Adoption Successes

James and Nicole
Jamie and I believe we would be a perfect fit for you, and we look forward to making you comfortable with who we are and how we will raise your baby. You are making a brave and courageous consideration in your life, and the life of your baby. We can only imagine how hard...
Geoffry and Rebecca
If you select us to be your partners in this journey we promise to stay true to our word, love your child unconditionally and offer all we have to share with your child. We have been blessed with more than enough love and resources to share and we can’t wait to meet your child.
Patrick and Chantel
You are strong because you have come so far to ensure that your daughter will be able to grow up and thrive in a prepared and loving home. And you are loving because you care so much about your baby that you want to ensure that she has the best life possible.
Philipp and Veronica
We are Phil and Veronica from California. We are so excited and honored that you are taking the time to read about our story. Finding adoptive parents for your baby is an act of love that takes strength and courage. We hope our letter touches your heart in some way.
Michael and Nicole
We are honored and humbled that you are considering us to be parents. Having children in our life and helping to guide and support them into adulthood is our ultimate calling. We are fun-loving, caring people and we want to share the world with children.
Adam and Katy
Having a family has always been a part of our hopes and dreams. We promise to always love your baby every single day and share God’s love with them. It is a privilege to parent, and not something we take lightly. We would be so honored by your choice.
Scott and Sarah
We thank you for your time in considering us to be parents for your child. Your child will be a blessing for us and they will be raised in a loving, supportive Christian home.
Brent and Tara
We can promise you that if you can picture us as a part of your family, we will love your child every single day of our lives. As much as this will be a huge loss for you, you will be adding priceless amazing joy to our life! Your sacrifice will never be lost on us...
Graham and Daniel
We can’t wait to meet you! We are looking forward to starting our family and sharing a life filled with unconditional love and awesome adventures. We have profound respect for the choice you are making, and cannot begin to understand the bravery it takes. From the bottom of our..
Adam and Juana
We want nothing more than to start our family and give your child the ability to explore everything life has to offer. We will give your child all of the love and devotion that we have. We appreciate you in so many ways that words cannot describe.
Brian and Katie
Hello! Our names are Brian and Katie and we live in Pennsylvania. We are a happy, healthy couple looking to adopt a child after struggling to have a family over the last few years. We look forward to being blessed with the privilege to provide a safe, healthy, happy home to a...
Kevin and Laura
Our prayers are with you. If we are the lucky ones you choose to bless with the gift of your child, our promise to you is to love them every day and to tell them of your great love for them as well.
Samuel and Catherine
Thank you so much for considering adoption. The act of letting someone else raise the child you are bringing into the world is incredibly selfless. We are so ready to grow our family and are excited for all of the new adventures ahead.
Travis and Kimberly
This is what we can promise to you. We would care for your child like our own and provide your child with love, laughter, and a safe, stable home.
Scott and Jennifer
We want you to know that what will be a struggle will also be a blessing and a beautiful gift. We promise you that we will give your child the best life ever, a life full of love, great memories, activities, sports and laughter.
Justin and Jennifer
We are so impressed by your strength and courage to consider adoption for your child. It truly shows what kind of person you are to make such a selfless, brave, and trusting choice. We hope to live up to the standard you are setting, and to build our family with those values.
Dean and Jennifer
You are very courageous for considering open adoption. We're very excited to become parents and are devoted to being the best parents we can be. We want you to know that we will raise your child to the best of our ability and welcome him or her with all the love in our hearts.
Jonathan and Lindsay
We cannot thank you enough for being such a strong, selfless woman with more courage than a lot of people in this world have. We cannot wait to meet you and share with your child what a remarkable woman you are.
David and Evi
Even though we do not know you, we support you in this difficult time. If you do not know what to do, we hope you find wisdom. If you are unsure, we hope you find confidence. If you are distressed, we hope you find peace.
Jonathan and Bonni
It is impossible to predict the future, but one thing that we do know, is that our child will be loved by us, our friends and our family. He or she will be given every opportunity we can give.
Carl and Ronda
We are an active, fun loving family looking to add one more player to our family team!
Eric and Kelly
We are proud to share our story and want to be here for you to answer any questions and/or discuss any concerns you may have. You are a hero in our eyes for considering such a loving option for your child.
Darby and Nichole
We are in awe of this brave and selfless decision, as we consider adoption to be an incredible gift. As we think often of you, it is our prayer that you are loved and supported in the decision you are making, and that you have great peace as you choose.
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Adoption Success Stories