Caty K

My husband and I signed up with ANLC after we received a referral from a friend who had used the firm 8 years prior. We interviewed ANLC once in May 2014 and needed more time to decide the right path for us. In Jan 2015 we did another interview and received the same information as before. This made us feel even more comfortable moving forward with ANLC. Our profile went live at the end of March and each month our client service provider checked in with us to see how we were doing and reassured us of the process. It takes time for a match to happen and each month of waiting made us more anxious than ever. They did everything they could to make us feel comfortable and assured us our profile was being viewed. In July we were matched with a birth mother, the most exciting news. The birth mother went into labor a few weeks early but from the moment she notified ANLC of her labor ANLC was on the phone with us at least every hour updating us of her progress and what we needed to do to prepare for the trip across county. We were match through ANLC with a social worker in our adoption state. Both agencies called us multiple times throughout the day to let us know what the next steps were and what paperwork to provide or just to see how we were doing and handling our new addition. They kept us in constant contact with the birth mother and supported both parties throughout the process. Our daughter is the most amazing part of our life. Adoption was the perfect match for us and we are so grateful to have had ANLC walk us through the enter process. A year later after our adoption we still receive check-in emails from ANLC. I recommend anyone considering adoption to do their research and understand every state has different requirements for adoption. ANLC will guide you through the process but it is also up to the future parents to ask lots of questions and reach out when needed. We had the most positive experience working with ANLC.

Written by Jason Granillo

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