Adoption Successes

Christopher and Sarah
We can only imagine what a difficult and emotional time this must be for you. It is not easy to know where to start in presenting ourselves to you. In our hearts you will always be the most selfless, bravest and most loving woman, and we promise you that your child will always know this. You must have many fears but if you choose us it would be truly amazing, an extraordinary gift of love, and a little miracle. We can assure you that your beautiful child would be the happiest, most loved, best-provided-for child in the world. All that we have dreamt of since marrying nearly five years ago is having a child and hearing the pitter-patter of tiny feet. We have not been able to have our own biological child and our lives have felt incomplete and empty. We are now feeling excitement and joy at the prospect of becoming parents.
James and Susan
First of all, please know how grateful we are that you are considering adoption and are giving us this opportunity to share our story with you. Words cannot express how we feel about your choice. We think that your decision is the utmost selfless and courageous act that one can make. We are overwhelmed by your generosity and can only hope that you will be able to feel our love and get to know us a little better through our words.
Francis and Kristine
We are Kristi and Frankie, and we’re so glad you are reading our letter! We invite you to get to know us and our boys. We hope that you will feel the love we have for the Lord, each other, our children, and the love we have to share with any little one who comes into our lives through the loving gift of adoption.
Gregor and Nicole

Are you wondering what kind of life your baby will have? We know your adoption journey is a long and bumpy road and we admire you for being so brave and bringing this child into the world. We want to be there to support you through this stressful time. We too have been on a long and bumpy road in trying to complete our family and as we meet at the crossroads in our journeys, we pray that God has led us both here so that we can take this journey together and assure you of the wonderful life your baby will have.

Jon and Laura

Hi, we are Jon and Laura, and we want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We realize you have many wonderful couples to choose from and we hope that something in our story speaks to your heart and will help make this courageous and difficult decision easier for you.

Gregg and Natalie

Hi - our names are Natalie and Gregg and we want to thank you for reading our letter. You’re looking for a wonderful home for your baby, and we’re looking to open our home and family to a new life. We married in 1993 and have shared and overcome challenges (like infertility) and continue to nurture a lasting love of each other. We respect you and the adoption plan you’re considering. As you read more about us, please consider allowing us to welcome the child you are carrying into our lives. 

Christopher and Sharon

Our names are Sharon and Christopher, and we have been married for over three years, although we have been together for more than ten years.  We have a strong and committed relationship, love each other dearly, and are the best of friends.  We are both very active and energetic individuals, and we look forward to raising a child in an active, fun and stimulating environment.  Both of us are privileged to have had great educations and, today, to have successful and rewarding careers. We intend that your child receive both a superior academic education as well as a strong moral and ethical foundation.

Herbert and Charlene

We can’t begin to understand what you must be feeling as you read this letter. You have made a very courageous and loving decision to place your child for adoption. This is obviously not an easy decision, and we know that you have been through an agonizing period wrestling with what is best. We are so grateful that you have chosen to give your child life.

Mark and Kimberly
Our names are Kimberly and Mark. If you are reading our letter, then you have already decided to make the most giving and loving sacrifice, choosing and allowing another to raise your child. For this, we admire your strength and courage. We want to reassure you that if so chosen with your blessing, we will with all of our heart, love and cherish the child you have decided to let us raise as our own. Although we cannot erase any pain this is causing you, we can as a couple, attempt to give you the reassurance and trust in your choice of allowing us to adopt your child. This child will grow up knowing the gift their birthmother gave us; the gift of family, love and the ability to become parents at last.
Peter and Jennifer
Hi and thank you for taking the time to read our letter. Our names are Jennifer and Pete and we are hoping that we win the lottery soon! Ok, now that we got that out of the way. First, we want to tell you that we both know all too well that everything happens for a reason. This would be the motto for our relationship and we want you to know that while we cannot begin to imagine what you are going through right now, we both hope and pray that you will be brought together with a couple who will provide the best care, comfort and love for your child. After reading further about us, we hope that we will be that fortunate couple.
Bruce and Robin

We are overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation, waiting for the day a child comes into our life. We cannot imagine the emotional train you have been on in reaching a decision that will be best for you and your unborn child. We appreciate your courage and the difficulty of your decision in planning your child’s future. Your child will always know that they were brought to us through the love of an angel who put her child’s needs above her own. Being married later in life, we have not been blessed with children, and look forward to making our family complete through adoption.

Brian and Deborah

We want you to know that we think you are a very brave and selfless person for choosing life for your baby. With us, your child would be raised to understand that you made this very difficult decision because of the love in your heart. We wish to offer support and hope to you and a loving and stable home to your baby.

Jeffrey and Susan

It must have taken you a great amount of love and courage to make the decision of life and adoption. We admire your strength and thank you for affording couples like us with the opportunity to be parents. We know that with our joy comes heartache for you, but we hope to assure you that your baby would be coming into a home filled with love. We hope this letter shows you a bit about us and the life we are able to offer your baby.

