ANLC helped us find our miracle. Our site went live in July 2013 and in May 2014 we received the call that our precious daughter was born! Although the waiting is tough the ANLC staff was always there reaching out and reassuring us. Our adoption hit a small snag (nothing to do with the ANLC… Read Full Article


Adoption is no easy process on either side, and it demands a sensitivity to all of the emotions that can be felt – good and bad. ANLC has not only been very professional in the handling of all of the details of our adoption, but I admire the way they have cared for the birth… Read Full Article

Nathan and Kara

Adoption changed our lives not once but twice. We were truly blessed and forever grateful for the wonderful blessings of our sons. After several rounds of infertility treatments and much money spent, we decided that we were being led to adopt. We weren’t sure where to turn, but we found Adoption Network Law Center and… Read Full Article


I am a single lady and my biggest dream in life was to be a mother. ANLC made my maternal dream come true! I had three unsuccessful rounds of IVC with a sperm donor, two of which resulted in miscarriage. I then decided to look into adoption. I began my search with domestic adoption agencies… Read Full Article

Emilio & Carmen

To all the Wonderful Staff form Adoption Network Law Center There are no words that can describe how grateful we are with each one of you!!! After many years of treatments and failed adoption attempts…WE FINALLY BECAME PARENTS!!! Its feels like a miracle, in the most wonderful season…X-mas !!! I just wanted to let you… Read Full Article

Eric & Lisa

We are the parents of three amazing sons, but the path to have them was a roller coaster ride. Faith, patience and perseverance paid off – with help from ANLC. My husband and I started trying to build a family early into our marriage, but found no reason why we were experiencing difficulties. We ended… Read Full Article

Kristen and Chad

When our youngest was two, we entered the adoption world. We were with a private adoption agency who specifically worked with newborn placement. We waited. And waited. And while we waited, we began to see that there might be a different path for us to welcome our next child. Two years into the process, we… Read Full Article

Jeff & Dawn

It is actually quite difficult to put into words what our adoption journey has been like. Yet, at the moment, I am sitting in the study of our home listening to the sweetest sounds I believe I’ve ever heard. They are coming from our daughter, who is now almost 8 months old. Jeff and I… Read Full Article

Anson, Venessa and little Kaden

Dear Waiting Parents, We heard about ANLC through a couple who had just adopted a baby through them. She told me that ANLC was wonderful and had walked them through each step and she was SO right. We set up a phone appointment and were extremely impressed. It seemed we had so many questions and… Read Full Article

Geoff & Sue

The call came, appropriately enough, in the parking lot of Babies R Us: Our baby girl had been born! She surprised everyone by coming far earlier than predicted. I was at the store checking out car seats since we needed to have one for our home study. The amazing array of choices was bewildering and… Read Full Article

Amy and Rob

Dear ANLC, Our son Miles is now 9 months old. It’s hard to believe that this time last year, we got the call from our Advisor at ANLC letting us know Miles’ birth mother had chosen us! We want to thank our Advisor, our Consultant, and the ANLC family for their help in introducing our… Read Full Article

Judge & Christie

We are LOVING parenthood. Denise is the greatest blessing we could ever ask for in life. We are very thankful to everyone at Adoption Network Law Center for assisting us on our journey. You guys rock! Read Full Article

Bryan, Erica, and Larryn

As we sit here looking around our living room this Thanksgiving holiday, we are overjoyed at how much that we have to be thankful for…we are thankful for the many toys that are strewn and scattered about the room; we are thankful for the sound of little feet up and down our hallway. For, you… Read Full Article

David & Ashley

On November 30, our lives were forever changed. The happiness and sense of completeness that we felt when we held our newborn son for the first time cannot be put into words. It was the end of an adoption journey that began just over a year prior, but it was just the beginning of our… Read Full Article

David and Kathy

I sit here reflecting on the journey that got us to this place in our family; this completeness that never was before. When you think of how things just fit together, like a jigsaw puzzle, it causes you to look at the wheels that were set in motion. The decision to adopt comes, for some,… Read Full Article

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