Pets: Yes

Stay at Home Parent: Part-Time

Other Adopted Children at Home: No

Other Biological Children at Home: No

Your child’s life with me will be engaging and active. They will be given opportunities to participate in many indoor and outdoor activities. I am looking forward to our exciting adventures to the local library, the town pool, hiking, biking, playing in the snow, and visits to the beach year-round with friends and family.


from New Hampshire


Ancestry: English, Swedish, Irish

Religion: Protestant

Occupation: EL Teacher

Education: M.Ed.

Hobbies: Reading, Snowshoeing, Kayaking


Preferred Ethnicity of Baby: Asian, Caucasian / Asian, Caucasian, Caucasian / Hispanic, Caucasian / Pacific Islander

Preferred Gender of Baby: Either

Religion Child To Be Raised: Protestant



Childhood Memory
Summer day trips to the beach and cookouts
Family Activity
Sunday dinners with my aunt and grandmother
Leisure Activity
"If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life."
Thing to Cook
Homemade pizza and ice cream
Vacation Spot
Near the beach or a lake

From Me to You

I am so grateful that you are taking the time to learn about me and my dream of becoming a mom. I hope my profile will give you a glimpse into my life. I have so much to share with your child. Our lives will be filled with laughter, happiness, adventure and learning. I cannot wait to snuggle, read bedtime stories, tell silly jokes, jump in the leaves and build snowmen with your child. Their life with me will be engaging and active. They will be given opportunities to participate in many indoor and outdoor activities. I am looking forward to our exciting adventures to the local library, the town pool, hiking, biking, playing in the snow, and visits to the beach year-round with friends and family.

I have a strong support system of friends and family who are excited about my plan for adoption and are excited to be involved in your child’s life. My brother, Roger, sister, Elizabeth, two nieces, and four nephews are so excited! They are looking forward to a beautiful little one to love. I have a nurturing and steady relationship with my nieces and nephews. I helped raise them from when they were newborns, and we continue to be very involved in each other’s lives. I so enjoy watching them grow and develop, and I love being an active participant in their active lives.

I am very excited to become a parent and am happily looking forward to what our life may bring together. I feel that with patience and a sense of humor, I can offer a loving, supportive and nurturing environment for your child. As a teacher, I value education and understand how important it is for a student to be supported in school. They will have what they need to be successful.

I have always wanted to be a mother and have given this journey much thought and consideration. I will provide your child with a tremendous amount of love, support, and nurturing, while I help them grow into a mature and responsible adult. I feel very confident that adoption is a wonderful choice for me, and I am looking forward to the awesome responsibility of becoming a parent. I know several adoptive families in my community and have taught adopted children in my classes for many years.
I can’t even begin to imagine what you are going through, but I thank you for your selflessness and courage in considering adoption for your baby.

With respect and gratitude,



Why I'm choosing to Adopt

I have always wanted to be a mother. My journey to become a parent has been given much thought and consideration. Adoption gives me the awesome opportunity to provide a child with love, support, and nurturing, while they grow into a mature and responsible adult. As a teacher and friend of many parents who have adopted, I am confident that this is the most wonderful choice for me and my family.

While I have never been married, I am open to the idea of marriage in the future should I find a relationship. My focus is on becoming a mother and I am committed to providing a child with dedication and unconditional love.

I have several friends who adopted children as infants, and I have taught several students in my class who were adopted. I also have significant experience caring for these children, connect well with them, and have been recognized for my child rearing efforts as well.



About me

I am the youngest of three children and have six nieces and nephews. My sister Elizabeth is four years older and my brother, Roger is three years older. We are very close to each other and had very loving parents. My mother cooked delicious meals and my father was a creative wood worker. Growing up, I also had a very strong relationship with my maternal grandmother and aunt. They were always loving, dependable, and very giving women. They were such positive role models. They were very active in my life. All my family members have a great sense of humor. We love to laugh and spend time together sharing stories of our childhood. I remember going to summer camp with my siblings, hikes in the White Mountains, long days at the beach riding the waves, and coming home to meals cooked by my mother. We had family cookouts, neighborhood softball games and even traced our family history. Living one hour from the beach, the mountains, and a major city in Massachusetts, I can provide your child with so many opportunities.

My adventures at summer camp as a child led me to appreciate the outdoors and all it has to offer. I continue to explore the wilderness during all seasons. I love to hike, swim, bike, and kayak with friends whenever I can. In the winter, family and friends and I will snowshoe the trails at the Audubon Center nearby.



My Family

There was always a feeling of love, security, humor and adventure in my family as I grew up. My mom was a nursery school teacher, and my dad was an engineer. My parents divorced when I was seven, but they maintained a positive relationship with each other, and I had a great relationship with both. My siblings and I would stay with our father on weekends and school vacations. He taught all of us how to ski and expanded our love of the outdoors. Sadly, my parents both passed away a few years ago and won’t get to see me as a mom.

