Pets: No

Stay at Home Parent: No

Other Adopted Children at Home: No

Other Biological Children at Home: No

Please know that I am here to support you throughout the process in whatever way I can. If you choose me to be a mother to your child, I will show them unconditional love and shower them with hugs and kisses every day.


from California


Ancestry: German, English, Russian, Norwegian

Religion: Spiritual

Occupation: Event Director

Education: BA

Hobbies: Swimming, Reading, Cycling, Running, Music


Preferred Ethnicity of Baby: All Races / Ethnicities

Preferred Gender of Baby: Either

Religion Child To Be Raised: Spiritual



Childhood Memory
Eating frozen Snickers in the summer at the pool
Apple Pie
Decorating cakes
Triathlon (swimming, biking, and running)
Thing to Cook
TV Show
Schitt's Creek

From Me to You

Dear Expectant Mother,

I’m truly humbled that you are considering me to raise your child. I cannot begin to imagine or understand what you are going through as you make this tough yet brave decision. Please know that I am here to support you throughout the process in whatever way I can. If you choose me to be a mother to your child, I will show them unconditional love and shower them with hugs and kisses every day.

It has never been a question of if I would adopt but when. Being a mom is something I’ve always wanted. If you asked my 20-year-old self where I’d be at this stage in life, I would have said married with a house full of kids. Although I have not met someone to share my life with yet, I am ready to begin my family and feel confident embarking on this journey as a single mom. I’m lucky to have such a supportive family and many friends that will love your child as much as I do.

After spending my whole life on the East Coast, I’ve spent the last thirteen years in Southern California enjoying the beautiful weather. It was hard to move across the country and leave all of my friends behind. I had always wanted to live on the West Coast, and I was excited to be living in the same city as my sister for the first time since we were in high school. Living close to one another strengthened our relationship and allowed us to share in each other’s milestones. Just over a year ago I became an aunt when my sister had her first child. I spent a lot of time with them before they left California a few months ago. It’s hard not seeing my one-year-old nephew every week but I visit them in Tennessee as often as I can, and our FaceTime calls are the highlight of my day. My family is now spread out across the country, but we make it a priority to see each other as often as possible. Being closer to family and a built-in support system is important to me, so at some point, I hope to move closer to them so that your child and my nephew can grow up together, and they can see their grandparents regularly. My sister can’t wait to be an aunt, and my parents couldn’t be more thrilled to have another grandchild to dote on.

I’m very active and love to be outside. I have a passion for fitness and competitive sport. When I’m not working, I take advantage of everything California has to offer. I love swimming, going for bike rides, running, and hiking. I’m lucky to live close to the beach and enjoy being able to go all year round. I also have a love and appreciation for all types of music as I grew up with parents who were classical musicians. I’m excited to share my passions with your child and can’t wait to see what theirs are. I look forward to coaching their sports teams, sitting in the front row of a concert or play, and being their number one cheerleader in whatever they choose to do.

As a prior Kindergarten teacher, education is very important to me. I enjoy fostering a love of learning and think it’s important to keep it fun. Not all kids learn the same way but I will do everything to ensure your child has the tools and resources to learn to the best of their abilities so that they feel confident in school.

Your child is going to be adored and cherished by so many people. I grew up in a close-knit, loving family. My parents always supported and encouraged me and my sister to follow our dreams and passions and to do what makes us happy. Both of my parents were passionate about their careers as violinists, and it was clear how much they loved what they did. I will instill the same values in your child and encourage them to be who they want to be.

My life is filled with laughter and happiness and I can’t wait to share that with a child. I am incredibly grateful for being considered as a possible parent for your child and if I’m given the opportunity, it will be an honor that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

With love and gratitude,



About Me

I spent my entire life on the East Coast until moving to Southern California thirteen years ago to fulfill a lifelong dream of living on the West Coast. I grew up in New Jersey, went to college in Virginia, and spent my 20s in the DC area. Growing up, I was very active and goal-oriented. I loved to play piano and flute but ultimately, I dedicated myself to swimming. Throughout high school, I competed at the state and national level and went on to swim throughout college while getting my degree in Elementary Education. I started my career as a Kindergarten teacher and relished the opportunity to help kids enjoy learning. I eventually transitioned to a career in event planning which I’ve been doing for over fifteen years.

