Pets: Yes

Stay at Home Parent: No

Other Adopted Children at Home: No

Other Biological Children at Home: No

I am here to offer your child unconditional love, unwavering support and unlimited encouragement to live their best life.


from California



Ancestry: Russian, Romanian

Religion: Jewish

Occupation: General Manager

Education: MBA

Hobbies: Pottery, Exercise, Pet Therapy, Travel


Preferred Ethnicity of Baby: All Races / Ethnicities

Preferred Gender of Baby: Either

Religion Child To Be Raised: Jewish


From Me to You

I have so much gratitude and respect for your consideration in this extremely significant moment of your life.  I hope you know what a brave choice it is to make an adoption plan and I am proud to be the family you are considering.  Although I do not know the circumstances of your situation at this moment, I do understand there are a lot of hard choices you have to make. If my profile helps you feel at ease then perhaps we are a good fit for each other.

I come from an extremely loving, close and supportive family.  I know what it is to have unconditional love from parents and that is what I am here to offer your child – unconditional love, unwavering support and unlimited encouragement to live their best life.  The love my parents gave me has given me the confidence to know that in life, I am part of a family unit, always loved and no matter what the circumstances are, I will be supported. That feeling of security and confidence is something I will continue in my family. I have a song with my parents – “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”  Do you know it?  “ Ain’t no mountain high enough…Nothing will keep me, keep me from you…” I am totally stealing that theme song for my family song too.

Your baby’s life will be enriched by my family.  Although my mother lives about 2 hours away now, by the time a kiddo comes into the picture, she will be closer and part of our daily/weekly routines.  My brother, Uval and his family live New Mexico and (Pre-COVID) I see them every few months and Facetime with my nephews Max and Henry regularly in between. It’s good to see my brother & his wife, Heather, but Max and Henry are the stars of the show!  I love my nephews so much. When they were born I just could not imagine loving anyone more than them… I cannot wait to see what having a child will feel like.  I will probably explode with such joy, I will see a million hearts everywhere and maybe rainbows or unicorns will appear!

I am an eternal optimist… my path to adoption has not been easy, but I believe in my heart this is the path I am meant to be on… I froze my eggs when I was 37 because I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was about to undergo chemotherapy.   I say that to you knowing I am 100% in the clear of cancer and it will not affect my ability or life expectancy to be a parent. I beat the crap out of cancer!  It was not easy, but I look back with gratitude for my doctors, the medical care I received and life lessons I learned.  I learned to ask for help and I learned to say no when it was what was best for me to say no. I learned this too will pass and not to stress over the small stuff.  These are all life lessons that will help make me a better, more understanding parent… Once I was ready to utilize my frozen eggs, I tried twice but miscarried both times.  It was not meant to be… So my path has led me to adoption.  I believe everything happens for a reason and if that is a truth I believe in, I have to believe in both the good times and the bad. With the help of a gracious woman like yourself, I will find my joy, my love and family.

I love that most adoptions are open these days.  I want your child to know the gift you shared when you chose me.  It will be the greatest gift anyone has ever or will ever give me in my whole life and I will forever be thankful.  I want to create a life book, and if you are open to it, I would love to include pictures of you and I would love one picture of the three of us together to show your little one they are loved and this choice was made with love and understanding on all sides.  I am open to discussing a relationship that works best for everyone involved as long as it enriches the life of the child.

I really do appreciate your time reading my profile and your consideration of me as your potential match.  I wish you nothing but the best in life.



About Me

I grew up in a small town in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, we lived on a farm with llamas, sheep and had an apple orchard.  My earliest memories are from being at my parents’ business, they were partners in a construction equipment company. My brother and I created the best games and stories playing in the back of the shop which was a wonderland full of equipment like forklifts, backhoes, and piles of sand as tall as a building.

As I grew up I was very social and had a lot of friends. I was a good student and enjoyed math, science, and art classes.  Once I was 14 or 15 years old I worked at my parents’ store after school a few days a week. On the other days, I was with friends who lived within walking distance from our school, so we would hang out at one of their houses and had a lot of laughs. Or I would go to my friend Kari’s house, her mom was an awesome cook and she always had the best snacks.

