Choosing Adoption: Basics for Expectant Parents

In cases where pregnancy is unplanned and the timing is not right, choosing adoption can be a wonderful way to enable a child to have the best possible life. Adoption means entrusting another person or family to take on the rights and responsibilities of being parents.

Choosing an adoption entity

For Birth Parents considering adoption, speaking with someone from an adoption entity is the place to start. This could be a local adoption agency or a nationwide law firm. Their role is to advise and assist Birth Mothers by helping them to create an adoption plan and offering support through the pregnancy, birth, placement, and beyond.

The adoption entity will work closely and sympathetically with prospective Birth Mothers to ensure that they feel safe and comfortable with their adoption plan. They will encourage Birth Mothers to explore the reasons they are considering adoption and discuss alternative options, in order to ensure that this is the right choice for them.

Get proper healthcare

It’s important that prospective Birth Mothers seek medical assistance and look after themselves during and after their pregnancy. This will ensure the best possible scenario for themselves and their baby. It’s also in everyone’s best interest for them to disclose details of their medical and family history, past and present substance use, their social history, as well as information about the Birth Father. This will ensure that the family they choose is aware of the baby’s medical history.

Choose Adoptive Parents

Birth Mothers choose the Adoptive Family they want to raise their baby. First they decide what kind of family they hope will adopt their baby (where they want them to live, their religion, ethnicity, lifestyle, etc.), and they will then be shown profiles of families that can offer what they’re looking for.

Adoptive families have to undergo rigorous screening processes in order to be eligible to adopt, so the Birth Mother can feel comfortable knowing that each family shown to her is a loving family that is emotionally and financially able to give their child a great life.

It is important that everyone is entirely happy with the choice. Often Birth Mothers meet or Skype with possible families before coming to a decision. Most adoptions these days are open, which means that children grow up knowing who their Birth Parents are and can maintain some level or connection with them.

Financial support

The Birth Mother should be supported emotionally and financially through her pregnancy, birth and recovery period. Birth Mothers may receive assistance for medical and living expenses during this time (as allowed by their state), such as rent, transportation and maternity clothes. Some adoption entities will assist in finding housing, if necessary, for Birth Mothers during their pregnancy.

The adoption entity will ensure that all of the legal issues involved in adoption are taken care of. After the birth of the child, each state has a specific time defined when the Birth Mother is to sign the relinquishment papers. At that time the adoptive family becomes the legal parents of the baby.

After the birth, the Birth Mother may choose to accept professional counselling to help her to mourn and cope with her loss. If open adoption arrangements have been agreed upon, the Adoptive Family will send her regular photos, emails, letters or whatever level was agreed upon.

Adoption represents a chance to make an unplanned pregnancy into an ideal option and it can be the best possible decision for the whole adoption triad who will be forever linked: the Birth Mother, the child and the adoptive family.