When I moved to California, I combined my passions for fitness, competitive sport, and helping others as a triathlete, coach, and philanthropist. Initially, I joined a triathlon team to learn a new sport, make friends, and raise money for cancer research. After my first season with the team, I was hooked on the sport. I have competed in several Ironman triathlons and have dedicated myself to coaching others in the pursuit of their fitness dreams whether they are seasoned or novice athletes. I derive great pleasure from helping teammates overcome their fears and achieve their goals.

When I am not swimming, biking, running, or coaching, I love being creative and bringing joy to other people’s lives. I love baking and decorating cakes for my friends and family, planning milestone birthdays, going to pop and country music concerts, traveling to new places, and volunteering for causes that are important to me.


Why I Am Choosing to Adopt

I believe I was meant to be a mom and I knew it would happen when the time was right. Although I have not met someone to share my life with yet, I am ready to begin my family and feel grateful to have the opportunity to do so by adopting. I’ve always wanted children and knew that whether I had my own or not, I would one day adopt. It was never a question of if, but when. It’s always been very easy for me to connect with children, and I love watching them learn and grow. My family and friends would say that I’m a “kid magnet” because when I enter a room, they just gravitate towards me. I was invited to my students’ birthday parties and went to every one of them. Being able to witness the joys of adoption firsthand strengthened my desire to adopt. My cousin and her husband adopted three siblings, and I taught several students that had been adopted. I have a lot to give and a child would bring much happiness to my life. I’m fortunate to have a good and fulfilling life with a great family and wonderful friends, and I want to share that with your child.


My Lifestyle

I enjoy my career and it supports me well, but my work does not define me. Fortunately, my job is very family-friendly. I have reliable working hours and a lot of control over my day. Outside of work I have plenty of free time to work out, have fun with friends and family, and enjoy downtime at home. I like competing in endurance events such as triathlons and marathons and spent several years coaching athletes as well. The weather here is usually conducive to being outside, so I take advantage of that as much as possible by going to the beach, hiking, or walking around the neighborhood. It’s been a bit challenging to get together with friends recently but when it’s safe to do so, I enjoy going out to dinner or having a BBQ in the backyard. I like to be social and keep busy but sometimes it’s just as fun to be lazy at home. I love getting wrapped up in a good TV series or movie, getting lost in a good book, or just listening to music.


Home & Neighborhood

For the past ten years, I’ve lived in a two-bedroom duplex in a quiet neighborhood in Southern California, just three miles from the beach. I am very comfortable and familiar with my area and feel grateful to live in a wonderful neighborhood in a very central location. There is a diverse, public elementary school only three blocks away with several enrichment programs and small classes. Many families live in the area so several of the neighborhood kids walk to school together. An amazing park is down the street with a big playground, a basketball court, and an open field. The beach path is only a few blocks away and is a great place to ride bikes or go for a walk. My neighborhood has a lot to offer and I feel lucky to live in this hidden oasis.


Future Pets

I’ve always been a dog lover and grew up with golden retrievers my entire life. Although I currently don’t have a dog, it is definitely something I want in my future. My parents have two dogs, Bailey and Jasper, that I get to dote on when I visit, and my sister has an Australian Shepherd, Maggie, that is like my pseudo pet. In addition to being the resident dog sitter, I love to take her on hikes, go to the beach, and throw the tennis ball for countless hours in the yard. The unconditional love a pet provides is priceless, and I want your child to experience the joys of growing up with a dog like I did.


Family & Friends

I grew up in a small family with supportive parents, a younger sister, and a golden retriever. Both of my parents were classical musicians, so we developed a love and appreciation for music at a young age. We spent many Sundays watching our parents play concerts, which sparked our interest to play an instrument as well. Although we are now spread out across the country, we talk almost daily and see each other as often as possible. My parents, who have been married almost 50 years, left the fast pace of New York and retired in Georgia. My sister, her husband and their one-year-old son recently moved from Southern California to Tennessee. I saw them often before they moved and have since spent as much time with them in Tennessee as possible. I love being an aunt and have made a point to celebrate all of my nephew’s milestones! He brings me true joy. Being closer to family and a built-in support system is important to me, so at some point, I hope to move closer to them so that your child and my nephew can grow up together.