I went to sleep-away summer camp out of state every year until I was in high school.  It was a super fun experience, and I learned a lot there about being independent away from my family.

I moved to Washington DC for college. I loved my college experience.  I learned a lot about life, made friendships that I still cherish, and got my first taste of city living. I was living in DC and worked in hotel management for a number of years before my first California move, then on to  Philadelphia, then Turks and Caicos (all for hotel jobs) then back to Washington where I got my MBA.  I moved to New York City before landing in Los Angeles in 2010.  My best friend Allyson had left NYC for LA and my folks had retired to SoCal, so eventually, they convinced me to move out. Trust me – It changes your life when it is sunny every day.  I love Southern California and can not imagine living anywhere else!



My Lifestyle

I am equally happy being out or staying home.  I see my friends and family often and when I do I love to cook for people or go out for a great dinner. I take a lot of long walks from 3-7 miles, sometimes with friends but mostly as “me time.”  It is great exercise, plus I get to explore the neighborhood. I make a lot of my calls to catch up with friends on walks or clear my head. I take a lot of solace and have great ideas on my walks. Southern California has some great hiking areas where you feel like you are not in the middle of the city and sometimes, I take walks on the beach.

I enjoy my work and have a very strong sense of work-life balance.  My career has always focused on the service/hospitality industries – I enjoy taking amazing care of my clients, my team, and am very solution-oriented.


Why I Am Choosing to Adopt

I believe truly in the good and the bad times, that everything happens for a reason and I am on the right path to creating a family. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts to utilize my own eggs, I have chosen to adopt so that I can share all the love I have with a baby that needs a loving home. I have so much love to give, a wonderful network of friends and family who are ready & willing to support us.  I know this is my path to the family I am meant to have. I have a lot of respect and gratitude for the women choosing to make adoption plans; what a gift and kindness you are giving to those of us who aren’t able to grow our families on our own.  Whether you feel connected to my profile or you choose another family for this wonderful being that is coming into the world, know this, I have tremendous respect for your bravery in considering adoption and considering me. Thank you for your kind, gracious and considerate choice.


My Personality

Well gosh, this is such an important question for you to know the answer to, but kinda hard to write down.  So I asked for help from a few dear friends on how they would describe me to you.  Here are their replies from my tribe who will be the aunties to your child:

  • You’re one of the most beautiful people I’ve known. You’re trustworthy and kind; truthful and honest and empathetic and sweet. Vulnerable and lovely.
  • I’d say you’re warm and kind, with a great sense of family and community. You have a love of life (can’t find a better word but joyous 🙃). And you have a wonderful ability to reinvent yourself!
  • Integrity comes to mind when I think of you!! And creativity!  A person who cares about others and is true about her feelings and always treats everyone with integrity.
  • You are a relentless optimist. You have faced overwhelming odds and soul-crushing life experiences and you refused to be defeated by them or allow them to define your life. And it isn’t because you don’t feel things deeply, rather, I think it is because you do allow yourself to feel that you are ultimately able to let go and move back to the light. I can’t imagine a more essential personality trait than that for becoming a parent. You also have a fantastic sense of humor – you take things seriously but you don’t take yourself too seriously and you can find the humor in just about any situation that calls for it. But even more important than that, as a friend, you help your friends laugh at themselves when they are being less than grounded. It’s this unique way you have of phrasing things – blunt but always with a little twinkle in your eye. You always show up, you never judge, or if you do, you keep it to yourself, and you are fiercely loyal to the people you love.
  • I admire how grounded you seem in who you are and what you want. Sure, you have dark days and feel sadness and despair, but you never stay there. At least it doesn’t seem like it. You aren’t afraid to go after what you want, or if you are, you don’t let it stop you. When it feels like life just keeps gut-punching you, you catch your breath and keep going. You say, okay, that way didn’t work, what’s the next option. I’ve seen you do this over and over both personally and professionally where so many others would just give up. You never do.
  • As I sit and write this, I realize, the reason you are such an amazing friend and human is because when you show up, it’s not about you. That sounds obvious but I think it’s actually kind of rare. And it’s beautiful. Being a true friend, knowing what that means and actually living it can be mutually exclusive. But you live it every single day. You are one of the most selfless people I know.

