Three women at a pregnancy center

Corona Life Services Event

Danielle connected us with Corona Life Services and she diligently worked to get us the opportunity to present our services to them.  

They are a pregnancy center that provides women with education about their options and resources.  They typically talk to a woman about all her option, but start with the option to Parent.  They have parenting classes and a boutique set up to assist with this.  The next option is Adoption. They usually do not talk about the option of adoption until the expectant mother goes through their parenting classes.  They realized that this may be too late and that maybe they should discuss it in the beginning.

They already have a good basic knowledge of adoption, but wanted suggestions for what they could say to expectant mothers about adoption that would not offend them.  Their biggest concern is how they/we can bridge the gap between when a girl finds out she is pregnant to when she can get support.  They mentioned that if a girl is just a few weeks along and she finds out she is pregnant, but has no way to take care of herself she may abort her child instead of choosing to parent or place for adoption.  

Tammy, Tonja, Britney (birthmom) and Nancy Macleod (adoptive mom) attended.

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