Adoption Successes

Jordan and Dana
Choosing an adoptive family must be very scary. We have adopted two boys and love them more than words can describe. If it was not for people like you, we would not be able to have the family we always dreamed about.
Jason and Christy
We are not really sure where to begin or how to express our feelings for you and your unborn child, but we are honored and humbled that you are considering us to be parents. We can only imagine what you are going through and what an important decision this is for you. Your decision is truly courageous and selfless.
Scott and Kathleen
First we want to thank you deeply. In a culture that’s screaming “You don’t have to do this!” we deeply admire your choice. We promise our best for this precious new life you bear.
Guillermo and Jessica
We have not even met yet and we already know one thing about you, and it is that you have courage. At such a difficult time you have bravely made a decision to be selfless and to trust that you are doing what is best for your baby, and for this we thank you. We are grateful that you are taking the time to look at our letter and are perhaps considering us as the parents who will receive from you, the greatest gift imaginable. So, before anything else, we want to make sure you know that your courage, your selflessness and your strength, will always be remembered and honored. We hope that this letter will help you in getting to know us as a couple and as the loving family we are waiting to become.
Michael and Alena
It takes a loving heart like yours to do what is best for your child. Indeed the miracle of adoption is love; love for a child that brings people together. We believe nothing is by chance and God has the most perfect plan for your baby.
Barry and Jennifer
What a wonderful, selfless gift of love you are giving to your child. We are Jennifer and Barry and last year, we were truly blessed with the adoption of our son, Lucas. He is fifteen months old and brings us more joy than we ever imagined possible. He loves to laugh and always has a smile on his face.
Jason and Amelia
Hello and thanks for reading our letter. Our names are Jason and Amelia, and we are excited at the opportunity to share our lives and ourselves with you through this letter. We are thrilled about becoming parents and have chosen adoption as the way to complete our family. We are committed to providing a stable and safe home that is overflowing with love and laughter.
Stephen and Trudi
What an amazing person you are. Putting your child’s needs before your own is a very selfless act that most people would not have the courage to do. Thank you for being so brave and for giving us the opportunity to tell you about ourselves. We hope this letter will provide you with some comfort during this difficult time, letting you know that there is a loving couple out there ready and waiting for a precious child just like yours.
Kevin and Dena
Honestly, we cannot say we know how you are feeling and what you are going through right now, because we truly do not. We can say however, that we do honor and respect your choice to continue this pregnancy and to go through the adoption process, all to give your baby the kind of life and dreams that s/he deserves. You are not only blessing your baby with this decision but you are blessing us with this selfless act by providing us with a miracle that we could otherwise not have.
Mark and Siobhan
Our hearts go out to you for the decision you must make. We admire and respect the fact that you have decided to give the gift of life to your baby, and we know you are trying to choose the very best adoptive family for your baby. We hope we can help you make such an important decision by telling you something about who we are and how we would raise your baby.
John and Noriko
We hope you will think it’s sweet that my wife Noriko wants a child like me and I want a child like her. We hope that you are that special birthmother whose child is a mix of Asian and Western like our child would be if we could have children. Noriko's eyes go soft and she raises her hands as if cradling a precious thing as she says, "We'll raise this child with special, special care. We will pour upon him or her all the love and affection, wisdom and guidance that is ours to offer."
Brian and Karen

We know that the choice you are making is probably the most difficult and heartbreaking decision you have ever made, and it’s nearly impossible for us to express our admiration for your courage and selflessness. You are a truly special person and we hope that you will find peace knowing that the child you are carrying will be nurtured, protected, and given countless opportunities for a bright, happy future.

