Making decisions about an unplanned pregnancy is not easy. Knowing you have support is an important factor while considering your options. You do not have to be alone. Individuals who can discuss their feelings may more easily come to terms with their decision and be able to integrate the experience into their lives. Seek out friends, support groups, Birth Parents, or understanding counselors in order to have a safe place to communicate feelings, ask questions, and explore options.
Who should you talk to?
adoption support


One of your first steps should include talking to the baby’s father and to your family about the pregnancy to learn if they are willing to help. Let them in on what you’re thinking. Feeling supported and having a network of understanding friends outside of your family is very important as well. It’s good to have another person you can talk to about what you’re learning and what questions you still have. If you cannot turn to the baby’s father, family or friends, let us connect you with a support professional for a confidential, free consultation any time of the day or night.


An adoption professional will work closely and sympathetically with an Expectant Mother to explore reasons for adoption and alternative options. Make a list of questions you want answered and go talk to someone. Talking to someone who is an adoption professional in no way promises them that you will place your child through them. They are there as a resource. Ask your questions without holding back. This is your child and your decision.


Find someone who has made the choice you are contemplating. Ask her questions about her experience while keeping in mind that everyone’s story is different. She made the best decision she could make at that time with that set of circumstances.


Talking to others who are making or have made an unplanned pregnancy decision may be helpful. You can learn how they considered their options, who helped them and how they are dealing with their decision. Once you’ve made your plan, they will be able to support you in a way that your family and friends can’t. There are groups for pregnant girls and women, those in the process of adoption, those who have completed an adoption, as well as groups for teen parents and abortion recovery.


There are all sorts of centers, including those that offer unplanned pregnancy counseling and assistance in finding a professional to help with specific services. The counselor may be associated with an adoption agency or professional, abortion clinic or parenting center. At a counseling center, you can ask questions without the fear of judgment. Many times women who volunteer at these centers have experienced an unplanned pregnancy. You may be able to speak to someone who’s had an abortion or placed her child with an Adoptive Family. Their objective should be to help you sort through the options without guiding you in any direction. Once you have made your decision, they should be able to provide or refer you for additional services.
Making an adoption plan, deciding to parent, or planning an abortion is a momentous decision. Take the time to consider your options, build your support network, and get counseling to be sure you are making the right choice for you.
You do not have to be alone.