Both private adoption and public adoption are options that are available to parents who are looking to create or expand their families through adoption.

Private Adoption (Independent) - US Adoption

Attorneys and law centers like Adoption Network Law Center assist Adoptive Parents and Birth Mothers in the United States with newborn adoptions. It is estimated that over 50% of all US adoption of newborns are placed through the independent adoption process and not through an adoption agency.

ANLC guides Birth Parents and Adoptive Parents throughout their entire adoption journeys, ensuring that Birth Mothers are supported and providing legal oversight to Adoptive Parents.

Public Agency Adoption - US Adoption

When a child cannot live with his/her family because of abuse, neglect or abandonment, they will enter their state’s foster care system. When a child enters the foster care system, the goal is to reunify the child with their Birth Parents or family. They may live with relatives or with unrelated parents and if they cannot be safely reunited with their birth families, adoption becomes the most desirable goal. Generally, the children available for adoption range from toddler to 21 with the median age being eight years old.

Private Adoption (Agency) - US Adoption

A private adoption agency assists Adoptive Parents and Birth Mothers in the United States, typically with newborn adoptions.

Unlike in a public agency adoption, a Birth Mother will make the decision to create an adoption plan for her baby and will voluntarily relinquish her parental rights and the adoption agency will be involved in overseeing the adoptive placement.

Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC)

ICPC is a statutory agreement between all 50 states, the District of Columbia and the US Virgin Islands. ICPC will govern the placement of children from one state into another state when the children are in the custody of a state or are being placed for private/independent adoption.

Private Agency Adoption – International Adoption

A private adoption agency assists Adoptive Parents looking to adopt internationally.

The Hague Convention governs all intercountry adoptions and an adoption service provider must be accredited or otherwise authorized by the Council On Accreditation in order to provide such services.

The adoption service provider will assist Adoptive Parents in gaining approval to adopt, receiving an adoptive placement, adopting or gaining legal custody of the child and applying for a visa for the child to enter the United States.