Adoption Successes

Trevor and Kelley
Our biggest decision in life was to become a mom and dad. It is a decision we chose with all of the love in our hearts and it has turned out to be the most rewarding experience of our lives. Choosing adoption for your baby must be the biggest decision in your life and we hope that it will be the most rewarding experience for your baby.
Steven and Rachael
Growing up I never thought I would be writing a letter like this. I have always wanted to be a mother. My sister and I would play house and dress-up and I would shove pillows under my shirt and pretend I was pregnant. We even bought real diapers and baby lotion for our dolls, because we loved the smell of a “baby.” My dreams of carrying a child and giving birth have not come true. 
Jose and Stephanie
Each person travels a path throughout their lives. Ours has brought us to you, and we cannot possibly express our gratitude to you for the decision you have made to travel down the path of adoption. Your path must be quite difficult at times but we believe it is filled with courage and generosity. Our path has been long and painful with miscarriages and unsuccessful fertility treatments, but we are now thrilled to be on a different journey which will bring the joy of a baby into our home.
Douglas and Carla
We are Doug and Carla. We have known each other for five years, and have been married since the summer of 2005. We were set up by mutual friends who thought we would be perfect for each other and they were right; we belong together like two pieces in a puzzle. It was love at first sight. After discovering our many common interests and shared values, we knew we were soul mates. We feel so fortunate to have found the kind of love that grows stronger everyday. We can’t wait to see each other at the end of the day, we laugh out loud all the time, and we enjoy sitting down to plan our future. A big part of that future includes having a family.
Michael and Michelle
It has been said, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Well, in our home, it’s prescribed everyday. We feel a home filled with laughter is a home filled with love and care. It is this home that we want to start our family in. We believe that fate has brought us all to this point in our lives where one life will be cherished and shared by so many. And we know that none of this would be possible without your brave and self-sacrificing decision to provide us with this incredibly generous gift. We know that this is a choice that comes from your heart and we will always be so very grateful to you for this.
Kevin and Jamie
We understand that finding the right home for your child is of great importance to you. We want you to know that providing a good home is just as important to us. Thank you for taking time to read about our life and considering us worthy of your precious gift. We believe that you are a kind and loving person who is sacrificing your own needs for the child that you carry. We hope that you’ll trust us to give your child everything you dream.
Schuyler and Jamie
We are Sky and Jamie, and our dream since we first met in 1996 has been to be a family of four. Our pregnancy with Ryan had many complications. We were expecting twins, but tragically we miscarried one of them. We realized then, how truly blessed we were to have one biological child. A psychic once told us “Sometimes women have miscarriages or abortions, but the soul of the child will come back to you when he/she is ready, even through adoption”. After we heard that statement, we were convinced that our decision to adopt was the right one.
Daniel and Mary
The three of us are hoping that someday soon there will be four of us. Although life can sometimes be uncertain, one thing we know for sure is that your baby girl will be loved by us, no matter what. If you are reading this letter, you are facing some difficult choices. Having chosen to allow someone to adopt your baby is extremely courageous, and now you must choose who shall be her adoptive parents. Thank you for taking time to consider us as the parents who may adopt your little girl.
Brian and Nichole
This is an extremely difficult letter for us to write; every time we attempt to write to you we become very emotional. The gift you would be giving us is immeasurable and beyond anything we could ever hope to receive – for this we truly want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We value you more than words can describe, because you can make our dream of having a family come true. While we realize the choice you’re making is difficult, we feel honored that you would consider us to raise and parent your child.
Jeffrey and Nancy
During the summer when our nephews and nieces are here on vacation, our house is hectic, messy, and sticky. We are sleep deprived and exhausted and yet we love every minute of it. This is what we want on a permanent basis. We want to get up in the middle of the night for the nightly feedings and diaper changes. We want to watch our children sleeping. We want to answer all their “but why” questions. Jeff and I have wanted this for so long that all our decisions in life have been based on how it will affect our future child/ren. From the furniture we’ve purchased to the home we had built, we had him or her or them on our minds and in our hearts.
Gregory and Gabriella
We want to say thank you… for so many reasons. Although we haven’t met yet, we are going to make some promises to you and this child that will always hold true. Our decision to adopt was actually something that felt right for both of us. We just want so much to be parents, and to build a beautiful family with strong bonds of love, positive encouragement, strength and humor. We have so many blessings to share and we promise to provide your child with an amazing life full of opportunity. To be given the chance would mean the world to us. 
Warren and Melanie
With deep gratitude we write this letter as we ponder your thoughtful, courageous, and loving decision. When we think of our daughter’s birthmother, it is with thanks, admiration, joy, respect, and love. She gave us a gift we could not give ourselves and we are forever grateful. Thank you for the gift of life and hope, which will make dreams come true.
Richard and Beth
We are thrilled about the prospect of becoming parents and joining you on this loving path! You are truly an amazing woman and we salute your incredible strength and courage. 
Joseph and Tracey
We are grateful that you are reading our letter and considering us for the awesome responsibility of raising your child. We can’t begin to imagine what a difficult decision this must be for you but we do know that you are brave and unselfish. We promise that your child will know that your decision was made with the deepest love. We hope that as you continue reading you’ll get a better sense of who we are and what kind of parents we are. We pray that you will allow us to share our love, our home and our family with your child.   
Kevin and Emily
We are so excited to write this letter and give you a glimpse at our life. It is hard to sum up all of who we are for you on this one page, but what we want you to know right off is that we can’t wait to be parents. We have so much love that we are ready to pour into a baby. We have always known our life would include children and although we did not initially start on this path, life circumstances have joyously led us to adoption.
Robert and Ronna

