Adoption Successes

Scott and Laura
How do we begin a letter to the bravest woman we will ever meet, the woman who will—with her selfless decision—make our lives whole? You will forever hold a special place in the hearts of both your child and your child’s adoptive family. We cannot wait to share with our child the amount of love it must have taken for his/her mother to place him/her into our loving arms. How lucky our baby will be for being adopted—lucky enough to be loved twice over, not by one family, but by two.
Jay and Mary

In our home you will always hear laughter and lately there has been much debate about whether or not Batman really flies. Everyday is filled with excitement as we enjoy watching our two boys pretend to be superheroes and fight the bad guys. We can all picture what life would be like by adding a baby to our family. We would just like to say that this has been the hardest letter we have ever had to write.


Michael and Jennifer

Words seem so inadequate to express how excited we are that you are considering us to be the parents of your child. Your selfless act will make our dream of having a child a reality, and for that, we will be eternally grateful. The gift of adoption will give us, as well as your child, the privilege of sharing the unconditional love experienced by parent and child. In return, we promise to you, a life of love, nurturing, happiness, protection and adoration for your child.

Greg and DeAnne
Joy, excitement, hope, curiosity, commitment, pride, fulfillment, love; we find ourselves using these words often as we describe our experience as parents. It also describes why we are anxious to bring another beautiful addition into our family.
Scott and Jennifer
Hello! We are Scott and Jennifer and we have some things in common with you that we would like to share. As infants, we were both adopted by loving families. Our birth mothers were once like you, making courageous decisions about the lives they were bringing into the world. Our childhood and adulthood have been filled by the love of our parents who adopted us, and by our siblings who were also adopted. 
Patrick and Eva

Somehow, life doesn’t always seem to make sense. It doesn’t make sense to us that you are facing this difficult time in your life, while we are looking toward all of our hopes, dreams and happiness for the future. It sometimes seems like a heavy contradiction that both of these things would have to happen at the same time. The only thing that helps us make sense of it all is the knowledge that even though we may not understand it all right now, we know it is all part of God’s plan. We cannot begin to imagine what you have been through, and even though we have never met you, we already love and respect the person that you are. We know how big your heart must be for you to unselfishly give your baby the gift of unconditional love and for giving us the opportunity to do the same. Nothing would make us happier than to become loving, devoted parents to your baby.


Mark and Eileen
Thank you for the choice that you have made to bring a new life into this world, despite the insecurity and doubt we know you must be facing. We are Mark and Eileen, and as a result of our own struggle with infertility, we have gained an entirely new level of respect and awe for what you are able to do. However, we also understand how difficult a choice it is to make when you want so deeply to know your child will have everything he or she needs to grow, flourish, and become a person that you can truly be proud of. We hope that we can help you fulfill that dream.
Michael and Veronica

Laughter and love fills our house. If you walked into our home around sunset, you would hear music, and see our dogs playing, Mike cooking a gourmet meal and Veronica setting the table as we chat about our day. You would also see what is missing from our happy picture. The table would only be set for two and there would be no sound of children laughing. We are not able to have a baby of our own and long to make our lives complete through your gift of adoption.


Brandon and Crystal
This is a very exciting letter to write to you. We are thrilled with the opportunity to welcome a little one into our life. We have been married since 1998 and have been incredibly fulfilled by various experiences. From graduations, family gatherings, travels, and quiet moments with each other, we feel very blessed. While these experiences have provided us with a great deal of satisfaction, there is one piece lingering in our hearts…a little child to call us their parents. This opportunity to finally be parents is the greatest gift anyone could ever give to us. Let us backtrack and tell you a little about us.
Bryan and Elizabeth
Our names are Bryan and Elizabeth (Libby). We would like to begin by thanking you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about us. Although we have not yet met you, we are inspired by your courageous actions and unconditional love. You obviously have a huge and selfless heart! We admire and deeply respect your quest for the best-possible life for your unborn child. It is our greatest hope that you will select us to help you find that.
Wayne and Ann
Our names are Ann and Wayne. We first met and became friends in college. While I was finishing my last year in college Wayne moved to the east coast to finish his graduate degree. It was during this time that we realized how much we missed each other and didn’t want to be apart. We endured a long distance relationship for two years while he finished his degree. We called each other often and ended these calls with a prayer that God would bring us together soon. We finally married in the summer of 1988. Our affection and respect for each other has grown with the passing years. Although we have pursued challenging careers, myself a physician and Wayne a professor of civil engineering, our belief in God has kept our marriage strong. We have wanted and prayed for a child for so long. We now know it is God’s plan for us to adopt. We are so excited to become parents and feel very blessed that you have the courage to place your baby with a loving couple.
Efelisario and Sonia

Efe and I met at a dance and we danced all night long. About two years later we decided to become dance partners for life. This year we will celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary. Although our lives have been filled with much love, laughter, dancing and financial security, we want to experience the joy that comes from raising a child. We spend a lot of time talking about and planning for the day we will have a little one running around our home. We can’t wait to share our laughter and favorite hobbies with our child. Efe looks forward to teaching our little one how to play soccer and I look forward to reading to him/her. We both can’t wait to watch our child as he/she discovers the world around them. Our child will learn to use their imagination to the fullest, will learn to laugh through the ups and downs of life, and will learn to love completely and unconditionally.


