Adoption Successes

Richard and Melissa
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are excited to welcome another child into our family through adoption! Although we have not met, we feel a great love for you. We admire your courage, strength, and the love that you have for your unborn child. We hope that you will feel guided and supported during this time in your life.
Charles and Gina

Gina and I would like to take this time to extend our most sincere gratitude toward you, for the decision that you are making. We understand that this must be one of the most difficult decisions that you will ever have to make. We want to commend you on your total unselfish act of love and compassion for the child/children you are carrying. We also know that by making this decision, it shows how much you cherish and love your baby. Knowing the decision is and will be hard for you; we want you to have some comfort and assurance in your decision that we will raise your child with the best love, care and guidance possible.

Timothy and Sandra

Unconditional love: that is what we have to offer. We feel very strongly that God’s hand guides all of our most important decisions, even though we may not realize it at the time, such as your decision and ours to choose the same adoption agency, and your decision to learn more about us by reading this letter. We believe these events have happened for a reason. Thank you for this selfless act you are considering. Please know that with us, your child will have all the love, laughter and advantages you want for them.

Peter and Michelle
Hi! We are Peter and Michelle, and we want to thank you for taking the time to get to know our family. We met at a friend’s cabin and instantly fell in love. In November of 1998 we stood before God, family and all of our friends to pledge our eternal love.
Grant and Jessica
Hi. We’re Grant and Jessica and we’re probably two of the happiest people you could meet in life. We love our life together and we want to share it with you. But before we tell you more about ourselves, we want to take a moment here to make a sacred promise to you. For your selfless gift of a child and for your tremendous gift of love, we promise that in return, we will provide an amazing life for your child filled with happiness, tons of love, hours of giggling, and the values and virtues we hold so dear. They will know clearly that you are their birthmother and how important you are in all of our lives forever. 
John and Wendy

You’re making an enormously difficult and emotional decision. It is an extraordinary choice to give life to a baby. Should you choose us as the adoptive parents, we will take exceptional care of your precious child. You are a courageous woman, and we respect what you are doing.

Michael and Tracy
I want to first start by saying what a brave and courageous women you are. Your selflessness is a true reflection on your character as a mother and a human being. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to adopt your baby, and bring him into our family. To say we would be honored if you chose us, would be an understatement. Again, thank you; we look forward to the day when we can have this wonderful addition join our family.
William and Jennifer

“Tell me again about the day I was born…” It’s a story we will be thrilled to tell your child! Our story will begin with your love, and how their precious life began, and we will then share with them how happy and blessed we felt as we started our lives together as a loving family.

Joseph and Kristina
Even though we haven’t met, we think about you all the time. We already have tremendous respect for your courage and are excited to get to know more about you. Your selfless decision to put your child’s needs before your own has already demonstrated what a loving person you are. It could not have been easy to consider the adoption process and we are grateful that you are giving hopeful couples, like us, the opportunity to become parents. Although, the circumstances that could ultimately bring us together are very different, our collective wishes for your child are the same. We would be so honored to raise your child in our loving home and family. We firmly believe that adoption is the most deliberate way a family can welcome a child into their lives. Having both been touched by adoption, we know, firsthand, what it is like to be raised by committed parents and intend to follow their examples as we begin to raise our own family.
Keith and Amy
Hello, we are Lindsay and Amy. Based on your decision to place your child for adoption, we know that you are a person who values and loves life; we do as well. We pray that God holds you, strengthens you and guides you as you choose the right parents for your baby.
Rick and Sara

Before we share about ourselves we want to thank you…for your strength and courage in considering adoption and for reading our letter. We both agree that when the child we adopt is old enough, we will share with him or her about the incredible birth parents that made his or her life possible. We hope that in reading about us and looking through our photos you can see all the love, opportunities, affection and fun we have to offer your child. We are excited to tell you our story, so here goes!…

Louis and Diana

Hello, our names are Lou & Diana we would like to thank you for considering us as the adoptive parents for your child. We are a happy, loving couple that cannot wait to build our family through adoption. We admire the courage and inner strength that you possess, and respect the difficulty of your decision to choose adoption. We can only hope that you find comfort in the fact that if given the opportunity we will give your child a life filled with love, laughter and happiness.


Not everyone has had the perfect childhood. I am very fortunate that I had an unforgettable childhood full of joyful memories, from playing tag and hopscotch with the neighborhood children to building snow castles and ice skating in my backyard. These memories are so vivid and so rewarding that they have inspired me to become who I am as a mother and a doctor.

