In cases where pregnancy is unplanned and the timing is not right, choosing adoption can be a wonderful way to enable a child to have the best possible life. Adoption means entrusting another to take on the rights and responsibilities of being parents.

Choosing an adoption agency

For birth parents considering choosing adoption, an adoption agency is the place to start. Some of these are local, while others work with families throughout the USA and beyond. Their role is to advise and support birth mothers through the process of pregnancy, birth, placement and beyond.

An adoption agency will work closely and sympathetically with the birth mother to ensure that they feel safe and happy with their adoption plan. The first stage is to explore reasons for adoption and alternative options, in order to ensure that this is the right choice.

Get proper healthcare

Birth mothers are encouraged to seek medical assistance and look after themselves in order to ensure the best possible scenario for themselves and their baby. In order to place the child with a family best suited to support them, they are encouraged to disclose details of medical and family history, past and present substance use, their social history, as well as information about the birth father. A social worker will help and guide the birth mother through this.

Choose your baby’s adoptive parents

Birth mothers choose an adoptive family. Firstly they will discuss the kind of family they hope will adopt their baby; they will then be shown suitable profiles. Adoptive families have to undergo rigorous screening processes so the birth mother can feel comfortable knowing that each profile is a loving potential family, who are emotionally and financially able to give their child a great life.

It is important that everyone is entirely happy with the choice. Often birth mothers meet or skype possible families before coming to a decision. Most adoptions these days are open, which means that children grow up knowing who their birth parents are and maintain a connection with them. It is up to the birth mother when choosing adoption to decide to what extent they would like future contact with their child.

Find support

The birth mother will be supported emotionally and financially through prenatal care and labor. Birth mothers have the right to request reasonable expenses during this time if needed, such as rent and bills. Some agencies have the option of a place to stay for birth mothers during the final month of pregnancy where they can be fully cared for and supported.

Agencies take care of all of the legal issues involved in adoption placement. After the birth of the child, each state has a specific time attached to the adoption signing, which means that, from this moment, the adoptive family becomes the legal parents of the baby. Up until the point of signing, the birth mother has the right to change her mind about the adoption plan. This is finalized 6 months later.

After the birth, agency social workers continue to maintain contact and support for the birth mother. If open adoption arrangements have been agreed, the adoptive family will send photos, emails and/or letters.

Adoption represents a chance to make an unplanned pregnancy into an ideal option and it can be the best possible decision for the whole adoption triad who will be forever linked: the birth mother, the child and the adoptive family.