Adoption Successes

Christopher and Jaime
We know that the choice to place your child for adoption cannot have been an easy one for you to make. We sincerely hope that you will feel comforted by the knowledge that we will strive to create a life for your baby that will honor your choice and that will help her to reach her potential in life. We sincerely thank you for this opportunity and hope that you will choose to be our partner in this pursuit.
Adam and Rebecca
We are Adam and Rebecca! Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. Though we cannot begin to understand what you may be going through right now, we truly appreciate the tremendous love and courage it takes for you to consider the journey of adoption. We are so excited to become parents and to welcome a child into our home and family. We will provide a great amount of faith, love, support and security for your child in our home.
Darin and Melissa
We want to start off by telling you how much we love and respect you. Your gift is a great one--that will be forever cherished by us. Your loving decision will change our lives forever, by giving us the family we’ve always longed for. While your decision is difficult, please rest assured that your child will always know love and support throughout his or her life. We hope this letter is the first of many communications with you throughout the life of your child.
Brian and Charmian
We are grateful that you are considering adoption and want you to know that should you choose us your child would have a secure and loving future in our family with many opportunities to learn and grow. We hope you find comfort in knowing that we would love and cherish your baby with all our hearts forever.
Mark and Alicia
We want to thank you for reading our letter and taking the time to get to know us. It is truly admirable to us that you love your baby enough to choose adoption. And, although we cannot begin to imagine what you are going through, we want to say that we are extremely grateful for your loving choice. We hope that after you review our profile you will feel secure in knowing that we can provide the home and family life you want for your child.
Adalberto and Jeffrey
We know this time must be filled with so much confusion, grief and uncertainty, but we want you to know that we see you as a courageous and strong person for placing your baby for adoption. Parents always want the best for their child, no matter what that may be. Please don’t think of adoption as giving up, but as giving your baby and loving parents like us the chance for a better life.
Kevin and Kimberly
It is difficult to put into words the amount of respect and gratitude we feel for you as you make this most difficult decision. Your journey to adoption is evidence of your immeasurable love for your baby. We know that your love will be forever lasting. Our hope is that you will learn about us and find comfort in knowing that your baby will have a life filled with unconditional love, encouragement, and acceptance. We are so very grateful for to you for your selfless decision.
Stephen and Heather
We are amazed at what love you are showing through your choice of adoption and are overjoyed with the opportunity to extend our love by growing our family with the help of your selfless act. We cannot express enough how strong and courageous we feel you are in making this decision and there is great honor and excitement on our part that you are taking time to consider us to be worthy of such an amazing gift. 
Wayne and Cheri
Hello!! We hope this letter finds you happy and healthy. We are so excited to meet you and be by your side in your pregnancy. I don’t know what kind of emotions are going through your body or mind but rest assured we will try to understand. Please know that if you pick us as parents, your child will be very well taken care of and loved unconditionally.
Ben and Ann
We want nothing more than to give all of our love to your child and would be honored if you chose us. Please know that your baby would be cherished every day and your gratitude would never be forgotten. Our life mission is to make you proud of your child and who we become as parents.
Daniel and Sonia
We are so excited to be blessed with the opportunity to expand our family. Although we each have children from our first marriages, we would love an opportunity to raise one together. Due to some heartbreaking miscarriages, we weren't able to have a child together. We have had adoption in our hearts for a couple of years, and feel that God has opened this door for us now.
Christopher and Michilia
Our names are Chris and Kyla. We are a happy, energetic, young couple eagerly hoping to add another child to our lives. We have always wanted to have a large family and to make adoption part of that family. We have three girls, Allison, Evelyn and Eleanora. Allie is adopted and we are happy that her birth family is now a part of our family.
Jeffrey and Charles
I’m sure this is a very difficult time for you, and we are so grateful that you have made such a strong and courageous decision to give your child life and the opportunity to become someone special just like you. We can assure you that your child will be loved and cared for more than anything in this world. We will offer your child the special opportunity to be raised and loved by two dads that desire to be parents more than anything. 
Gabriel and Angelique
We have created a great life together. We love to travel, go to sporting events, visit amusement parks, cook, try new adventures and spend time with family and friends. We can't wait to be able to include your child in all of the fun we have, and lovingly watch your child as he or she plays with all of our nieces and nephews at our large family gatherings.
Christopher and Jennifer
We feel so blessed that you have decided to unselfishly give birth to a child that will be raised by another set of loving parents. This decision will change and enhance our lives, the lives of many others, and is a gift that can never be repaid. A thank you doesn’t seem like it’s enough. Having a child is something that we only dream of at this point, but we hope through adoption, our dream will come true.
Jason and Tamara
As we sit here full of excitement and anticipation of the prospect and privilege of becoming parents, we must also acknowledge the difficulty and bravery behind your decision of adoption. We would like to reassure you that if chosen we will forever be grateful and honor the trust and faith you have invested in us. 
David and Stacy
There aren't even words to describe how grateful we are that you have made this choice. We have such a tremendous amount of respect for you, and can't even imagine how difficult a decision this has been.
Richard and Anna
Your child will grow up knowing love, respect, honesty, selflessness, and joy. He or she will enjoy holidays and lots of fun activities.
Erik and Cynthia
There is so much we would like to tell you about ourselves to help you make your decision, but the most important thing we want you to know is how much we would love and cherish your baby. We have very strong values and are in agreement on how we would like to raise your child. We believe in giving unconditional love in a warm, stable, and caring home.
Roger and Sara
What do we even say and where do we begin? We write in love and gratitude. We hope that within this letter you find in us, two loving and caring people, who will raise your baby in our home filled with love, laughter, family and fun. Thank you for loving yourself enough, for loving your baby enough, and for hopefully loving us enough. 
David and Diana
We are amazed at the profound act of love and selflessness you are undertaking at this time in your life. We can’t even imagine the courage it must take for you to make this decision for your baby. We can promise that with us your baby will be loved, cared for, and celebrated. 
Edward and Kimberly
What we can tell you as parents is that we sympathize with you; we know as a parent that you only want what is best for your child and to ensure that every choice you make is in the best interest of your bundle of joy. We first want to commend you on the decision are contemplati
Claude and Nora
How could we ever thank you enough for opportunity to raise your child? We will feel so blessed to be chosen by you, and we will feel honored to take on the responsibility of fulfilling the dreams you have for your child. We promise to give unconditional love to your child and make sure he/she knows what a blessing he/she is to our family. Your child will know how brave, unselfish and loving you are and how much love was involved in making this decision.
Brian and Sheryl
We believe that the choice you made to give your child the gift of adoption was a difficult choice and that you must love your child very much. We are praying that God will help you and your child through this time and that He will give you peace. We are confident that adoption is God's will for our life.
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