Sometimes a woman who is facing an unplanned pregnancy and is considering or is already in the process of adoption, is not able to stay in her current living situation during her pregnancy. This may be due to financial factors, unsupportive families, or a generally unsafe environment.

If you find yourself in this situation, know that you deserve a safe and secure place to stay during your pregnancy and consider what options may be available to you. Reach out to your adoption professional to see if they can help you secure appropriate housing in accordance with your state’s laws.

1) Other Family Members or Friends

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Living with other family members or friends may be an option for you. If you are not sure how to share your adoption decision with others, click here.

Even if living with family members or friends is not an option, know that it will still be helpful to you to develop a support system during the adoption process.

2) Maternity Shelters and Homes for Women

Housing assistance for pregnant woman

Many places provide housing assistance to pregnant women, whether they are pursuing adoption or not.

  • These homes are specifically designed to accommodate pregnant women. You will be taken care of and will interact with people who are experienced in pregnancy and women’s assistance.
  • Some homes may be able to provide you access to educational programs, job coaching and other life skills.
  • These homes often have access to doctors/medical professionals where you can go for easy access and advice.
  • You can carry your pregnancy in peace and privacy.

There are many options for women who would feel comfortable living in a home specifically designed to accommodate pregnant women. However, it is important to know that this is meant to be temporary housing, so there will likely be strict rules that determine how long you will be able to stay.

Here are a list of some resources:

These are a few of many options, and there are also many resources that can refer you to places to stay as well. Adoption Network is available for free information and support 24/7, and can help you find information on maternity homes and shelters near you.

3) Short Term Housing

Housing for pregnant women

Short term housing generally refers to apartment rentals or extended stay hotels/motels.

  • For some women who have jobs or other obligations to consider, short term housing is an option they like to consider.