I’m also lucky to have amazing friends that are like my extended family. Although I’ve only been an aunt officially for a year, I’ve had the privilege and joy of being Auntie Holly for many years to my friends’ kids. Some are in different cities so we don’t see each other often, but we get together when we can. My friendships are important to me, so I make it a priority to maintain them. My family and friends are very supportive of my decision to adopt, and they are as eager as I am to welcome the newest member to the family.



There are many family traditions that I cherish and look forward to continuing with a family of my own. Every Thanksgiving, my dad would take me and my sister into New York City to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. We would eat donuts and soft pretzels as we watched the giant balloons go by. Even though I no longer live there I still watch the parade on TV every year. Hosting Friendsgiving has become a tradition my sister and I started several years ago, and it’s been a fun way to kick off the holiday season. New Year’s Eve was always a highlight when we were growing up. We would bang pots and pans on our front porch at midnight, and my Gram would make us her favorite childhood dessert, Blinchiki (Russian crepes). Christmas was always a special day for my family that revolved around family time, food, giving, and of course, receiving gifts. As my sister and I got older, we started to value experiences over material things. Every year, our parents would take us to a Broadway musical as one of our Christmas gifts. We would go into the city early to walk around and have dinner before the show. Although we don’t see musicals that often now, my sister and I will go to a concert together as our gift to each other. Because I have such lasting memories of my childhood Christmases, I love the idea of helping to create fond memories for others who are in need, so over the past few years, I have adopted a family for the holidays. I look forward to continuing each of these traditions with your child, and of course, creating some of our very own as well.



I always look forward to vacations! I have a passion for travel and love to explore new cities and countries, and I am excited to share this with your child and experience the world through their eyes. When I visit a new place, I like to immerse myself in the culture and take advantage of every minute I’m there, but it’s also nice to relax at the pool or the beach as well. I was lucky to go to Italy and France as a child and have been back to both countries several times as an adult. I had an amazing trip to Germany a few years ago and got to experience traditional German food and visit many historical sites. My most recent planned trip to Austria was put on hold but I hope to visit once it’s safe to travel again. It’s a luxury to take big vacations so I plan them every few years. When I’m not going on a long vacation, I enjoy planning several long weekends throughout the year to visit family and friends, travel up and down the coast, visit national parks, or explore other areas of the country I haven’t been to yet. Because of where I live, there are always friends and family that want to visit and see the sites. I love when people visit as it allows me to experience my city as a tourist and do things I don’t normally do. My best friend and her family visited a year ago and I went to Disneyland with them for the first time. It was a magical experience watching Disney come alive through the eyes of her three kids.


What I Will Teach...

I believe it’s important to lead by example, and I want your child to be surrounded by positive role models that they can learn from. Above everything, I will teach my children that they are loved by so many people, especially you. My children will learn to show kindness and compassion for others, as well as accept and embrace everyone’s differences. I will teach them the value of patience and perseverance and strive to instill in them confidence and independence. They will learn to be respectful and to treat others the way they want to be treated. I will encourage them to follow their dreams, pursue their passions, and do what makes them happy, and I will teach them not to take anything for granted.


My Promise to You

First and foremost, I will always have the utmost respect for you and for the courageous decision you are making. I promise to respect and honor your wishes regarding the type of relationship you want to have during this journey, and I will be here in whatever capacity you wish. I will shower your child with unconditional love and support and provide them with a happy and safe home. If you trust me to be a mom to your child, I will be honest with them about where they came from and for the love you had for them to do what you felt was best for their future. Not only do I promise to love your child, but I will protect, nurture and educate them to become the best person he or she can be, and I will share with you whatever milestones you want to see. I cannot wait to experience the joys of motherhood and I am grateful you are considering turning my dream into a reality.

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  • Hi, We are honored that you are considering us! Lisa, our adoption specialist at Adoption Network, will be reaching out to make sure your needs are being met and your questions about adoption are being answered. She will help us get in touch with each other. We can’t wait to connect with you!