Adoption Successes

Vu and Nikki
We’re more than grateful that you would consider giving us such an amazing gift. Words can’t describe how lucky we would feel to have the honor of raising your child.
Devin and Brittney
Thank you for your courageous decision to choose life for your child and explore options for your child’s future. We want you to know that we are committed to doing everything in our power to love and provide for your child with everything we have and can offer.
Kyle and Aubrey
We know that this is not an easy decision for you, and would like to express our admiration for the strength it takes for you to consider adoption. This consideration is a courageous, and selfless one.
Lance and Jocelyn
Your little one would be so loved. We can’t explain how excited we are to see what God has in store for our family. We have vivid daydreams of rocking them and singing lullabies until they fall asleep. Children are such a precious gift, and we will cherish every moment with them.
Larry and Tamar
As parents, we promise to surround your baby with unconditional love and care, the opportunity to experience a life full of activities and opportunities, and to promote lifelong learning and educational achievements.
Thomas and Shelley
We admire your bravery in considering adoption for your child. If you choose adoption, we promise to provide your child with a loving, secure, and joyful family and life.
Evan and Maja
Our commitment to give your child a loving, nurturing home is the greatest one yet for us, but we want you to know that we understand it would not be possible without you. Our commitment extends to making sure you are safe, loved and comfortable throughout the process...
Joshua and Lauren
We can’t thank you enough for allowing us to be a part of your journey, should you choose us, and can’t wait to start this chapter together, with you. We vow to give our energy and hearts to help your child develop into the unique, confident, and fantastic human...
Jorge and Jacqueline
So many thoughts flood our minds as we consider the emotions and decisions you are facing. So, it is not without compassion that we ask to adopt your baby.
Jason and Emily
We are grateful that you are considering adoption and thank you for taking the time to read our letter, and consider us for the most important role of our lives, and that is to care for, love and nurture your child.
Safy and Marina
In this incredibly hard decision for you, across the miles, we are sending you a warm hug and so much love for whatever decision you make. We are wishing you and your baby all the good in this world!
Jonathan and Sonya
Because of her birth mother's selfless act of love, Sonya was given an opportunity to be part of a family that could also give her love. We simply desire to pay it forward and offer a precious child a home.
Carter and Kathryn
We greatly admire what you are doing and respect the difficulty of this consideration. Whomever you pick to care for child will be extremely lucky not only to have the baby but to have met you, who has made their family complete.
Brent and Megan
Above all else, we want you to know that we will raise your baby with unconditional love and support. They will have a family who cheers them on and helps them achieve their goals.
Leif and Collette
While we want a child with all of our heart, we want the right fit and something that works for everyone involved – us, you, and your baby.
Joel and Andrea
There is no way to describe the gratitude an adoptive parent feels towards their child’s mother, and we realize this gift is more precious than anything in the world. We know you love your child deeply, and that you want him or her to have a wonderful life full of love...
Jason and Marissa
We can’t imagine what you are going through, but we want you to know that we appreciate the sacrifice you are making and deeply respect the love that you have for your child. It is a love that we look forward to sharing in. We want to provide a loving home for your child...
Nicholas and Joanne
Our hope is to have you as part of our family, if you so wish. Nothing would make us happier than if your child can continue to have a relationship with you after the adoption.
Justin and Marya
First let us take a moment to let you know how much we respect and admire you for considering us to be a loving and supportive family for your child. We don't know how difficult and challenging this could be but know we are here praying for strength and guidance.
Chad and Kristy
We will take care of your child with all our love and support. Please know we will always be there for him or her.
Jeremy and Jessica
We are so appreciative that you are taking the time to read this letter. We are grateful that you are considering to take the path of adoption, and can't imagine the strength and courage it must take for you to make this most important decision.
Shawn and Lindsey
We are excited and extremely happy to get to know you as well and look forward sharing this journey with you!
Joseph and Bethany
We understand that this is a very difficult decision for you, but immensely admire your selflessness in putting the happiness of your child first. We have been longing for the day that we can bring home our first child and we will love your child unconditionally.
Christopher and Theresa
Our unconditional love and guidance will surround your child and blanket him or her. Your gift of adoption will never be forgotten or taken for granted. I know you don’t know us and I know that we don’ know you. But unconditional love for your child has brought us together.
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Adoption Success Stories