Adoption Successes

Roberto and Yolanda
Here we are on a quiet night, holding hands, with hearts full of joy and faith, hoping to be at the end of a long journey that we started more than 3 years ago. We excitedly realize that this might be the year that we are blessed with a child! We are hoping that this will be the year we are able to fill up the empty backseat of our car, the extra room in our camping tent will be filled, the soccer ball we bought long ago will be kicked back to us, our puppy Merengue will have a young playmate, and our nephews, nieces, brothers, sisters, mom and dads will have a new member of the family to embrace. Once our child is home, our rooms, our home, our hearts and our lives will be complete.
Brent and Brigitte
Hello – We are Brent and Brigitte, and we want to thank you for taking the time to consider us to raise your child in our loving, caring and supportive home. As we write to you, our hearts are filled with emotion and we greatly respect the path you are choosing. We want to give you peace and comfort that your baby will be safe and loved with us. We will fulfill your dreams of giving your baby all the opportunity in the world to grow into a wonderful person. We will ensure your child knows that you cared so much about them to see that they grew up in a Christian home which would provide all of the things that you want them to have.
Charles and Karen
There are so many things we want to say to you but there really are not enough words to express how grateful we are to you for giving us the chance to make our dreams a reality. We cannot imagine how difficult your journey has been to get to where you are now but we want you to know how humbled we are by your kindness, selflessness, courage and strength. Our names are Karen and Charlie and we hope to be able to ‘paint’ a picture of who we are and try to bring to life what you can only see right now in a photograph.
Kevin and Gwendolyn
While we cannot fully imagine how hard it must have been to decide to entrust your baby’s life to another family, choosing that family must be equally as challenging for you. We have no idea what you are looking for in your choice for an adoptive couple, but we would like to share with you a little bit about ourselves. Our names are Wendy and Kevin, and we hope that the next several paragraphs will give you some insight into who we are and why we are writing to you.
Phillip and Debra
Thank you for reading our letter today. Phillip and I are filled with excitement and joy as we start this process to complete our family through adoption. Our lives were blessed two years ago with the birth and adoption of our son Tyler. Becoming parents has been the most rewarding experience of our lives.
Wayne and Jennifer
Although we’ve never met, we already share something very special, the love of a child. Your love for your baby is selfless and hopeful. We want you to know our love for this child will also be selfless and absolute. While we have not met this child yet, she is as real to us as a child of our own creation. We speak of her future, our hopes and dreams for her and how much we will love her. We will always tell her how much her birthmother loved her enough to make such a brave decision for her future. We want for this baby the same things that you want – love, safety, and a future that holds all of the opportunities that every child of God deserves to have. We are Wayne and Jennifer.
Jeffrey and Susan
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us as someday we hope to learn more about you. We know the decision you are facing is difficult. The unselfish love you have for your child is a gift that we admire. We would like to share that love with your child so s(he) will know that you will forever love them.
Samuel and Susan

There was a girl named Susan and she grew up in a small town in the southern part of West Virginia. She grew up dreaming of getting married and starting a family. In the same small town, there was a boy named Sam. He also yearned for marriage and fatherhood. 

Robert and Amy
You must be nervous and scared. We are. But we are SO excited too. We never imagined having to ask you, to pick us, to adopt your child, but after 5 years of pursuing our parenting dream on our own, we are turning to you. We can’t put into words what this means to us, and how this will impact both of our lives. We can’t begin to understand what you are feeling or what you are going through. Please know that we are very proud of you for having the strength and compassion to carry this baby and allow us to adopt your child. We know this is a very difficult decision, and we promise to make it a great decision. There is so much raw emotion – for you and us – and what we want to say most of all is that becoming parents is our dream and means more to us than anything else. We will provide a wonderful life for your child and love him/her as our own.
Kenneth and Judy

Thank you for choosing to read our letter. We are Ken and Judy. We understand this time in your life must be extremely difficult for you. We want to share with you who we are and maybe, somehow, provide you relief by painting a picture of ourselves, our lives, and how your child would thrive in our family. As a couple, we are committed to each other as well as the enrichment of our lives. As parents, we love, nurture and are very open minded to the choices our kids make. Our home is the home that all of the kids in the neighborhood like to spend time at. We have an open door policy with both friends and family. Unfortunately, as a couple, we have been unable to carry out our pregnancies and though we have been saddened by that misfortune we know there is a silver lining still to come! We are both of the mindset that things happen for a reason. We are more than sure that adoption is right for us. 


