Our use of the terms “putting up” or “giving up” does not reflect how we feel about adoptive placement. These terms remain the most widely used search terms for those who are considering adoption for their baby, and we wish to reach all who seek this important information.

How do I give up my baby for adoption in California?

First off, as you might have already seen, choosing to place your unborn child for adoption is not giving up. The phrase “giving up my baby for adoption” is an older phrase that many, who have not been touched by the beauty of adoption, have used to incorrectly describe the selfless act of a Birth Mother choosing a different future for her child.

It’s never too early or too late to choose to place your child for adoption. Our Birth Mother Specialists at Adoption Network Law Center can help provide you with resources and advice for that process and help you make the best decision for you and your baby.

A phrase we do often use here at Adoption Network Law Center is, “your baby, your choice.” We want you know that you have control throughout this whole process. We would love to counsel and help you through the process. We promise to walk alongside you through the steps you will take if you choose to place your child for adoption in CA.

Our Birth Mother Specialists are trained and equipped to provide you with the resources and wisdom you will need as you weigh out the decision to place your unborn child for adoption. If you choose to place at the beginning of your pregnancy or if you choose to wait until the child is born, we will be there to support you through any questions or advice you might need.

Steps to place your child for adoption in California:

Step 1: Choosing Adoption

Whether you are still weighing out the options of if you would like to place your child or if you have fully decided to place your baby for adoption, you can speak to one of our Birth Mother Specialists or speak with other adoption professionals to get information and resources about that process.

When you contact our organization our Birth Mother Specialist will connect with you to answer any questions you might have about the adoption process. If you choose to find out more we will send you a packet that will help you learn to develop an adoption plan.

Step 2: Make an Adoption Plan

In the packet our Birth Mother Specialist will send out to you, we will have different forms for you to fill out about yourself, your pregnancy, the Birth Father, fun facts about you, what kind of medical, financial and emotional support you will need, and what kind of family you might be looking for. This is all basic information so we know how to help you move forward with your adoption process.

Our Birth Mother Specialist will go over what type of hospital plan you would like to have. Do you want to have the baby with you for the first night? Do you want the baby to be with the Adopting Parents? Would you like to see the baby or would you prefer not to see the baby? You don’t have to have all these answers now but it’s important to remember that you get to choose what you would like that plan to look like. When it does come time for you to deliver, our team will make sure you have a family that will honor and respect your birth plan.

You will also get to determine what type of contact you would like to have with the Adoptive Parents before placement as well as after placement. Some Birth Mothers in California are able to meet up with the Adoptive Parents they select before she gives birth! Some even choose to have them come along for some of the doctor’s visits before baby is born. Rest assured, our Birth Mother Specialists will work alongside you to make you feel comfortable throughout the whole adoption process.

Step 3: Profile & Family Selection

Throughout this process, it is important to remember that you get to choose the family or individual you would like to place your unborn child with for adoption. Think through different aspects about what your hopes are for this baby and their future as you look to find a family.

What type of home environment do you wish they will be able to grow in? Do you have thoughts about what part of the country they might live in? Do you want them to grow up with siblings or the potential for siblings? Do you want their Adopting Parents to value religion or studies or athletics? These are all different things you can think through as you look at the different families who would love to adopt your baby.

When a family decides they would like to adopt in CA, they will need to complete a home study and background checks. This will allow Birth Mothers to know that these families and individuals have been screened and vetted according to their state’s standards and they would make a safe and loving home for your child. Some Adoptive Parents are unable to have biological children, for some Adoptive Parents, adoption is something that has blessed their hearts and they want to use that as an option to grow their family. Every family is going to be unique, just like every adoption!

If for some reason you don’t like any of the families profiles we send you, our Birth Mother Specialists can always send you more. Remember it’s your baby, your choice.

Step 4: Give Birth & Place Baby with Adopting Parents

As the Birth Mother or the Birth Parents you will voluntarily relinquish, or give up, you parental rights. Based on whether you are working with an adoption agency or a lawyer, the process may vary in California.

Your hospital plan will be in effect and typically in CA you will not sign papers until you are released from the hospital or shortly after you are released. This will vary, so make sure to speak with your adoption professional about what this plan will look like for you. The baby will typically be discharged with the family if your adoption plan is in place.

Once you have signed and you are released from the hospital, the Adoptive Parents will return to their home with the baby and will start the finalization process. You will start recovering physically and emotionally and have the support of our Birth Mother Specialists and even counseling services if you would like. If you have any questions, know that you have access to our staff to answer any questions or details about placing your child for adoption.

Your adoption plan is in place, you’ve chosen a family, and you’ve given birth and baby is being loved and supported by the family you have chosen for them. This selfless act of love is something to be admired. We will continue to be in contact with you for as long as you would like, some of our Birth Mother Specialists still speak regularly with Birth Mothers from over ten years ago.

Adoption is a journey and we want to support you for the whole journey, knowing that the journey doesn’t end when the baby is born. Some Birth Mothers and Adoptive Families have even stopped by our offices to visit with the staff that have helped them through this beautiful journey!

If you would like to be connected with one of our Birth Mother Specialists to think about placing your baby for adoption in California please call 1-800-367-2367 or contact us here and we would love to help you get started.