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Choosing Adoption

Considering putting your baby up for adoption? We know what you’re going through. With decades of experience, we can help you find the answers.

Birth Mother Common Questions and Concerns

  “Adoption Network Law Center is the reason why my baby is going to have a strong future.”-Megan Adoptive Parent...

Can I decide after I give birth?

“This was one of the hardest and most unselfish decisions i ever had to make. But it was the best...

How far into pregnancy can I decide?

“They helped me find the perfect family for my son. That was almost 7 years to the day.  As a...

Can I change my mind about an adoption?

“Your agency is amazing, you got back to me right away! I would have never met my perfect match family.”...

Can I Keep My Adoption / Pregnancy a Secret?

“This was one of the hardest and most unselfish decisions I ever had to make. But it was the best...

Telling Others About Your Adoption Plan

Try to imagine what the response might be from each person when breaking the news of an unplanned pregnancy, especially...

Dealing with Unsupportive Parents & Family Members

“It just made me feel like I’m a better person and that I made a decision that I will never...

Will I get to visit with my child after placement?

One of the first questions an expectant mother planning to place her child for adoption may ask is if she...

Placing your Baby for Adoption While in Jail / Prison

“Going through a process where you’re not really sure what to expect to have someone there on your side to...

What happens after adoption?

“The entire team at ANLC made me feel welcome, safe, protected and loved. I did not, for even a moment...

How soon after birth do adoptive parents take the baby?

“My Adoption Advisor was so incredible, supporting, caring, and went above and beyond anything I would have expected.” – ANLC...

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