Kenneth and Stephanie
Hello, we are Stephanie and Ken. We have been married since 1996. Our marriage has been filled with lots of great adventures. We love having each other to confide in, share memories, and laugh together. When we decided to start a family, we found ourselves frustrated and feeling hopeless, facing infertility. Then we realized God had a perfect plan for us…adoption. It was such a privilege for us to adopt our son, Austin. We cannot put into words how rewarding it is to have a child to love. The three of us are excited as we seek to have our family grow again through adoption.
Jason and Sarah
Thank you so much for taking the time to read our letter and learn more about us! Our names are Sarah and Jason. As we try to find the right words to tell you how we feel, the only thing that pops into our minds is prayer. We have been praying faithfully for you and your unborn baby since God led us on this path to adoption. We cannot fully understand just how difficult the decisions in this season of your life have been, but we do know that we admire you greatly for your courage, compassion, and love for your unborn baby.
Ferdinand and Caitlin
Hello, our names are Ferdinand and Caitlin, and we are excited to share our story with you in the hopes that we may be the adoptive parents you are looking for. We have a loving marriage full of laughter. We were blessed with the adoption of our son Garrett in 2006 through ANLC and he has been the light of our lives. The unconditional love that we share with each other and with our son is such a great gift that we long to share our love with another child. We have always dreamed of having a large family and adopting our son has cemented this dream in our hearts.
Richard and Abra
We appreciate and admire your courage and strength during what must be a difficult time for you. We hope it gives you comfort that we, along with many other loving couples, want very much to give your baby a wonderful loving home and a life full of hope and possibility. We are so grateful for the opportunity to become parents and will dedicate ourselves to providing our children a strong moral, loving, and educational foundation.
Blake and Stacey
We are Blake and Stacey, and we have been joyfully married since September of 2001. Call it fate or divine intervention, but we believe that people come in and out of our lives for a reason, and hopefully you are reading this letter because it was meant to be. We know you have only the best interests of your child at heart.
Josh and Holli
Ride ‘em Cowboy! This is the sound you might here in our home on any given day or night as our three little boys play “bucking bronco” and rodeo. Our home is full of excitement and lively entertainment as Josh and I watch our three boys dream of who they want to be when they grow up. It is unbearable excitement that we experience when we think of adding a baby girl to this wonderful family. Pigtails, frilly hair bows and cute dresses, oh and don’t forget about the purses and shoes, this is what Holli has dreamed of since she was a little girl. Tea parties, playing dress-up and dancing are a few of the things that we look forward to. There is something about the thought of having a little girl that makes our hearts sing. Our family is anxious and ready to love a baby girl with all of our hearts. 
Jason and Christine
We are Jason and Christine and we’d love to tell you a little about ourselves, our families, and household. In July 2006, we were blessed with the adoption of our son Cade. We feel so very fortunate to be his parents and are looking forward to having another child join our family. 
Randall and Lori
Thank you for considering us as we seek to complete our family. While we cannot imagine the difficulty of the decision you have made, as the parents of a 2½ year old we understand the importance of making decisions that are best for the child, even when they are personally painful. You should be very proud of yourself for giving so much thought to how you want your child to be raised.
Preston and Kari
Our names are Preston and Kari. While we can only imagine how trying the past months have been for you, we’d like you to know that we understand how life can sometimes lead you down an unexpected and difficult path. We admire your strength and courage and know that it is the love that you have for your baby that carries you through this difficult time. We understand how powerful the love for a child can be. Our desire to start a family after 7 happy years of marriage and several years of failed infertility treatments has brought us to you. While this time has been difficult, it has brought us closer as a couple and strengthened our desire to have a family. We hope that as you read about us, you come to understand how important it is to us to give your baby a happy, loving and safe home. We are very eager to share our lives with your baby and give ourselves completely to our family. Our faith in God and each other have given us great strength and hope.
Craig and Kathleen
Life is a great journey – a journey that often entails trials and tribulations. But, it is life’s trials that sometimes provide us with the most precious gifts. Your journey in life has led you to adoption – a decision that must have taken a tremendous amount of courage to make. We both respect and admire you for making this decision. Our long journey has been quite different, and yet it seems that we meet you at a crossroads – a place where we have the same hopes and desires for a precious baby. This baby will always have two mothers. You, the birthmother, who gave life, opportunity and hope, and Kathleen, the adoptive mother, who will continue to nourish and raise the baby to always know and appreciate your unselfish love. As the birthmother, you will always have a very special place in our family. With us, your baby will always have unconditional love and two parents devoted to giving them the best opportunities in life.
Keith and Jennifer
It is with such excitement and anticipation that we write this letter. It has always been a dream of ours to fill our home and hearts with the happiness that only a child can bring. We hope that this letter will bring you comfort in knowing that your child will be loved unconditionally, raised with strong family values and encouraged to love life and laugh daily.
Javier and Maria

Your unselfishness to give your child the gift of life and then to give a couple such as ourselves the gift of your child is the most courageous act a woman could ever think of doing. We cannot imagine how difficult this entire process must be for you. Respect and compassion is what we have for you and your loving, selfless decision to place your child for adoption.

Robert and Amy

There’s an ice cream shop and an old fashion candy store in our quaint downtown. We dream of strolling through those shops, especially at Christmas, with our child. Outside the shops you can hear giggling children who can’t contain themselves with the excitement of the big annual Christmas parade, just for them! Our sleepy little baby, bundled snuggly and warm in our arms will later be laid down to dreamland in our 4 bedroom home, nestled in a wooded area just 20 minutes from the beach. How we long to take our child to the beach during the summer months, to frolic in the soft, warm breezes and build sandcastles that seem to reach to the sky!

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Adoption Success Stories