It's no wonder the adoption process can seem daunting when professional after professional is working to find homes for children and children for parents. In hindsight, it's beautiful, because families are being created.
When you're trying to select the best adoption professional for you and your family, however, the endless sea of options can be entirely overwhelming. That's why we at the Adoption Network Law Center (ANLC) want to stress the differences that exist between agencies and us. We all aim to help, but it's important to be informed on the ways that help can look different from place to place.
Navigating Legal Matters
Navigating legal matters
Perhaps some of the most critical, most time consuming, and most strenuous pieces of the adoption process are the ones that involve the legal pathway. This too, is what helps ANLC stand out in comparison from the start. Adoption Network Law Center is not an adoption agency but a law center that successfully completes about 200-250 adoptions per year.
Our Adoption Services can help you adopt a beautiful newborn baby with complete legal protection and peace of mind. Not to mention, as a law center, ANLC isn't limited by stringent state mandated budget restrictions in the way that adoption agencies are, which ultimately means that we have more resources to reach out to Birth Mothers.
Costs and Financial Help
Costs and financial help
In an article from Wise Bread about the cost of adoption it is estimated that the average adoption in the United States can cost anywhere between $0 to $50,000, depending on each personal case. While that may seem like a big gap, every experience and every agency, attorney or professional differs. Between paying for an entity's service fees, travel fees, attorneys, Birth Mother support costs, and a fortune of time, who's to tell how much you'll have to spend before becoming a parent?
With ANLC, we understand that. We also understand that, for the most part, families are on their own financially too. For that reason, we, at Adoption Network Law Center, strive to maintain trustworthy adoptions while doing all we can to ensure successful results. In addition, we can assist you in obtaining financing for your adoption. Our Adopting Parents have taken advantage of financing options such as: signature loans, real estate approved loans, federal adoption benefits, military adoption benefits, state tax credit, employer assistance, and adoption grants and fundraising.
Wait Time
Adoption wait time
A consistent worry involving the domestic adoption process is simply time. Parents want as much time with their child as possible, which also means that they don't want to spend too much of it waiting around. Ultimately, this is one of the biggest variables between agencies, attorneys, and professionals today. In the article mentioned above, Nicole Witt, an adoption consultant, is quoted saying,
"Because many prospective parents naturally choose the lower­cost, smaller agencies, the wait times are longer than those of larger agencies."
Adoption Network Law Center is the largest adoption law center in the US and, on average, has Adopting Parents selected by a Birth Mother within 4-13 months.* Though this typically is the average wait time between various adoption professionals, smaller agencies may not be able to reach out to as many Birth Mothers as larger entities, and, therefore, wait times can be longer. All the same, it is important to understand that every adoption process is unique, and so, adoption times will vary from family to family. However, it is also vital to know that your family and your dreams are valuable to us, just like your time.
*Please note that testimonials, endorsements, past performance, and statistical data do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.
Birth Parent Relations
Birth parent relations
"Despite persistently negative and sensational media coverage, domestic adoption today is more transparent than ever before, and increasingly defined by healthier choices for birth families and adoptive families alike," writes Eliza Newlin Carney in an article for Adoptive Families
Here, at ANLC, we firmly believe in transparency and in making the best choices for everyone involved. We work with Birth Mothers and Adopting Parents alike, caring for you all together and apart as you allow.
We pride ourselves on our outreach efforts to physicians, hospitals, school campuses, pregnancy centers and other adoption professionals that help women considering adoption to then consider us for help and care. Adoption Network Law Center works to foster relationships with Birth Mothers and Adoptive Parents and to establish a foundation of trust moving forward. Ultimately, we strive to create an environment of comfort and support for all parties involved, thus building up commitment.
In the end, while cost varies, time changes, agencies differ, ANLC works to consistently provide a service rooted in care and commitment. We represent Birth Mothers and Adoptive Families all the same, and we want the best for everyone. While there is hardly ever a guarantee involved in adoption, we can promise that at Adoption Network Law Center, we'll work for you and with you to make your adoption process the best it can be.