Adoption Successes

John and Cynthia
We look forward to hearing about your wishes and dreams for your little one. We hope we can make all of that and more come true for your child, whom we will cherish as we celebrate the joy that he or she will bring to our lives. Above all, we will respect and honor you, and we will teach our child to do the same while understanding the brave and loving choice you have made.
Christopher and Jennifer
Thank you for your courageous decision to consider us to be the parents of your baby. While we cannot imagine what you are going through, we can express our deepest gratitude for making such a loving decision for your baby. Your baby will always know how much you love him/her and how brave you are for making this decision. We promise you that this child will be loved unconditionally, be cherished every day, be protected, and be encouraged and supported in life.  We will raise your child in a great community surrounded by amazing family, friends, and values.
John and Leigh
Adoption is such an amazing, selfless gift, and we admire the strength and love that goes into making this type of decision. This process is especially meaningful to us after years of trying to conceive through fertility treatments. Ultimately, we have realized that having a biological child is not what's important to us...what matters is having a child to love unconditionally and feeling fulfilled as a family. We want you to know that we are prepared to give your child a life filled with love and opportunity.
Ryan and Amanda
What can we say to the woman who is about to change our lives forever? What we do know for sure is that we will be grateful to you for the rest of our days. We think about you often: what you are like and what you do for fun. We pray for you each night. We hope that our profile gives you a glimpse into who we are and the life we live.
Edward and Farah
We cannot even begin to find the words, and genuinely believe that none can express, the gratitude we feel. We will surely try - thank you. Thank you for taking the time, in this emotional period in your life, to read our letter. This must be a difficult decision for you and we respect whatever path you choose. If we are blessed to have this child as a wonderful addition to our home, we can assure you that your child will be entering a family filled with love and stability.
Michael and Katie
Adoption is a true gift and most likely in our case the only road to a lifelong dream of parenthood. We can only imagine the courage it takes to consider adoption for your unborn child and truly do respect whatever decision you feel is best your baby. 
Jody and Bethaney
We are grateful for the opportunity to show you what makes us an amazing couple that is ready for the gift of a precious child. It takes an incredibly brave and unselfish woman to realize when a child would be best nurtured by another family. We are amazed by your strength and love for your baby. If you choose adoption, we pray that you will feel a sense of peace, knowing that your child is thriving and you made the best decision.
Richard and Noelani
Adoption is not a birth-mother’s rejection, but an unconditional love that inspires her to put herself last and do all she can for her baby. Though we (Doug and Noe) cannot fathom your emotions or thoughts about this difficult decision, we are truly grateful that you are considering placing your child for adoption. We’d like to share with you a piece of our story about how we’ve arrived at the hope of adopting a baby into our home.
Craig and Kimberly
Filling the void in our lives is the gift you will be giving us that we will forever be thankful for.  We will be grateful every day for the joy you have brought to our lives. Our goal is to always tell your child how you wanted to provide him or her with a great life and a loving family. We cannot express enough how supportive we are of your decision and how thankful we are that you are considering us as the parents of your child. We plan to provide your child with every opportunity in life.  
Casey and Danielle
We want to thank you first of all for considering us as adoptive parents. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel in our hearts about the gift you are giving. If you choose us to raise your miracle, God will have made you our angel.
Phillip and Cindy
I know in my heart if you are choosing us to be your baby's parents, this is the child I have prayed for since I was a young child, sitting on the ground, making my future children out of golden dandelions and their long stems. When I would tear the stems, some of my children would have long wavy hair. Others would have curly hair. It didn't really matter to me. I knew I would love each one the same. 
Robert and Melissa

Anthony and Christy
Thank you for taking the time to view our profile to get to know us. We are very excited to write this letter to you. Words cannot express the courage, respect and admiration that we have for you. After years of struggling with infertility, we have decided to pursue adoption. The gift of adoption is the ultimate act of profound love and selflessness. 
Jeffrey and Brittany
If you consider us to be the parents of your child, our hearts will be filled with overwhelming gratitude and joy. We promise to give your child a life filled with love, happiness, good health, and adventure.
Nicholas and Laura
We have chosen adoption because family is who you love and completing our family so that we may share the love we have is what is most important. We are grateful that you might consider giving us a chance to go to school Open Houses, AYSO soccer games, and Disneyland as a family.
Alexander and Lynn
We have always dreamed of becoming parents. We tried for many years to have a baby and were pregnant 3 times but, sadly, suffered a miscarriage each time. Even though we had a difficult time, it made us closer and made us realize just how much we wanted to be parents. Our strong desire to be parents led us to adoption so we could make our dream of becoming parents a reality. If we are blessed with a baby, we will cherish and love him or her with all of our hearts and will provide a loving and nurturing home. 
Reginald and Evangelina
We would like to thank you for considering us as prospective adoptive parents for your child. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to do what you are doing, and we cannot imagine what you must be going through. We want you to know that you will not be alone on this journey, as we will be there to support you through this trying time in your life.
George and Laure
Thank you for taking the time to consider us as parents for your precious baby. We honor you for making the choice of life and will be sure to share our respect and gratitude with your child. We are excited to welcome your beautiful child into our loving home and a life filled
Richard and Sandra
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter. As you go through this emotional process, hopefully you will consider us as the right couple to adopt your baby and that we can ease your mind about your baby’s future. We want to give your baby every opportunity in life, along with the love and support for a healthy and memorable future.
Anthony and Elana
We cannot even begin to tell you how proud we are of your courageous decision to pursue adoption for your child. We know this must have been a heavy decision for you, and we support you and thank you for it. It takes a person with strong character to make this life-changing decision. If you decide we are the right parents, your child will enter a home full of love and joy. We are both very loving people with a large family and many friends who cannot wait to see our family grow.
Gabriel and Christine
Thank you for taking a closer look at us. It means a lot to us that you are looking at our profile.   We want you to know that we admire you. We know that it takes a great deal of courage to make such a difficult decision. We are certain it is scary and overwhelming at times, and we are praying for you. We hope that you will be supported in your journey and that you will feel your child close to you as you make such an important decision for him or her.
Manuel and Jami
We know that the decision you are trying to make is one that is both very difficult and courageous. We want you to know that while we will never know what you are going through, you are an amazing woman. It takes a great deal courage, love and selflessness to even consider allowing someone else to raise your child. Should you decide to allow us to raise your baby, he or she will know what an amazing woman you are. We would invite you to stay in contact with us should you choose that path.
Steven and Rachel
It is our dream to become parents and we want you to know that we would be honored to be chosen and would give your child an amazing life, full of love and affection. We would be forever grateful and love and cherish your child. It takes a great deal of courage to choose adoption and we would be privileged to be chosen in such an important decision. Not only would you be choosing a wonderful life for your child, but you would be making our dreams come true as well.
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Adoption Success Stories