Often, a woman who is experiencing an unplanned pregnant, and is considering or is already in the process of adoption, is not able to stay in her current living situation. Whether this is due to financial factors, unsupportive families, or a generally unsafe environment, there are many factors that may hinder a woman from having a suitable living area. However, there are many available options that will allow you to live in a much safer and more comfortable environment during your pregnancy.
At ANLC, we have our own maternity home for our Birth Mothers who have chosen adoption. We also have a satellite home program and various other housing options that we can utilize to find a safe place for you.
Additionally, here are some other options available to you during this time:
1) Additional Family Members
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This can be difficult to do, especially if it is a family member you are not in regular contact with. However, it is always best to use your immediate options before broadening your search. Even if it can seem awkward and embarrassing, the relief you may feel when someone acts in a positive way will definitely outweigh that initial strangeness. Typically, family will want to support one another, so try this option first.
2) Maternity Shelters and Homes for Pregnant Women
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Many places provide free houses to pregnant women, whether they are pursuing adoption or not. This could be a great option because:
  • There are many homes specific to housing pregnant women all over the country.
  • The homes are specifically designed to accommodate pregnant women. You will be taken care of and will interact with people who are experts in pregnancy and women’s assistance.
  • You can meet and befriend other women who are going through similar experiences as you.
  • They often have doctors nearby or onsite where you can go for easy access and advice.
  • You can carry your pregnancy in peace and privacy.
There are many options for women who would feel comfortable living in a home specifically designed to accommodate pregnant women. However, it can take some research to find a good maternity home that really fits with you in terms of the style of living, religious affiliation, the people, and other preferences. Additionally, it is fundamentally temporary housing, and, while it can be a great solution if you are looking for a short­term solution, they may have strict rules that govern how long you can stay there.
Besides those factors, this can be a great solution for someone who would enjoy the opportunity to live in this type of community. Here are a list of some resources to help you find this kind of housing:
These are a few of many options, and there are also many resources that can refer you to places to stay as well. Adoption Network is available for free information and support 24/7, and can give you information about places you can stay while you are carrying your pregnancy.
3) Short­Term Apartments and Housing
Housing for pregnant women
These can include temporary apartment sublets or extended ­stay hotels or motels.
  • Your adoptive family will cover the costs of these places, according to the state’s law.
  • These can always be found around the area you already live in, so it would not require any relocation, especially if you have a job or family obligations to consider.
  • These are usually easy to find, while finding a community home you want to live in could require more effort and research.
Something like a hotel might not be the homiest option, but some women find it to be one of the better options for their personal wants. This does, however, usually tend to be an even more temporary solution, and is usually done while in search of a permanent residence.
The adoption professional you are working with should do their best to supply you with proper housing during your pregnancy, should you need it. Also make sure to ask your adoption professional about how much the adoptive family is able to cover your financial costs, since there are often limits imposed from state to state. In general, it is best to seek out an ideal living location since you are providing a home for yourself and your developing child.