Rory and Dedra
What do you say to the woman who is reading this letter, to the woman who can make our family complete? No words can express how we feel other than thank you. We want to express our heart felt gratitude for taking the time to read our letter and to get to know a little bit about us and the life we are excited to provide for this child.
Trevor and Kelley
Our biggest decision in life was to become a mom and dad. It is a decision we chose with all of the love in our hearts and it has turned out to be the most rewarding experience of our lives. Choosing adoption for your baby must be the biggest decision in your life and we hope that it will be the most rewarding experience for your baby.
Steven and Rachael
Growing up I never thought I would be writing a letter like this. I have always wanted to be a mother. My sister and I would play house and dress-up and I would shove pillows under my shirt and pretend I was pregnant. We even bought real diapers and baby lotion for our dolls, because we loved the smell of a “baby.” My dreams of carrying a child and giving birth have not come true. 
Jose and Stephanie
Each person travels a path throughout their lives. Ours has brought us to you, and we cannot possibly express our gratitude to you for the decision you have made to travel down the path of adoption. Your path must be quite difficult at times but we believe it is filled with courage and generosity. Our path has been long and painful with miscarriages and unsuccessful fertility treatments, but we are now thrilled to be on a different journey which will bring the joy of a baby into our home.
Douglas and Carla
We are Doug and Carla. We have known each other for five years, and have been married since the summer of 2005. We were set up by mutual friends who thought we would be perfect for each other and they were right; we belong together like two pieces in a puzzle. It was love at first sight. After discovering our many common interests and shared values, we knew we were soul mates. We feel so fortunate to have found the kind of love that grows stronger everyday. We can’t wait to see each other at the end of the day, we laugh out loud all the time, and we enjoy sitting down to plan our future. A big part of that future includes having a family.
Michael and Michelle
It has been said, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Well, in our home, it’s prescribed everyday. We feel a home filled with laughter is a home filled with love and care. It is this home that we want to start our family in. We believe that fate has brought us all to this point in our lives where one life will be cherished and shared by so many. And we know that none of this would be possible without your brave and self-sacrificing decision to provide us with this incredibly generous gift. We know that this is a choice that comes from your heart and we will always be so very grateful to you for this.
Kevin and Jamie
We understand that finding the right home for your child is of great importance to you. We want you to know that providing a good home is just as important to us. Thank you for taking time to read about our life and considering us worthy of your precious gift. We believe that you are a kind and loving person who is sacrificing your own needs for the child that you carry. We hope that you’ll trust us to give your child everything you dream.
Schuyler and Jamie
We are Sky and Jamie, and our dream since we first met in 1996 has been to be a family of four. Our pregnancy with Ryan had many complications. We were expecting twins, but tragically we miscarried one of them. We realized then, how truly blessed we were to have one biological child. A psychic once told us “Sometimes women have miscarriages or abortions, but the soul of the child will come back to you when he/she is ready, even through adoption”. After we heard that statement, we were convinced that our decision to adopt was the right one.
Daniel and Mary
The three of us are hoping that someday soon there will be four of us. Although life can sometimes be uncertain, one thing we know for sure is that your baby girl will be loved by us, no matter what. If you are reading this letter, you are facing some difficult choices. Having chosen to allow someone to adopt your baby is extremely courageous, and now you must choose who shall be her adoptive parents. Thank you for taking time to consider us as the parents who may adopt your little girl.
Brian and Nichole
This is an extremely difficult letter for us to write; every time we attempt to write to you we become very emotional. The gift you would be giving us is immeasurable and beyond anything we could ever hope to receive – for this we truly want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We value you more than words can describe, because you can make our dream of having a family come true. While we realize the choice you’re making is difficult, we feel honored that you would consider us to raise and parent your child.
Jeffrey and Nancy
During the summer when our nephews and nieces are here on vacation, our house is hectic, messy, and sticky. We are sleep deprived and exhausted and yet we love every minute of it. This is what we want on a permanent basis. We want to get up in the middle of the night for the nightly feedings and diaper changes. We want to watch our children sleeping. We want to answer all their “but why” questions. Jeff and I have wanted this for so long that all our decisions in life have been based on how it will affect our future child/ren. From the furniture we’ve purchased to the home we had built, we had him or her or them on our minds and in our hearts.
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