Adoption Consultants

Adoption Consultants are individuals or companies that help you through the adoption process. They generally come from years of experience in the field and share their expertise with their clients. With an Adoption Consultant, you will receive advice on the Home Study process and many offer advice for you as you put together your Adoption Profile. They are there to answer questions for you throughout the process. They are not lawyers or Agencies and work strictly as advisors; they network with agencies and/or law firms to advocate for their clients. Often you can choose the level of support you prefer.

Consultants are not regulated or licensed, and they do not work with Birth Mothers. Their emphasis is on education and support for prospective Adopting Parents. They will also review adoption opportunities and offer advice on any possible red flags, although they are not lawyers and cannot offer legal advice.

Pros and Cons of Using Adoption Consultants

As with most adoption entities, there are pros and cons to using Adoption Consultants.


  • Emotional Support: Adoption Consultants offer a shoulder for support. They will answer questions throughout the process in an unbiased manner.
  • Adoption Profile Advice: Adoption Consultants also offer advice on building your adoption profiles. They will review your profiles to ensure they are attractive to prospective Birth Mothers.
  • Home Study information: While Adoption Consultants don’t provide home studies, they will offer advice and suggestions to help you through that process as well.


  • No Legal Advice: Adoption Consultants cannot offer legal advice or counsel.
  • No Access to Prospective Birth Mothers: Adoption Consultants refer clients to other adoption entities (Law Firms, Adoption Agencies) in hopes that they will find a birth mother for their clients.
  • Unknown Agencies: You have no control over how the agency you end up working with handles Birth Mothers, or whether you will have any financial protection through them.
  • Cost: You are only paying for advice and emotional support. Home study, legal fees, Birth Mother expenses, and all other adoption-related expenses are still your responsibility.