We would like to thank you for considering us to become your baby’s adoptive parents. The beautiful baby growing inside of you is hopefully our miracle and you are definitely an angel for choosing life for your child. You are an amazing person for giving your baby unconditional love and searching for the perfect family to guarantee your child a life filled with love and opportunity. If we are blessed with your baby, please know your strong traits and decision-making qualities will be among the strengths we would want to teach your child.

Kurt and Cecily
You are a brave and loving woman for offering this human being life and a chance to grow up in our home where we believe we have so much to offer this little one.
Edward and Alexsandra
First smile, first words, first steps—our lives will never be the same thanks to your bravery and selfless decision to give life to your child. We are inspired by your courage and strength of character. We can’t pretend to know the difficulty of your decision or the range of emotions that must accompany it, but it’s an act of profound love, and we deeply admire you for it.
Clarence and Patricia

We are Clarence and Tricia, and we have been married since January of 2000. We truly are best friends who look forward to growing old together. We have five beautiful, adopted children and they are the center of our life. In 2002 we adopted our four oldest children from the foster care system. Sarah, Rebecca, Hannah and William are biological siblings who are now ages 12, 11, 10, and 9. We had planned to adopt a baby, but when we saw our children we fell in love with them and knew that God had a different plan for us at that time. They have brought so much joy into our home and hearts. We enjoyed being parents so much that we wanted more children, and once again God blessed us. Last year we adopted a newborn through ANLC and she brings even more light into all of our lives. Ruth is now over one year old and would love to have a sibling close to her age. The four oldest children did not get to experience a happy young childhood, and because of that they are so loving and protective of their little sister. They would be great big sisters and brother to your baby, too!


Jens and Katja
We believe that the decision to share your baby with another family must be one of the hardest decisions you have yet had to make in your life. We deeply respect your concerns and want to encourage you in this step since we are prepared and absolutely willing to give your child all the support and love he or she will need in order to have a secure and fulfilled life.
Brian and Heidi
We would like to thank you for reading our letter. We admire your courage and our hearts are filled with love and respect for the decision you have made to bless your child with the gift of life and loving parents. Being parents and having a loving family has been our lifelong dream. We promise to love your child unconditionally and help him or her to explore all of his or her talents and dreams. We know that your decision to place your child for adoption has been one of the hardest decisions you’ve ever had to make. We hope you will find comfort in your heart, and our letter will give you a better understanding of our commitment to you and your child.
Juan and Gabriela
We believe in fate and knew that our paths would meet one day. You are our angel. The gift you are giving your child of unconditional love and a future full of opportunities is also a cherished gift to us. For this we will be forever grateful and hold you in our hearts everyday of our lives. We would be blessed to raise your child.
Mark and Laura

We often daydream of what life will be like when our new daughter comes home.  Our little princess reigns over the jungle gym in the back yard before getting ready for gymnastics or dance classes.  Summers devoted to swim lessons at the community pool a few blocks away and family bike rides to get breakfast on the weekends.  We cannot wait to curl up in the hammock for story time.  Hours spent playing in a cheery nursery full of soft, cuddly bears and fun toys, decorated with brightly colored butterflies. Your selflessness could help make our dream come true, and we cannot thank you enough for considering placing your child with us.

Kenneth and Erin
We would first like to reiterate how lucky we are to have this opportunity. You are a courageous woman for choosing this path. We respect your decision and will always honor you. There is nothing in the world that we want more than to love, protect, cherish, and dedicate the rest of our lives to a child. 
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