whose lives they touch. It would be the greatest honor to be considered in your search to find the right family for your child.
Michael and Marsha

You must possess a gentle, loving spirit to be offering your child the gift of life. We share a dream of raising a child together and feel thrilled and honored you are thinking of us to care for and love this child. Marsha’s two oldest brothers are adopted and have brought such joy to her family. With respect, we offer a window into our lives together.

Christopher and Christina

Our weekend forecast is always full of fun and excitement! We’re always planning our next adventure either out on a lake or on a bike trail, a camping trip, or anything outdoors. If it’s rainy, we catch up on some old movies or play some games!

Michael and Veronica
Birthdays only come once a year in our home, that is because we share the same birthday, one that typically falls on Mother’s day. In fact, a discussion of our birthday is how we met and came to fall in love. It is our hope, that after making your courageous decision we will have the privilege of celebrating a second birthday in our home. Although there is no way to imagine how difficult this decision process is for you, we hope the following words provide some comfort as you journey down this road. 
Jeremy and Dana
First and foremost we would like to extend our deepest respect to you. Hello! We are Jeremy and Dana; a fun loving, big hearted, down-to-earth couple. Our story began almost ten years ago in Lake Tahoe and it was love at first sight. We instantly became best friends and spent every moment together snow skiing, kayaking, camping, dining, laughing and most important falling deeply in love! We later moved to Dana’s home state of Texas and were married in 2002 in a small storybook wedding ceremony. We bought a four bedroom home with the hopes of filling it with the pitter patter of little feet. This would not be possible for us without the gift of adoption. Thank you for considering us to be the loving family for your child. Trust that your child will be encircled and protected by a halo of love.
Jamie and Michelle

It is a wonderful choice you are making, to give life and opportunity to your child. We have all the respect in the world for you, for making this decision. We whole-heartedly thank you for considering us to fulfill this extremely important position. Although we haven’t met you we already know how courageous and strong you are. We feel strongly to always be open and honest with your child, letting he or she know just how loved they were from the very start.

Eric and Shannon
As we sit down to write this letter, words can not express what we are feeling right now.  We can only say THANK YOU for reading this and hope we are the family you choose to make all of your dreams for your child come true. 
James and Katherine
Singing lullabies, handing out tender kisses, breaking out a silly dance just to see little bellies jiggle with laughter, going to the zoo, museums and fishing. Seeing little personalities form and watching a child grow into a young man or woman. These are the dreams we have of parenthood and our dreams of becoming “Daddy” and “Mommy” are becoming a reality. We could not be more excited, thankful, or feel more blessed. Thank you for taking the time to peek into our world and we hope God blesses you and your baby on the journey ahead.
Jimmy and Jennifer
It is difficult to find the words to express our gratitude and respect for you and your decision to give your baby life through adoption. We have a fantastic life together and feel that all that is missing is the child that we know we are meant to find through adoption. People have told us again and again that we are meant to be parents and that the child that is meant to be ours will find their way to us. We have hoped and prayed and dreamed of finding our child. Hopefully, because of your caring and generous decision our dream will come true.
Brian and Jaclyn

When the two of us first fell in love we had our ‘plan’ for what we wanted in life. We pictured our little girl in the backyard, on a sun soaked day, running through the sprinkler and just knew that would be a reality for us some day. What we didn’t dream about was how hard this road would be to get there. Something that seems so easy for most turned out to be so difficult for us. We are sure that things for you are not working out as planned either and life is a lot more difficult now then you have ever imagined. While we may not be able to understand, we can certainly relate. What do you say in times like this? How do you convey who you are and how much this means to you without sounding like a hallmark card? What we have settled on is to just tell you a little about us as individuals and as a couple, and then pray that you feel that we are the people to whom you feel the most comfortable with giving your precious gift. We pray that you help us fulfill our dream.


Steve and Janet

We want you to know how grateful we are for you and the sacrifices you are making in your life by deciding to bring your child into this world. It would be such a blessing for us if you were to select us as your baby’s adoptive parents. We know this because a few years ago we were given the blessing of our daughter, Olivia, by her wonderful birthmother. We have enjoyed every day with Olivia who has brought us more love and joy than we could have ever imagined.

Glenn and Desirea

By taking just a moment to read this letter you are giving my family the hope of fulfilling our dream of having a child of our own and making this dream a reality. Through your courageous and difficult decision, you may forever change our lives. Through this letter, we will tell you a little bit about our lifestyle. We are Glenn and Des, and we understand how life can sometimes lead you down an unexpected and difficult path, which is why we have chosen adoption to allow us the opportunity to start the family we have always dreamed of.

Jarett and Tammie

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We can only image the overwhelming feelings you had in making your choice to give the most precious gift of all. We are grateful you would consider us as parents of your baby boy.

James and Sandra
Words can’t describe the respect and admiration that we both have for the courageous decision that you have made for your child. We are sure that this must be a very difficult time for you. It really takes a special person who truly loves her baby to do what you have chosen to do. 
Jason and Paula

Our goal is to make sure we lead by example and teach our child how to be a kind, confident, loving person. We also want to make sure they are afforded every opportunity we can provide. You have our deepest gratitude for taking the time to get to know a little bit about us. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.


Richard and Carol

We are Ricardo and Carol and our happy family is awaiting an addition to our circle of love. We honor you for the difficult choice you are making by putting your baby first and we offer a loving home for your child.

Adam and Keri
We are Adam, Keri, Emma and Maddy (the dog!) and we are very happy that you are reading about us. We are a very close knit family that loves being together. We live in southern Maryland and love the community atmosphere we have in our area. We enjoy attending events like the Christmas tree lighting in the town square, fall corn mazes, and activities on the water in the summer.
Jason and Jeanette

"That's us, Mama, that's us! We are the loving family she is looking for!" exclaims our enthusiastic five year old as we tell him we are going to adopt a baby -- as we explain that there is a courageous woman somewhere in this world searching for a loving family for the baby she is carrying. We want you to know that from the minute we made the decision to adopt we have been thinking of you. Already being parents ourselves, we realize how much you love the baby you are carrying and we can't express enough how much we admire you for putting your baby's needs first. That truly is unconditional love. We are Jason and Jeanette -- a fun-loving, energetic and compassionate couple searching for one more piece to the puzzle that will complete our family and fulfill our lives. 

Jeffrey and Ann

Parenthood is the most challenging and rewarding privilege there is. Knowing this, it is something we yearn for deeply. We envision our home filled with sounds of laughter, running feet, and messy faces. When attempts to have our own child were unsuccessful, we knew adopting a child would fulfill our lives in the same way. We desire to give a child a warm and loving home and we thank you for your strength and unselfish love toward your unborn child.

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