Adoption Network Law Center understands that adoption is a life-changing event that hits close to the hearts of who have experienced it. Adopted Children and Birth Mothers have unique lives that are rich and filled with love, but may often also be riddled with pain and uncertainty. With this in mind, ANLC acknowledges how wonderful it is when Birth Mothers and Adoptees take an interest in pursuing higher education. For this reason, we are pleased to offer the ANLC Scholarship!

What You'll Need

Applicant must either be a Birth Parent or an Adoptee
An acceptance letter to your college/university of choice
Video (2 minute minimum)
Completed form submission (provided below)
Scholarship Amount:
Up to $10,000, paid DIRECTLY from ANLC to the Applicant's college/university of choice
Scholarship Contest: "How Adoption has Changed My Life"
Video explaining/demonstrating how adoption has changed your life
Other Information
Questions and Queries:

What You Should Know

The winner will be notified through this email and the check will be made out directly to the winner’s school of choice. The applicant MUST provide an acceptance letter from their school of choice in order to receive the scholarship. In addition, you must submit your resume along with a 2-minute video demonstrating or explaining how adoption has changed your life. Multiple applicants can be awarded and ANLC will use their discretion on how much each applicant will be awarded up to $10,000. ANLC is looking for applicants who are not only eligible, but who follow directions and submit applications in a creative, fun way.
No Deadline
Notification date: July 10

How To Enter

To enter, simply create a 2-minute video that explains or demonstrates how adoption has changed your life, include interesting facts about yourself as a person who has been touched by adoption, highlighting how adoption has shaped you into the person you are today. You can use whatever you like in your video, such as costumes and effects, fun backdrops, scripts, friends and family, or other tools to make you video stand out from the rest. Once done, upload the video on YouTube or Vimeo, and submit the public URL in your application or use the hashtag #ANLCScholarship.
You can contact ANLC at with any further questions and queries.

Entry Form