Jacob and Erica
Hello, we are Jacob and Erica. We do not know you yet, but we have dreamt of you. You are part of our life long dream of having a family. We are hoping you are more of a reality than a dream. I know you must feel overwhelmed with all the letters and photographs, but please take the time to read about us. I would like to share our love for life and our sense of family with you. Your decision to give us the greatest gift ever imagined is so immense, so beautiful and unquestionably the most selfless act any human could do. Thank you for even considering us.
Leland and Jennifer

Although we have yet to meet you, or even know who you are, we extend our deepest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for what you are doing. We’ve imagined so many scenarios that may have brought you to this difficult and honorable decision, but surely no one can understand your personal journey without walking in your shoes. Likewise, you’ve probably pictured your baby’s adoptive family as well, wondered who they are, what they do, and what brought them to their decision to adopt. We hope this letter begins the process of showing you who we are, and what we could be as parents. One thing we already know is that we are bound by a common kinship, the desire to give the best possible life to your baby. From the moment of his or her first breath, to the last breath and beyond, this baby will know love.

Scott and Robyn

Thank you very much for taking the time to read our letter. We are Scott and Robyn. Our intent through writing this letter is that you learn a little more about us, what kind of people we are, our hopes, our dreams, the things we value in life, and most importantly, the love we have in our hearts for a future child of our own. Compassion is just one word we feel toward you as you face this most courageous and selfless decision. We admire and respect you for choosing the miracle of life. You are, undoubtedly, one of the most compassionate people we will ever meet.

Raymond and Sofia
First and foremost we would like you to know that we admire your unselfishness, bravery and strength which you have shown by choosing adoption for your baby. We cannot begin to understand the feelings and emotions you are experiencing but we want you to know that if we are blessed with this incredible gift from you, you can be sure that we will be committed to your baby. We will provide him or her with a loving and safe life as well as strive daily to be the best parents possible.
Robert and Kathleen

You are searching for a family to love your baby as much or more than you would be able to.  We realize this must be a very difficult time for you, but we would like to share the story of our successful first adoption, from the perspective of proud adoptive parents. Our goal is to show you how wonderful and beautiful adoption has been for us, to help you more fully understand the tremendous gift you’ll be giving to an ecstatic waiting family. We are also hoping you’ll consider us to adopt your baby, because we’ve decided that the time is right to expand our family through adoption.

Zachary and Sarah

We hope that through writing this letter, we will offer you enough insight into our lives to help you decide if we are a couple you would like to learn more about. I don’t know that we will be able to accurately convey our wacky sense of humor, our devotion to each other, or our life philosophy in this one letter…but this one letter is just the beginning. We want to learn as much about you as you are willing to share as well! We think of you often. Who are you? What are your hopes and dreams for this baby?

Jonathan and Cynthia

Every night we all sit down together for dinner and enjoy Cindy’s home-cooked meals.  After dinner, Jonathan can get through about one song on the piano before Jonah puts his little hands on the keys and starts playing his own melody.  One of our favorite activities after dinner is to walk up and down the pier near our house and watch the sailboats bob in the water.  We enjoy our quiet evenings together talking about our days, playing scrabble or petting our fluffy cat Eddie.  On the weekends, we plan outings like going to a petting zoo or a local festival.  We take several vacations every year to places like Colorado and New Mexico to visit family and we also enjoy exploring new destinations like Canada and the Caribbean. 

Brian and Juli

As we start to write this letter we realize that there is so much we have in common with you. We are all facing a very challenging time in our lives right now. A time, that will no doubt, change our lives forever. Our heart goes out to you with the love and support and the belief that better times are ahead for all of us. We know that there is nothing that we can say or do to make this easier for you; we just hope that you will see that we can provide a wonderful life for your child, a life that we can all feel good about and be proud of.

Brian and Lisa
There are empty rooms in our home, waiting to come alive with a child’s laughter. There is a big yard out back, waiting for someone to play catch with daddy, or slide down the slide into mom’s safe arms. In this home, there is a husband and wife, waiting to give a child all of their love.
Anthony and Susan

The bravery, selfishness and unconditional love that you have for your child is truly incredible to us. My husband Anthony was adopted from birth and is eternally grateful to his Birth Mom. He was given the gift of being raised in a loving adoptive family. Anthony and his parents have one of the greatest parent child relationships I have ever witnessed. For Anthony, adopting our son Michael last year has really made things come full circle for him and it has been an incredible experience for all of us. We want nothing more than to do this again. We are completely excited about extending our family even further and want to be able to share our love and all we have forever more with yet another new member of our family.

Bradley and Courtney

We always dreamed of having children and while dating, we often discussed the option of adopting a child as a way of building our family, once we were married. Some people think miracles are far and few between, but we feel that they often forget about a new life being brought into the world. We believe that the good Lord wants to bless us with two miracles, you and your baby.

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