Home and Neighborhood

I love my neighborhood!  I live in the super cute, family-friendly neighborhood in the city. I can see major landmarks from my back porch. My neighborhood has a 3 block main street with shops, coffee spots, shopping, and the cutest farmers market on Sundays.  I live in an apartment building with neighbors who I call friends and the family across the way from me has an 8 and a 5-year-old who I love to hang out with.



My Pets

Don’t even get me started on my pets… Goldie (9 yrs) is the cutest little Cavalier King Charles you ever saw in your whole life.  She legit looks like the dog emoji and a walking stuffed animal.  She is a total love bug and just wants to love. We have been a Pet Therapy team at a children’s hospital since 2014. We go in to visit sick kids that are in the hospital. It is truly one of the best things I do with my time.  It is so rewarding and joyful for everyone involved.  My favorite time is Halloween where we get to dress the pups up for a hospital visit– Her best costume is a “Dog-tor”.  She had scrubs, a white coat – the kids thought she was hilarious!

Oliver (11 yrs) is my kitty – he is huge – if he was a man he would be in the NFL. Oliver was born on my parent’s ranch. My dad and I caught him when his mother weaned him at a few months old.  He was terribly frightened and totally wild.  For a week, I fed him and sat with him several times a day till he started to warm up to the idea of people.  I was the first person he let pet him and he has been with me ever since. He is a total lover, super snuggly, and will probably be my kids’ first friend.

 Fun fact – Oliver and Goldie are the same size and weight.


Family and Friends

I am super blessed with an amazing family… my mother, Suzi, my brother, Uval, my sister-in-law, Heather, and my nephews Henry (10) and Max (8).   My parents were best friends, business partners and happily married for 41 years before my father passed in 2010.  So if you don’t tell my mom, I was a daddy’s girl – but maybe also don’t tell my dad, I am a mommy’s girl.  I am truly grateful for the gift of having such a kind, loving and supportive set of parents. I am truly 50/50 their child and using them as my role models really shaped a lot of my personality.   I cherish my relationship with my mother, we talk everyday – she is the biggest influence and most important relationship in my life.  I want to be that type of parent for my child.

My parents worked really hard as I was growing up but we always had dinner together.  Sitting around the dinner table with my parents talking and asking about our days. My brother telling me jokes and trying to make me laugh is another fond memory of childhood. Every Sunday, we used to go on drives, just wandering about, listening to classic rock and roll like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, & Joe Cocker. 

My friends are friends for life, my support team, and come from each chapter of my life – growing up, college, grad school, and a load of people picked along the journey.  They are a diverse group that represents a lot of ethnicities and nationalities – I am so lucky and I value my friends dearly.

Kari Lynn has been my best friend since 5th grade. She is so smart, -she lives in Boston with her husband and 2 girls, Thankfully I visited them just before COVID hit. We try to see each other at least yearly. 

My best friend since college, Allyson, lives about a mile away. We have lived near each other in Washington DC, New York City, and now Los Angeles.  She is more than a best friend, she is my soul sister. I talk to Ally every day and see her a couple of times a week. 

I have a village of friends who are ready to be Aunties and Uncles to your little one.


Cultural Diversity

I have signed up for trans-racial classes and started to reach out to people I know or others that have experienced being bi-racial or have trans-racial families to hear their stories. My other best friend who lives near me, Rachel, was my first call being biracial herself and transracial from her mother. She came over for dinner with her mom and they gifted me her favorite book from growing up about being bi-racial.

I will read/listen to books/podcasts about adoptions and race. I will have a library full of culturally diverse kids’ books and talk about being an anti-racist and allies.  I continue to reach out to people who have grown up as bi-racial or any ethnicity that was not the prominent race in their area. While not the same as having a different ethnicity, I grew up as the only Jewish kid in my school, so I do know what it is to be the one who is different. 

I believe it is important to learn and educate myself on your child’s culture and integrate their culture into our lives, celebrations, and education.


