Adoption Story: Dylan, My Gift

adoption story

Dear Dylan,

This is your adoption story and how you joined our family.

Your adoption story

On one sunny morning, Stephanie, your “tummy mommy,” found out she was going to have a baby. That baby was you. She knew she loved you so much that she wanted you to have a better life than she could give. She had decided to choose adoption. She was scared, but knew it was the best choice for you.

Stephanie worked for your dad, Ira. One day while at work, Stephanie was talking to him about how she had chosen adoption. During their talk Stephanie found out we wanted to adopt. Stephanie and your birth father CJ, decided together that they wanted to meet us. Stephanie and CJ wanted to make sure that they liked us and see how much love we had to give. We met up at a restaurant and talked. All four of us were nervous. We all talked and became friends. When we left the restaurant, Stephanie and CJ  told us they would keep us in mind as parents for their baby, but still needed some time to think.

They picked us

It was at work on December 24th, that Stephanie told Ira that they had picked us as their family! Later on that night, we opened one gift before Christmas. Your dad gave me a present, a book titled What to Expect when You’re Expecting. My eyes began to fill up with tears as he said,” Chrissy, Stephanie and CJ picked us!” He explained that Stephanie told him earlier that day and wanted us to get excited for the new baby. It was the best Christmas present that I could ever imagine!

We were so happy and excited for the days to come. Stephanie even said that I could come to the doctor appointments to see you and hear your heartbeat. The first time Mommy heard your heart beat, I was amazed at how beautiful and peaceful it sounded. We went to many doctors appointments and still didn’t know if you were a boy or a girl. I guess you decided to keep it as a surprise.

You were born

On the day of your birth, we were all at the hospital. We could not wait to meet you. At 9:34 pm you came into the world. We were in the waiting room when CJ came through the door and said, “Its a boy!”  Your dad and I looked at each other and smiled. Then CJ walked over to us and said, ” Would you like to meet your son?” Of course we said yes, but that is not the end of your adoption story.

We walked in the room and I went to see Stephanie and make sure she was ok. She was doing good, just feeling a little shaky. When we saw and held you for the first time it was amazing. It felt like the world stopped moving when I rocked you in my arms. You were so handsome. You were 7 lbs and 9 oz and healthy. You were perfect in every way.

When you and Stephanie were released from the hospital, we went to the adoption agency to sign the adoption papers. We were all very emotional. We all signed the papers and started to say our goodbyes. We told Stephanie and CJ that it was not a ‘goodbye,’ but a ‘see you later.’ Still crying, we all hugged.

After leaving the adoption agency, we went home. Bringing you home was so surreal. We couldn’t believe you were home and we were all together as a family. We introduced you to your big sisters, Jordynne and Montanna. We watched their eyes light up with joy when they saw you. They had big smiles on their faces and couldn’t wait to hold you. They were so excited to have a little brother.

The adoption was finalized

The days passed and before we knew it, it was your adoption day. We went to the courthouse to see the judge and have our adoption finalized. We met with our lawyer Mrs. Krause. We went into the courtroom and met the judge. The judge’s name was Judge Kelly. He said that you were so handsome and looked so happy. After talking for awhile the judge said your name, “Dylan Robert Loomas” and “Congratulations Christine and Ira!”  We all took a picture and you became our son!

We will never forget what happened on that magical Christmas Eve night—the Christmas Eve we found out you were coming to our family. Adoption is a wonderful way for children to find a mommy and a daddy. Adoption is when your birth parents love you so much that they do what is best for you. Your adoption story is just as special as you are. We chose adoption because we wanted a child to love. We wanted Jordynne and Montanna to have a brother or sister that they could love and give hugs and kisses to. We love you so much and are proud to call you our son. We will always be here for you. We love you always and forever. We are family.