Adoption Successes

Robert and Erin
Our lives may become intertwined for a lifetime; who can predict where we will end up? Thank you for considering the hope of our destinies, and for the very, very best future for you and your baby.
Michael and Cathryn
We live the very simple life; we value each other and our family and friends. There is no greater gift on earth than holding a child for the first time and seeing their first steps, first words, first of many things, and we can’t wait to share all your child’s milestones.
Phillip and Michelle
We would like to begin by expressing our admiration for the strength it takes to consider adoption for your baby. It is a courageous and selfless decision and we would be honored to be considered as a family for your child.
Selwyn and Jennifer
As we sit to write this letter, our hearts are pounding with excitement and emotion, mostly because we know exactly how much lives can be changed because of an adoption. We can only imagine the wide range of emotions that the adoption process makes a birth family feel.
James and Aubrey
If you choose us, you would be a very important part of our lives. We would love and welcome the opportunity to have more extended family if that is also something that you would want, as we would cherish and celebrate an open-hearted adoption.
Daniel and Lynne
Please know that our family will always remember your bravery and love! More than anything we want you to feel confident knowing that your baby will receive unconditional love, support and guidance. Your child’s life will be filled with love, laughter, joy, warmth and more...
Lee and Ryan
We feel that it is important that children understand and are proud of who they are and where they came from. We will help our children to understand what kind of strength it took for their birthparents to make such a courageous decision.
Kavin and Delina
We are Kavin and Delina and we would like to acknowledge your courage and bravery for considering adoption. A mother who would consider the opportunity for another couple to raise her child is remarkable and selfless. We are grateful for the love that you have for your child.
Joe and Kandice
While we don't know each other yet, we have the deepest respect and gratitude for you. We cannot imagine what you are feeling, but we admire you for having the courage and strength to make such a big choice. Please know that if you choose us we will surround your child with love.
Justen and Nicole
We cannot begin to imagine how difficult this must be for you. We want you to know that we appreciate your brave and courageous consideration to place your child for adoption.
Grant and Deana
Thank you for allowing all of us adoptive parents the potential opportunity of loving and caring for your child. I have no doubt that you will pick the parents who you believe will provide the best possible life for your child.
Adam and Sandra
Should you choose us to raise your baby, you will find peace of mind and heart knowing that he or she will be raised with love, patience, and understanding. Be assured that they will have a happy, fulfilled life, and that the gift you give us will never be taken for granted.
Becky and Katie
We are so excited to meet you! As we think about you, we want you to know that we deeply admire your willingness to consider adoption for your baby. We appreciate the opportunity to cherish, love, and support the life you are bringing into this world.
Mark and Marguerite
Thank you for your courage in opting to pursue adoption for your baby, thereby giving someone the opportunity to build a family and fulfill their desire to become a parent. This cannot have been an easy decision and it is a true testament to your selflessness as a mother.
Kevin and Tracy
Life can sometimes be complicated with difficult decisions along the way and we really respect your strength in this selfless journey you are choosing. We believe God and fate have made our paths cross.
Kenneth and Katie
We are a caring couple who will provide unconditional love to you and your child. Although we do not know you, please understand that we already admire you for your decision to give your child life.
Trevor and Michael
We would welcome your child with unconditional love, seamless guidance, encouragement and opportunities that would start to shape their own story. We wish you peace and comfort and look forward to meeting you.
Luke and Chad
We appreciate the tough decision and process you are going through and we want you to know that your baby will be forever loved and cared for by two people that have been dreaming of being Dads for so many years!
Roy and Mandee
We want your child to know how much you love them and that you made this choice trusting that we would give him or her a wonderful life. We want to be able to tell them about you and your courage.
John and Chiara
We have been praying for strength for you as you continue on this journey. Thank you for choosing life for your child. We will continue to pray for peace and strength for you,
Billy and Megan
We are so thankful that you would consider offering us the privilege of raising your child as our own. Please know that if you choose us to be your baby’s family, we would love him/her with all our hearts and we would be forever grateful for your strength and courage.
Justin and Jennifer
The excitement and honor we feel at being considered by you brings up so many emotions that it is hard to put it all into words, but we’ll try! We can’t imagine what you have gone through to reach your decision to create an adoption plan. To us there is no greater act of love..
James and September
We can’t imagine how you are feeling at this time in your life, but we are so grateful to you for your bravery. We are so impressed that you are courageous enough to do this, and we know that this is a huge, life-changing decision.
Robert and Tiffani
Thank you for looking at our profile and considering us as adoptive parents for your baby. We understand this may be the toughest thing you will ever have to go through and we want you to know that we will be there for you during this process.
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Adoption Success Stories