My brother and sister each have three children. I am an aunt to two girls and four boys and we all live close to each other. I spent a great deal of time helping my sister raise her children. In our family there is always a reason to celebrate. We get together for birthdays, and holidays, and often meet up for the kid’s activities. I value my relationships with my siblings and their families, and I love being an aunt. I know that my family is very excited to welcome a new child into their lives and they will be there for us every step of the way.

My friends are very excited and supportive about my adoption plans. Two of my close friends are adoptive parents and live nearby. Spending time with friends is very important to me. We enjoy going out to eat, visiting museums, shopping, and finding new adventures. I have many friends from my childhood that I keep in touch with to this day. My friends Carol and Carolyn, who are also teachers, live less than an hour away and we get together often for concerts and dinner. We have been friends since we were in elementary school and have shared many fun times together. Carolyn has a son and Carol has an adopted daughter.

My friends here in town get together often as well. We love sharing birthday celebrations, cookouts, and going on kayaking and snowshoeing adventures.



My Home

I have lived in New England all my life. I love everything New England has to offer. My house is in a small town with one of the state’s top-rated school districts.

My home and community is a wonderful place to raise a child. My enlarged cape style house sits on 1 ¼ acres of land in a beautiful area of town. My house has two bedrooms upstairs, a den (family room), and a spacious living room. There is a big field next door which I share with my neighbor for get togethers. I live on a quiet street and my house has a large, grassy lawn and a backyard with plenty of space to run and play. My town has three elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school. I live less than a few miles from each of them. There are children outside swimming in their fenced in pools, the town pool, or riding their bikes and playing games in their yards. In the wintertime, one neighbor even sets up a small ice-skating rink in his front yard each winter for all of us on the street to enjoy. There is a great sledding hill nearby to enjoy as well. My town is a very friendly, active, and child centered community.

My house is comfortable, well maintained, and child proof. I love to bake and make ice cream in my big kitchen. My future child will certainly learn how to cook. His or her nursery is located on the second floor – very close by is my bedroom. The nursery is a beautiful calming, green color, that has a crib, dresser, changing table, rocking chair, a basket of children’s books, and baby toys waiting to be read and loved. My spacious living room has a very comfortable couch and a pack and play. I can’t wait to sit in my rocking chair, by the cozy fireplace and read and sing songs with my future child.


My Sweet Pup, Zoey

I have a very loving and sweet, two-year-old Golden Retriever named Zoey. I waited a year for her to be born. She is very gentle, affectionate, friendly, and loves children. I also have a very talkative, 12-year-old rescue cat, named Oscar. They are always there to greet me when I come home. Zoey and I have gone on many outdoor adventures together such as snowshoeing, hiking, and winter walks on the beach. Oscar and Zoey get along very well together. I am sure that Zoey and Oscar will love having a gentle and loving little human playmate in their future.


Family Traditions


There are many traditions that I remember from my childhood. The holiday season was always my favorite. Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and birthdays were always spent with my family. I feel fortunate that my grandmother and my aunt lived about an hour away so we could always be together. One of my fondest Christmas Eve traditions was going to my grandmother’s church each year. A member of the church would dress up as Santa Claus; of course, I thought he was the real Santa Claus. I couldn’t wait for my name to be called. My mother always said that I would run down the aisle to receive my present. I never knew until I was older that the presents were all pre-bought and wrapped by my mother. On Christmas morning, my siblings and I would open presents with my mom, followed by my mother making her delicious breakfast each year of French toast and pancakes. We would spend a few hours at home playing with our presents and then we would spend the afternoon at my grandmother’s house with my aunt. We would open more gifts and then have a big holiday feast. I always loved Christmas dinner and time spent at my grandmother’s house. It was warm, inviting, and always beautifully decorated! Christmas vacation was always spent with my father. We visited the weekend before Christmas to pick out the tree and decorate the house. While there, we would spend the week skiing, sledding, and playing fun games.

Other traditions that are that I always looked forward to were spending each summer going to my happy place – the beach – a few times a week. Sometimes we would rent a house. I was fortunate that the ocean was less than an hour away. My siblings and I loved riding the waves on our boogie boards and building the coolest sandcastle! We had cookouts at night and enjoyed my mother’s favorite: fresh picked, sweet corn on the cob!

I am looking forward to carrying on these family traditions with your child. Walks on the beach, building sandcastles and moats, riding the waves, and cookouts together will bring us such joy!




I love to read a good book, watch a funny movie, or take a long walk with my dog. With friends, I enjoy going out to eat, to a concert, and checking out the local comedians. I also enjoy creating new flavors in my ice cream maker and cooking a delicious recipe. I love socializing with people, so I often am with friends and family. My love of the outdoors lends me to participate in many seasonal activities like snowshoeing in the winter, kayaking in the summer, and hikes/walks in the fall. I have recently learned how to play pickle ball with colleagues and friends of all ages. I am looking forward to enjoying these fun activities with your child. We will have so much to do and learn together!