Jay and Karen
Now that you’ve made such a difficult decision, we hope you’ll choose us as the couple that you will entrust with your child. Inevitably, you’ll read dozens of letters, all asking “would you consider us to be the loving adoptive parents of your child?” We would be forever grateful if you would allow us to raise him/her in our caring and nurturing household.
Jason and Stacie
It is said that the smallest thing can have the greatest impact on our lives. As a childless couple, we have been granted the gift of the “baby blessing,” and we owe our thanks to you, the birthmother of our child. You give validation to Carl Sandberg’s admonishment that “A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on…” There is such a paradox in your painful search for the perfect couple for your child, and our hopeful anticipation that we might be the recipients of that honor. Yet, you have not allowed your apprehension and doubt to interfere with giving life to this growing infant that you carry. You have made such a valiant choice; we are in humble appreciation of your selfless and boundless love for your precious child.
James and Marylou
Hi! We are Marylou and Jim, and we are delighted to be writing this letter to begin our journey to become parents. Having started as best friends, our relationship grew to be much more and we now have been married since 1989. We are filled with anticipation about bringing even more joy to our lives with a baby. 
Kenneth and Vicky

You are a special person. Your courageous, selfless journey to find a family for your baby has brought you to this point of getting to know us. We are Ken and Vicky and our prayers and thoughts are with you already. We hope that this small glimpse into our lives will help you make your decision and trust us to raise your child with a life filled with love and happiness.


Patrick and Dianne
Hello, our names are Dianne and Patrick. We are very excited and honored that you have taken the time to consider us as the adoptive parents for your baby. We admire the strength and courage you have to consider such a wonderful gift of life for your baby. We realize that this is a life changing decision for you and your baby. We hope that you see the same values in us that you see in yourself and consider us as the couple to raise your baby.
Michael and Tamera
My name is Tammi and my husband’s name is Mike. We have always been the type of people who are givers, caretakers, nurturers, and the people friends and family lean on for support. I cannot even begin to imagine what an amazing person you must be, to give the gift of life. You will not only be affecting the life of your baby, but you will also be making a family complete, and making a big sister, overjoyed. When you rest at the end of each night and dream about the “what and where of this baby”, you may sleep soundly knowing in your heart that you did the right thing. We will take care of your baby and love him or her with all of our hearts.  
Mark and Mayda
Words cannot express the admiration we have for you, the most courageous, compassionate, and loving person we will ever meet. Mark and I wanted to include as much personal information in this letter as we could, to help you in making the most significant decision that will impact all of our lives - choosing the adoptive parents for the precious bundle you are carrying.
Christopher and Angela
This is the most important letter we’ve ever written. Your courage and love for your unborn child creates for us a chance to realize a dream and to build a family, and now we must express that dream and describe that family on only one sheet of paper!
Eric and Lisa

They say that birthmothers “just know” when they’ve found the right family for their baby. If you feel that’s us, then we will be making each other’s dreams come true. You’ll be giving the most incredible gift to help make our family complete, and we will give your baby all the things you dream about for him or for her – a loving home, abundant opportunities and a nurturing community. How wonderful that we found each other!  

Thomas and Laura

Thank you for choosing life and making sacrifices so that others may be blessed by your gift. You have made a difficult decision and are very courageous. The next tough decision that requires strength is that of choosing a home and a family for your baby. Although we have never met, as you read this letter, please know that we are joined by a common purpose, to provide your baby a loving home. We are anxious, but patiently waiting for you to find us. My husband, Thomas and I have been together for nearly nine years. We are the best of friends and our marriage is based on love, honesty, trust and respect. We share values, interests and goals, living our daily life in God and the beloved Jesus’ guiding light.

James and Cristina
We understand what a difficult time this is for you and we appreciate you taking the time to read our letter. We have been married since August of 1993. After completing our education we decided to start a family. We were blessed with our daughter and are yearning to add to our family. Your child we be our second miracle and will be loved unconditionally not just by us but by our extended family also.
Scott and Courtney
What an amazing person you are. Putting your child’s needs before your own is a very selfless act that most people would not have the courage to do. Thank you for being so brave and giving us the opportunity to tell you about ourselves. We hope this letter will provide you with some comfort during this difficult time, letting you know there is a loving couple out there ready and waiting for a precious child just like yours. 
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