Adoption Successes

Christopher and Marlissa
Hello, we are Chris and Kelly and we are very excited to tell you a little about ourselves and our home. We are thrilled to be fulfilling our dream of adding to our family through adoption, and are grateful that you would consider us to welcome your baby into our lives. We know that the decision you have made to place your baby for adoption is one that comes from love. We hope this letter will tell you a little bit about us, so you will see what a loving home we will offer, should you choose to place your baby with us. Obviously it is impossible to describe all facets of our lives in one page, but we hope that this letter will give you enough information to want to speak with us further.
Joseph and Vanessa
Hi, our names are Joe and Vanessa. Thank you for taking the time to read about us and consider us in your process to find the right parents and the right life for your baby. We are so excited about adopting and believe that we can give your baby a great life and a great future.
Paul and Misty
We're not exactly sure how to start this letter, or how to tell you that no matter how tough the times are that you're facing right now, you are the most treasured gift that has ever been given to us. It's not every day that you share your heart with someone that you've never met before, much less try to relay to them that you would be the perfect parents for their child. We can't guarantee your child will become the next President or land on the moon as an astronaut, however, we can guarantee that both you and the child you're carrying will forever be loved. You will both be loved unconditionally and without boundaries, by not only us but by our close knit extended family and friends.
Paul and Lori Ann
Thank you for considering our loving family in one of the most important decisions you will ever make. We admire your strength and your selfless desire to seek out a family who will provide your child with immense love, security and emotional support. You are a courageous woman who can be confident that our family would be an excellent choice. 
Patrick and Lisa
Our names are Patrick and Lisa. We met and fell in love eight years ago. A 3,000-mile, long-distance relationship, could not keep us apart any longer and we married in June 2001. We have a wonderful, loving relationship and we have great admiration and respect for each other. A short time after we married we decided to have a child and some years after that we found we would not be blessed in the expected ways, which is why we are writing you today. We have never given up on our dream to share our lives with a child and our journey has led us to adoption.
Emmanuel and Danielle

We cannot begin to comprehend how difficult this time in your life must be or the courage you must possess to make such a life-changing decision, but we are so thankful that your journey has led you to us. Should you select us to be your baby’s adoptive parents, your child will always know affection, laughter, stability, and unconditional love along with the advantage of being raised in a bilingual home. 

Brian and Katrina
This is perhaps the most difficult letter we have ever had to write but it cannot compare to the important decision you have to make. You are a very courageous, mature and strong person who has to decide who can best raise your child. We have nothing but respect for you and can only imagine the emotions you are going through. I hope this brief letter will assist you in making your decision. We would be honored to adopt your child and make a solemn vow to you that we will do our very best everyday to raise your child to the best of our ability.
Rainer and Glady
First and foremost, Rainer and I would like to let you know we applaud you for your courage in making the greatest decision you will probably ever have to make. Through your strength and sacrifice, you will be totally changing not only your baby’s life, but also, some lucky couple’s life, forever. Rainer and I are so thankful for the opportunity to be able to hope for the greatest gift we could ever receive. Should you choose us to be your baby’s adoptive parents, it will indeed be a miracle, a dream come true.
Craig and Jamie
You’re looking for a wonderful home for your baby, and we’re looking to open our home and family to a new life. Thank you for reading our letter. We hope it will give you a glimpse of who we are and make your difficult decision a bit easier. We are very excited about adding one more sweet baby to our family. In our home, we firmly believe it is the heart of every family where dreams are chased, lessons are learned, doors of opportunities are opened, laughter is heard, love is felt and most importantly, where you can just be yourself.
Ramon and Annie
This is the most important letter we have ever written in our lives. As we sit here writing, we are overwhelmed with emotion, and every word in this letter comes straight from the heart.  Although we have not met, we admire you for choosing life for your child, and for giving couples like us, the opportunity to become parents. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We hope that after reading our story, you will feel at peace, knowing your child will be raised in a good and loving home. We promise to give your child unconditional love, security, stability and much happiness.
Christopher and Dana

Hello! We are Chris and Dana. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering us to be the parents of your baby. Chris and I consider our love for each other to be a miracle and a blessing; we wish to add to that miracle and blessing by completing our family with a child. We will love this baby with all our hearts. Chris and I have so much room in our hearts for a child, and we can’t wait to finally hold a baby in our arms!

