Adoptive couple hiking together

Congrats to our 2018 National Adoption Month Pro Bono Winners!

In honor of National AdoptionMonth, Adoption Network Law Center (ANLC) asks hopeful Adopting Parents toshare their stories of what led them to adoption.  Adoption Network lawCenter reviews all of the stories and selects one family to receive pro bonoservices.  Today, on NationalAdoption Day, ANLC is excited to announce that this year’s recipients ofpro bono ANLC services are Chris and Candice.

Chris and Candice have beenmarried for 7 years.  From the beginning of their relationship, they knewthat they wanted to have a family, but were delayed because of deployments andtime spent away from home.  After a final deployment, Chris and Candicebegan trying to conceive but after years of trying, they were informed thatoutside of a miracle, they would not be able to conceive a childbiologically.  Chris and Candice are waiting for their lives to be changedby adoption and cannot wait to provide their child with unconditional love,emotional and financial support, a safe and stable home and a goodeducation. 

Adoption Network Law Centeris honored to give back to the adoption community and raise adoption awarenessduring this very special month.  The entire staff is excited to welcomeChris and Candice into the ANLC family and will be with them every step of theway until they welcome their son or daughter into their hearts and home.  

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