Adoption Successes

Todd and Christina
Having never written a letter of this significance before, we do not know where to begin, what to say, or how to properly convey to you our feelings; the only words that come to mind are simply, “Thank You.” Thank you for choosing to carry your baby to term, thank you for considering us to be the loving parents of your child, and thank you for your courageousness and selflessness.  We realize that this is the most important, yet difficult decision you have had to make. We are grateful that you are currently reading this letter and hope that your mind will be put to ease once you learn more about us. 
Kelly and Romayne

When I think of you, a little piece of my heart reaches out to you.  We know the love you must have to make such a brave decision.  Thank for you considering us and know we will always love and cherish the gift you will entrust to us.

Jonathan and Jennifer

Thank you, for choosing to fulfill the dreams of a lucky couple.  No matter whom you choose, we respect you for making this decision.  We would love nothing more, than to bring children into our home, to fill their hearts with love and to allow them to grow up in our enormous family.  Between the two of us we have twenty siblings, along with sixty-two nieces and nephews!  Our first adoption was a true miracle and we thank God daily for blessing us with a wonderful son.  Our son is eagerly waiting to become a big brother.  God bless you through this trying time.  Our prayers will be with you.

Marc and Kate

We are really excited about our decision to adopt and are so happy that you have decided to take the time to read about us and our life together. While we have never met, we have a shared dream which is to provide the best possible life for your baby; one that is full of love, happiness and security, where they can achieve whatever their heart desires.

Jeffrey and Maureen

Having two adopted nephews, we knew first hand the miracle the gift of adoption could provide us. So began our journey to start our family.

George and Linda

Our names are Linda and George. We have been blessed in life, but we know our lives won’t be complete until we have a baby to love and care for. We believe that things happen for a reason, and as they should. If we are meant to walk down this adoption path with you, you may take comfort in knowing that your soon-to-be-born baby will be loved, nurtured and taken care of by two people who have so much to share.

Jeffrey and Judith

You are a special person. We want to thank you with all our heart for your consideration, in allowing the child you are carrying, to join our family. We can ensure you that your child will be part of a very loving family. We have already been blessed with one child, but circumstances have prevented us from having any more biological children. We have always wanted a bigger family. Being a parent to us means giving our children unconditional love. If we are privileged to be chosen by you, please know that you will be enriching the life of not only your baby, but ours too, by helping us to complete our family. 

Mark and Christian
The possibility that this letter may be the beginning of a journey with you makes us feel truly blessed and a little humbled – both for your choice of life and the gift of adoption. Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves by simply telling you a little bit about what we believe. We are Mark and Christian. 
Joshuah and Erica
Rest assured that if your child comes into our lives they will not only be loved dearly but will also be set-up to thrive!
Kevin and Laura
Please know that no matter what you decide, you matter and you are loved. We are praying for you and for your child.
Joshua and Brennan
We already feel so grateful for your bravery, your selflessness and for giving us a chance to create our family.
Pradeep and MaKenzie
Your child will grow up in a home that is filled with love, laughter, joy and endless support. You, birthmother, will forever be part of our story, and we again say thank you for the extraordinary consideration you are making and for forever changing our lives.
Moses and Nyla
We promise to love your child fiercely and unconditionally. Most of all, we promise to tell them where they came from and how unbelievably grateful we are towards the mother who gave us the gift of becoming a family.
Nathan and Ellen
The most important thing we will give your baby is our unconditional love. We can’t wait to see God’s plan for our family unfold. We have faith in Him that you, as a birth mother, and we, as adoptive parents, will both have peace knowing that this is His plan for all of us.
Michael and Rachel
We are so excited to be parents, and yet it is not lost on us that adoption is born out of loss. We know that sometimes in life joy and grief run right smack into each other. We know it is possible to hold both emotions at the same time, and we are committed doing that with you.
Janelle and Sarah
When we close our eyes and see ourselves holding a baby, we feel an overwhelming amount of respect and gratefulness to you. Any woman that has the courage to make a decision that is so life changing for herself and so selfless for us is someone we admire and look up to.
Joshua and Lori
We would love to hear your story and learn what makes you special and unique. We will always feel immense gratitude and respect for you and the choices you’re making. Please know that we are here for you. We are on your side!
I want you to feel confident in your choice and hope you trust in my ability to love and care for your precious child. Please know that your selflessness is an amazing gift that will never be forgotten. I pray you will find peace in knowing that your child will be adored...
Keith and Bobbie
Your child will be raised in a loving home full of joy and laughter and will always know how much they are loved and loved by you.
Neil and Bethann
We know as we write this, you are facing an incredible decision – the decision to choose who is going to raise your child for you. Thank you for the courage you have to make that decision, and we thank you for considering us as a partner in that great adventure.
Paul and Morgan
We promise that we will always love your child unconditionally and support them to become the person they want to be. We believe in wholeheartedly helping them to pursue and achieve their hopes and dreams, whatever they may be.
Francis and Monica
We promise to always honor you. We would not be able to honor your child if we didn’t honor you. Your child will know all different forms of love and we’ll explain and share that our family journey began with the biggest act of love from you. We pray you will feel peace...
Bradley and Leah
We promise to honor your sacrifice by providing for your child with more love than we even know now to be possible.
My parents taught me the parent I want to be. They loved nothing more than spending time with our family. Mom is steadfast, hardworking and loving. Dad was easy to laugh. When he talked with you, you knew he just loved spending time with you.
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Adoption Success Stories