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There are many reasons why Birth Parents choose adoption; a single mother may want her baby to have two stable parents, a couple may feel they're too young or don't have the financial resources to raise a child. Others need to complete their education or are in the midst of career difficulties. Even married Birth Parents may feel their relationship is not stable enough for a child or they cannot care for more children. Every Birth Parent is unique so every reason is unique. Only you can make the decision about adoption and your reasons will be respected.
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Yes! You choose your adoptive couple if you want to. You can spend time with them to get to know them. Many birth parents meet for dinner, go to doctor visits together, talk on the telephone and/or write to each other. You can be the one to hand the baby to them at the hospital. Or, you can make your choice without meeting them. Open adoption allows you to decide how open or private you want your relationship to be with the family you choose.
It is very important to make an adoption plan that is comfortable for both you and the Adoptive Parents. Many Birthparents receive letters and photos from the Adoptive Parents on an ongoing basis, some just periodically. Others have phone conversations and a few actually visit one another. It is important to choose parents whose ideas about ongoing contact are similar to your own. Sometimes adopting couples are initially fearful about continued contact, but your Adoption Advisor can help them with this and help you make a plan that works for everyone.
You will know that your baby is with a good adopting family because you choose them, meet them and get to know them. Even if you prefer not to have much contact, your couple will be thoroughly evaluated in an adoption homestudy process done by the state they live in. This includes assessments of their marital stability, financial situation, lifestyle, and medical history. Then fingerprints will be taken to verify there is no record of criminal activity or child abuse. Their home will also be inspected by a social worker to ensure it is a safe environment for a child. We also provide education on adoption and parenting for them. After all of these requirements are met, the family may go before the adoption judge and finally be declared a permanent family.
If you need financial assistance, we have adoptive families who can help with your living expenses or other costs that are related to the pregnancy (as allowed by state law). We will help you apply for any public assistance or insurance benefits to which you are entitled during your pregnancy. The adoption judge will review what expenses are paid to you before the adoption is finalized so we must keep careful records. We will help you to comply with the adoption laws.
We have our own maternity home for our Birth Mothers who have chosen adoption. We also have a satellite home program and various other housing options that we can utilize to find a safe place for you.
A Birthfather may be hesitant about adoption at first, but then realizes that he may not have the time or resources to parent the child. Usually he just needs reassurance that he will not be shut out of the adoption process and can be involved if he chooses.
An Adoption Advisor is available to speak with him to help guide guide him through the adoption process.
Under California law, your relinquishment documents are signed once you have given birth and are medically discharged from the hospital. It is a good idea to think about your plans as early in your pregnancy as possible, especially if you would like to get to know a family and want the baby to go home with them from the hospital. Normally, irrevocable relinquishments are taken 48-72 hours after the birth of the child with an agency adoption.
The couple who adopts your child will be given information about your background, family and medical history, interests and hobbies - what you are like as a person. They will learn how and when to share this information and how to answer your child's questions with love and sensitivity. They will explain the very difficult and unselfish decision you made when you decided adoption would be best for your child.
YES! There may always be a bit of sadness in your heart that circumstances for you were not different. Amy, an eighteen year old Birth Mother once said "Any remorse or sadness that I once felt, was replaced with the joy, warmth, love, security, and financial stability that my adoptive couple will provide for my child. I can now plan to reorganize my life and create a future for myself. I could not have accomplished this without the support and concern of the people at Adoption Network Law Center."

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