Adoption Successes

Luis and Laura
Should you choose us to raise your child, you can be assured that they will have a happy, fulfilled life, and the world will be theirs to explore. You can also be assured that the gift you give us will never be taken for granted. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Gary and Robin
The love we have to give your child is so great. Our promise to you is that your child will never go without love or care.
Al and Gina
Please take comfort in knowing that your baby will be well-provided for and will be raised in a loving and safe household. In our household, family always comes first.
Deric and Amy
We promise you that we will do all within our power to give your child every opportunity to learn and grow and become their best self. We will provide unconditional love, joy and a nurturing environment for them to grow and enjoy family, friends and loved ones.
Vincent and Kimberly
We would like you to know that we think you are a remarkable woman with great love for your child. Children are priceless treasures from Heaven and we would be honored and forever grateful should you be led to choose us as loving parents.
Andrew and Kathleen
We really are one big, happy family, and can’t wait to add to it with you and your wonderful baby. Thank you so much for taking a look into our lives; please know there is always a spot here waiting for the two of you.
John and LaQucia
It takes a courageous and gentle individual to give the gift of life to two people she has yet to meet. We would be thrilled if your life journey was to connect with ours.
Matt and Jillian
We believe that children are a true gift from God, and are honored to raise a child who understands just how special and loved they are. In life, we must sometimes make sacrifices and you are making one of the most selfless sacrifices for your unborn child.
Dean and Meredith
We cannot imagine the feelings that you are experiencing as you are on this journey. We are here for you and would be overjoyed to partner with you as you make an adoption plan for your child. It is our hope that you understand just how excited we are to grow our family...
Andrew and Wendy
We cannot imagine what you are going through now and the decisions you are facing. Your bravery and courage to make a selfless, loving decision as adoption for your unborn child is truly amazing! The fact we could be recipients of that life fills us with such gratitude.
Thomas and Erin
We cannot imagine how difficult of a decision this must be, but we want you to know that your selfless decision will never be forgotten. Your child will be provided with a life filled with many activities, opportunities and most of all, love.
David and Wendy
Words cannot fully express how grateful we are for you and your willingness to consider adoption. We can't begin to understand what you are going through, we can only thank you for your courage, love, and selflessness. You are truly a special person and we are humbled.
Michael and Lindsay
If we are lucky enough to be chosen to raise your baby, he or she would grow up in a home where they would be loved, nurtured, and supported for their entire life.
George and Tiffany
Although we don’t know you, we can imagine that you’re working through some big challenges. If you select us, your child will grow up knowing love, being well-cared for and feeling safe enough to try to do amazing things.
Patrick and Lia
We are so grateful for your sacrifice. You’re considering doing something for us that we will always love you for.
Neil and Liza
We are humbled that you are considering adoption and we both know families that have been touched by adoption. Thanks to courageous birth mothers like you, adoption remains possible.
Joel and Tara
We want you to know that we have so much love to offer your baby and would feel blessed to have that opportunity. Beyond the love we would shower your baby with, we also have the financial, physical and emotional means to provide your baby with everything she could ever need.
James and Amanda
We are Amanda and James (Jimmy) and we want to first thank you for unselfishly considering such an amazing gift. We have prayed and talked about who you may be and the tough challenges you are facing, and we want you to know we have so much love to give to your child.
Michael and Edmund
We know that you will always remain your son or daughter’s mom, but we promise to do everything in our power to offer them the same love and care you would. We would be honored and overjoyed if you chose us for this responsibility.
Krista and Michelle
We thank you for having the courage and love to consider adoption and are thrilled about the opportunity to grow our family. It has been a lifetime dream of ours which we hope will be fulfilled by the honor and joy of providing a loving, nurturing, stable home and family for...
Henry and Heather
With much prayer, thought, and consideration, we truly feel that God has called us to add a little girl to our family through adoption. We feel blessed to be adopting. It is God's idea for our family and hopefully for your little baby girl.
Thomas and Ana
We would love to provide a loving environment in which your child can grow and blossom. We are compassionate, loving, and understanding and we want nothing more than to share our love of life, family and friends with a child.
You will always be a part of our hearts. Finally sweet girl, from the bottom of my heart to yours, please know that I will love your baby with everything that I have, unconditionally and without reservation, for the rest of my life.
Zachary and Krista
It takes a very special, caring person to put others before themselves and that is exactly what you are doing. You are putting your child’s needs ahead of your own and that already makes you a wonderful parent. We would ensure that your child would always know how brave you are.
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Adoption Success Stories