James and Jodie
It is hard to know where to start with such an important letter, except to say that we are very excited to be writing to you. In life, everyone faces difficult decisions that are very important and could change their lives forever. This is certainly one of those decisions, both for you and for us. We can’t begin to understand the choice you’re about to make, but perhaps by learning more about us we can put your heart at ease. We truly admire your courageous and unselfish decision, and we hope you consider us to provide a loving, exciting, and happy life for your child.
Randy and JoAnn

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter to you. Words cannot express what you are going through at this time and the many questions that are racing through your mind. We are sensitive to the fact that you are making a very difficult decision for you and for the life of your baby. We want you to know that with us, your child will have lots of love, happiness, and stability. We would be honored if you choose us to raise your child. We would like to share with you a little bit about our lives and how a child would complete our dreams.

Robert and Erika
Thank you for taking the time to read about us. This is a very exciting time for us now that we have decided to adopt, after years of waiting and anticipation we again have hope. We cannot even comprehend what you are going through on the other end of this process, we know how emotional it has been for us and we hope that you have the strength to make the best decision for yourself and your baby. If adoption is the path for you, we just want you to know how much we will love and cherish your baby.
Aaron and Jennifer

Our names are Jennifer and Aaron, and we would like to thank you for considering us as your baby’s adoptive parents. We admire the courage it took in deciding to give your unborn child the gift of life. We hope that you will easily find the fortunate and blessed couple who feels right for you and your baby. If we should be chosen by you, this will be our first child and the first grandchild on both sides of our family. Your baby boy or girl will be cherished and showered with more love and attention than one can imagine!  

James and Kerry

Thank you for reviewing and considering our profile. James and I truly believe you are doing an amazing selfless act of love by choosing adoption for your baby. We can’t even imagine all the emotions you are going through during this entire process. If it will offer you any comfort or peace of mind, please know that James and I will love your child unconditionally. We will strive to raise your baby with happiness, security, and confidence to pursue his or her dreams.

Joseph and Amy

We are so overjoyed and excited to adopt and care for your child. Neither of us can begin to understand what you are now going through. Words could never express our appreciation and admiration for your courage. Please always remember that you are an amazing and brave person, and that we promise to love your child unconditionally as if he/she were our own. We can’t wait to give your child a happy, safe, and loving home. Thank you for giving us this unbelievable opportunity to love and care for your child.

Marvin and Susan

Our names are Marvin and Susan. It is our dream to have a family and it is our hope that you will help us make our dream a reality. We have been married since June of 2002 and have been unsuccessful in getting pregnant. We decided that adoption is the answer and that is why we are writing to you. We understand that this is probably one of the hardest decisions of your life. We also feel that you have been put in this situation for a reason, and we hope that reason is to make our dream of a family come true. We sincerely appreciate your decision and will never be able to adequately express our gratitude. You are truly a courageous person!

Scott and Kristen

We are Scott and Kristen, and we both truly believe that life is a journey. Enjoying life to its maximum potential involves experiences that provide chances to learn and love. We both thrive at the opportunities life hands us and look forward to experiencing the commitment and dedication of being proud parents and bringing a child into our family. We hope that by sharing some insights as to who we are, we can take our journey of adoption together.

Dennis and Torri

This letter is coming straight from our hearts to yours. We are so excited about the possibility of becoming parents, and know that this is not possible without you. You are able to give us the angel that we have hoped and prayed for. We cannot begin to know how your life circumstances have brought you on this path, but we want you to know that we feel you are a great blessing to us.  For you to give such a gift is truly selfless and amazing. Your child will always know this of you. As you read on, we hope that you can feel all the warmth and love that we have for each other, and wish to share with your child.

Kevin and Debra

As we’re writing this letter, we are filled with every emotion. As hard as this process is for us, we cannot imagine the decisions you are being faced with right now and yet through it all, you have chosen to fulfill the needs of your child before your own. We have the utmost respect for you and your consideration to place your child for adoption. We know that this has been a very hard road for you. We hope that we are able to fulfill your dream of providing a safe, happy and stable home for your child, while fulfilling our dream of becoming parents. 

Jeffery and Marcia

It is evident to us that you have been faced with a very hard decision to make, and we want you to know that we too are feeling many of the emotions you are dealing with. Jeff and I have wanted to bring a child into our lives for quite some time and we have been going through many trying times in order to reach our dreams. If we were told that we could be granted one wish, our wish would be to have the greatest gift of all, the gift of a child. Jeff and I have lots of love, patience and understanding to nurture a child and raise him/her as if they were our own. Your decision is a very brave and thoughtful one and we would feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to bring your child into our home and our lives.

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