David and Keri
First comes love, then comes marriage, guess what is missing … a baby carriage! We adore children and are really looking forward to having a family. We have big hearts with so much love and devotion to share. To be parents will be our most rewarding experience. So far we have been unable to have children of our own, so choosing the path of adoption seems like a natural choice for us.
Jason and Monica

There are no words to describe how grateful we are that you are taking the time to get to know us. We are so touched by your choice and admire your courage to seek out the right parents for your unborn child. We would be thrilled to be those parents.



Nathan and Holly
We are Holly and Nathan, and we are honored that you are considering us as parents to your beloved baby. From the very beginning of our relationship, we have dreamed of having children. Although we have not yet been blessed with a child, we are steadfast in the knowledge that we want nothing more than to grow our family through adoption. Please know that if you were to choose us as the parents of your child, we would cherish him/her for the rest of our lives. It is our hope, that through this letter, you will be able to envision a fun, happy, and secure future for your baby.
Robert and Joya
First, we would like to tell you how much we admire your decision to consider adoption for your child. You obviously possess a great deal of courage, love and strength. In going through the adoption process, we spoke with a good friend who gave up her baby for adoption several years ago when she was in high school. Although she said it was a difficult decision for her at the time, she knew at that point in her life, she could not provide financially or emotionally for her child the way someone else could. We can’t help but respect her and anyone else who has so much love for her child that she is willing to give that child opportunities he/she may not have otherwise. We realize that there is little we can do to make this difficult time easier for you, but we offer our prayers that the decision you make will feel right in your heart. Thank you for allowing us to share by this letter, a part of our lives with you.
David and Cheryl

We would like to thank you for taking the time to read our letter. I don’t think we can express how courageous and strong we think you are while you decide on an adoptive couple. We know you must have many questions about us, and we look forward to sharing our lives with you. We know we can provide a loving and fun home where a child can grow and prosper to their fullest potential. 

Estel and Anne
Hello, our names are Annie and Doug. We are so excited about becoming parents and hope that after taking a look at our photos and reading our letter, you will feel that we would be the best parents for the precious child you are now carrying.
Wesley and Adrianne
Thank you for taking the time to look at our family and consider us to love and raise the miracle growing inside you. We know this is a courageous and hard decision that you are making, but we want to assure you, that we will love your baby more than anyone could ever believe is possible. We know that God has sent you and your baby to us, and thank him for the decision that you have made.
Thomas and Wendy
Hello! We are Tom and Wendy and we’d like to begin by thanking you for taking a moment to get to know our family. We admire and respect your decision to choose adoption and we hope that we can help fulfill your heartfelt desire to find a family that will love and treasure your child. While we cannot begin to know the path that has brought you to us, we do know that this decision shows the highest amount of respect and love for your child and takes an enormous amount of strength and courage. For this we would like to say “Thank you.”
Matthew and Connie
We cannot begin to express how heroic we think you are. The decisions you face are not easy ones, and we have so much admiration for you in your choice to provide the best possible life for your child. We promise to fill your baby’s life with love, laughter, new discoveries, and a love for God that reminds us to count our blessings every day. In return for this beautiful gift, we promise to always hold you in the highest regard and teach your child that it was your amazing love for him or her that brought us together.
Randy and Karin
How does one express the very depth of their soul in just one letter? We want so very much for you to know us and to know how deeply we respect the awesome responsibility you have in choosing a family for your child. We cannot imagine the emotions you must be going through at this time, but please know that we feel so blessed by the courageous love and bravery you are showing.
James and April

Life is filled with so many twists and turns. We married a little later than our friends. We adopted instead of giving birth to our own child. And now, here we are, writing to you, the birthmother of our next child.

William and Cynthia
Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and to learn more about us. We are Bill and Cindy, and we are coming to you in hopes of growing our family. We are encouraged by brave and unselfish women, like you, who choose life and choose adoption. This very difficult decision for you, in turn, is a miracle for us. You are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you all the strength and courage needed as you make the best decision for you and your baby.
Alfred and Melissa
Thank you for reading our letter. We are Fred and Melissa, and we are honored that you would consider us as a potential family for your baby. We admire your selfless decision regarding the future of your child. Thank you for having the strength and courage to pursue this avenue. Your decision shows the deep love you have for your child. He or she will always know how special you are, and how much courage was behind your decision.
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Adoption Success Stories