My Lifestyle

I am an ESOL Teacher and absolutely love teaching! Teaching and helping children learn makes me happy. I enjoy the variety that my job offers, the daily laughter, and the eagerness of the students as they take on the challenges of learning English. Each of their families’ journeys to the United States has been challenging and I feel the awesome responsibility of helping them become successful students. I am very dedicated to being an active listener and energetic resource for my students.

When I am not teaching, I try to lead an active lifestyle. My loveable Golden Retriever Zoey and Maine Coon cat Oscar, wake me up each morning. We have many playful times together and the two of them love to play together! I enjoy the outdoors and all it has to offer. I like to hike, kayak, swim, go to the beach, and have recently began learning pickle ball with some teacher friends, who also have the same school vacations and summers free. I thoroughly enjoy time with my nieces and nephews, as well as my adult siblings, who are all close by. I also get together with friends for dinner and on the weekends. I am very fortunate to have several close friends with adopted children, and a great support system in my professional/social life.

I feel very fortunate to have school vacations scattered throughout the year, along with my summers free. I enjoy taking day trips to the ocean any time of year, short and long adventures to visit family and friends, or just spending time at home. Since I live in New England, I am within an hour’s drive to the beach, the mountains, and taking in the culture of the big city. Spontaneous trips to a museum, concert, or even a hike with friends, is easily accessible. I am looking forward to having fun adventures with your little one.



My Personality

I believe that I have an outgoing and friendly personality, but certainly can be quiet and shy at times. I love being with people. I also have a very good sense of humor and enjoy making people laugh.

Here are a few kind words from family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors who know me well:

  • “Susan is a bright, energetic, and engaging woman. She has a jovial personality with a sense of humor.”
  • “Sue is kind-hearted, generous, and truly loves teaching. It is evident that she cares deeply for her students.”
  • “Sue has many positive qualities that would make her an excellent mother, such as showing compassion, patience, and love, caring towards her niece and nephews, students, as well as to her friends and family.”
  • “Sue shows her ease and natural ability to connect with children of all ages.”
  • “Sue has the ability to provide a loving, nurturing, and supportive home environment for her future little one.”
  • “Susan’s active involvement with her nieces and nephews demonstrates that she will enrich her child’s life.”

What I will Teach your Child

I will teach your future child that they are loved. I will share that you gave me the awesome responsibility of being their mom. I will surround your child with many positive role models, and they will learn by example. I will teach them to be kind, caring and to respect others. I will encourage them to live life by the Golden Rule. I will listen to them and be available to lend a hand when needed or wanted. I want my child to enjoy life and I will be there to support them every step of the way!

My Career

Along with becoming a mother, teaching students has been my passion and my calling in life. I began my career teaching first grade and learned how students learn to read, then went onto teach grades 4-6. I am now an ESOL Teacher and enjoy every minute of every day helping my students to learn and comprehend the English language. Being with children and helping them understand, grow, and become successful, gives me the greatest joy every day. I work hard to give my best to all the students that I work with, and I believe that one must enjoy their profession.

In the past, I have had experiences as an Assistant Director of a day camp in town, camp counselor, Lego League Instructor, and have also tutored children nearby. I love having school vacations and my summers free. I am looking forward to spending these days with your child, attending story time at the local library, taking strolls around the neighborhood, and joining play groups nearby.





Being a teacher, I see the value of education every day. I worked hard while going to school and college. I originally went to school for Business Management and worked in finance for a while. After a few years, I realized I really missed working with children. I enrolled in graduate school to earn my Master of Education and become an elementary school teacher. In the process, I learned that I need a career that I enjoy and makes me happy each day. I then took more courses to become an ESOL Teacher and I continue to take courses to improve my skills. Every day is fun and rewarding. My students depend on me to help them become successful. I have this quote in my classroom, “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.” I am looking forward to helping your child choose a career that will support them and help them enjoy life.


My Promise to You

  • I promise that your child will know that you are courageous and have tremendous, unconditional love for them.
  • I promise to love and care for your child with all my heart and soul.
  • I promise to always provide a loving, supportive and nurturing environment for them.
  • I promise to always to always put the safety of your child first and honor your decision to place them with my family.
  • I promise that your child will know where they came from and respect the sacrifices you made.
  • I promise that your child will know how thankful I am that you have given us such eternal joy and happiness.
  • I promise you that your child will learn the value of education and understand how important it is for a student to be supported in school.
  • I promise that your child will always know that they are a gift of love to me.
  • I promise to do whatever it takes to ensure “our” child is healthy, happy and loved.


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  • Hi, We are honored that you are considering us! Lisa, our adoption specialist at Adoption Network, will be reaching out to make sure your needs are being met and your questions about adoption are being answered. She will help us get in touch with each other. We can’t wait to connect with you!