My Family Traditions

Traditions I loved from my childhood that I will continue are, reading together at bedtime, celebrating holidays with our family and friends and coming together for dinner time every day. We celebrated Jewish holidays and my mom would always make a brisket – which was the only red meat I would eat growing up besides a burger.

We go on family trips with my mother and brother’s family usually around the kids’ school breaks. We have gone to Disneyland, Universal Studios, Hawaii, and road tripped through New Mexico.  Every summer, my nephews come out to California for 2-3 weeks at Tutu’s (that’s what they call my mom) ranch around the July 4th holiday. We go to the parade, see fireworks with my mom’s best friend’s daughter and her kids who are the same ages as Max & Henry. I love this time when Mom and I get to be with our little dudes without their parents.  They come and spend a few days with me alone in LA, which is super fun and we do stuff like go to the Peterson Car Museum or the La Brea Tar Pits Park. We also are with them for Thanksgiving most years and Henry’s birthday, which falls over the holidays. I can not wait to add your little one to this family mix.

I always call/text my mom, brother and best friend Allyson before boarding a plane and when I land or if I am going on a road trip when I get somewhere. It is a good feeling to know there are people out there that care and always want to know where I am and that I am safe.  I also have calls with my mom and with Allyson every day.  These two ladies know everything about me, what I am doing and where I am.  It makes me feel loved and cared about. I know they will be there in the same way for your child.




I am a lifelong potter and have been teaching a beginner wheel class forever too. I make functional pieces, bowls, plates, service ware… I love to use and gift pieces that people will actually use.  For example, every year we go to my mom’s best friend’s family for Christmas and I make everyone (like 20 people) a unique piece and what I love is that throughout the year, when they are using my bowls, mugs or plates, they text me pictures and tell me how I am part of their day.  It makes me so happy!


I am a cook – I can throw down in the kitchen.  I’m not a recipe gal, I am a make it up as I go, wing it type.  When I have dinner parties, I serve food I make only on pottery dishes that I have made, which I think is so cool that I have made everything on the table – Which BTW, I refurbished the table myself too! 

I am very crafty… I make jewelry, I can fix things, I have redone a lot of my furniture, I love interior design – I enjoy getting something from a flea market or Offer Up and totally redoing it to give it a new life.

I love, love, love to travel – I have been to 26 countries!   Some real standouts are Japan, India,  Greece, all of which I was traveling with a friend native to that country.  Most recently I have been to Thailand and a few places in Mexico.  Oh, and another amazing trip was a week-long cooking course in Italy for my mom’s 70th birthday. My favorite quote is: “You can’t have a favorite place till you have seen them all.”


How A Child Will Enrich My Life

Being a good, kind, thoughtful human is of the most importance to me.  I believe strongly in education and how it can change a person’s life.  Not only schooling, which is wildly important, but also being a student and having curiosity throughout life.  I plan to enrich your child’s life by always incorporating mindfulness, gratitude, acts of service/volunteering, and positive thinking into our daily life practices.

Travel is another way to always be learning and growing… to see how other people live, eat and how other countries are so different but we as humans so similar.  I want your kid to be a global citizen. I have a dream that once they are old enough to appreciate and remember that we will go on a yearly trip out of the country.  We can spend the year leading up to the trip picking a place together, learning about the culture, the people and then go on the trip to explore this new land.  I want to instill a sense of wanderlust into your child’s life.


My Promise to You

I promise your child will always feel loved and supported.

I will raise your child to be a global citizen with love and respect for all people.

I will instill the values of kindness, gratitude, honesty, loyalty, and compassion.

I will raise them in a loving home. I believe in being honest, understanding, fair, and consistent. Making sure your child knows right from wrong. Their actions have reactions, guiding them to self-enhancing choices and ultimately leading them to self-discipline and building confidence.

I promise to raise your child with deep respect and gratitude for you and the important role you have in building our family.

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  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Hi, We are honored that you are considering us! Lisa, our adoption specialist at Adoption Network, will be reaching out to make sure your needs are being met and your questions about adoption are being answered. She will help us get in touch with each other. We can’t wait to connect with you!