Unplanned Pregnancy: Parenting, Adoption or Abortion?

An unplanned pregnancy can affect the rest of your life, and you're trying to make the best decision you can. Is parenting, adoption or abortion the right solution? Here are some facts to help you decide.
You are not alone, even if it feels that way right now.
Approximately 210 million women get pregnant each year around the world, according to a report from reproduction health research organization Guttmacher Institute, and 38% of these are unplanned. That's 79.8 million unplanned pregnancies per year. According to data collected in 2006 from the same sources, more than half of all American women will experience an unintended pregnancy by the age of 45.
There are many misconceptions about parenting, abortion, and adoption. You want to make the right choice. If you feel you need to talk to someone about your situation, let us connect you to an adoption professional for a confidential, free consultation, any time of day or night. Whatever you choose, this decision will impact your finances, your emotions, and the way you live your life. The best thing you can do is to get informed. Here are your options and what they really mean:
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How Much Does It Cost?

How much does it cost if you choose adoption?
  • Adoption doesn't cost you anything.
  • Your medical care, prenatal health care, and living expenses will often be paid for in accordance with the laws in your state. That includes rent, utilities, food, maternity clothes, prenatal nutrition, and other expenses according to your specific needs.
How much does it cost to get an abortion?
  • Depending on the type of procedure, (surgical, non-surgical) and how far along you are in your pregnancy, an abortion at a clinic such as Planned Parenthood, will cost you between $300 and $950.
  • Some states require an ultrasound before allowing you to terminate a pregnancy. Also, there may be additional costs for medications or medical treatment should a complication arise.
  • Also consider time missed from work during the procedure and post-procedure recovery.
How much does it cost to become a parent?
  • Pregnancy costs include tests, prenatal vitamins, ultrasounds and delivery fees. According to childbirthconnection.org data center, in 2010, an average vaginal delivery without complications in the U.S. was $10,166, and an average Caesarian Section delivery at a hospital was $17,052.
  • According to USDA child raising calculations for the United States, raising a child as a single parent can cost anywhere from $833 to $2,000 per month for the first year, which includes housing, transportation, diapers, clothing, crib, blankets, day care, formula, and medical expenses.
  • Also consider that you may have to move out of your house, so food costs, rent and utilities will factor into your monthly total living expenses, and transportation costs may also factor into raising your child.

What Happens After?

What happens after an adoption?
  • Every adoption story is different, but after the child is placed, direct or indirect contact between you and your child and the adoptive family in the form of letters, photos, or visits may be arranged. Although some adoptions are considered "closed," and no contact is made, if desired.
  • After grieving, many birth mothers move forward after an adoption to live their lives normally again.
  • Some birth mothers request counseling after placing a child with an adoptive family.
What happens after an abortion?
  • Depending on which procedure or method is used, according to U.S. clinics like Planned Parenthood and FWHC, a woman's normal period should resume 4-8 weeks after terminating a pregnancy. There is generally a 1-2 week time period where a woman should refrain from certain activities, such as swimming or using tampons, in order to reduce the risks of infection while recovering from an abortion.
  • After recovery, most women move forward after an abortion and continue to live their lives normally.
  • Some women request post-abortion counseling to deal with the emotional and psychological effects of terminating their pregnancy.
What will it be like being a parent?
  • Many women experience a big change in their lives when becoming a parent. They may not be able to finish school as planned, they may have to put a career path on hold, or put off things like playing sports, traveling, or other interests.
  • The strain of an unplanned pregnancy can often cause problems between family members and loved ones after the baby is born. Things like financial stress and the demands of parenting responsibilities can make the problems worse.
  • Many women still choose parenthood despite the inevitable changes and expected difficulties, and continue to live their lives with the added challenges of raising a child.

Unplanned Pregnancy Options Available