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Adoption Network Law Center (ANLC) is available to provide your organization with free adoption education and training.

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“The entire team at ANLC made me feel welcome, safe, protected and loved. I did not, for even a moment feel, less than, or at all judged, for choosing adoption. That to me was so awesome I can’t even explain it…”  – Stacy- ANLC Birth Mother

For women facing an unplanned pregnancy and exploring their options, adoption can be an intimidating and confusing process. It is also not always a familiar process for the medical and service providers that they turn to. ANLC is here to help.

If you have a question or would like more information on adoption for a client, or if your organization would benefit from adoption education and training, please contact us!

Education and Training Topics include:

  • The evolution of adoption over the years
  • Questions related to Birth Fathers
  • The relationship between Birth Parents and Adopting Parents
  • Outlining an Adoption Plan
  • Discuss the hospital’s role
  • Understanding the AD22 Form
  • Immediate Birth Situations

To schedule an online educational presentation, you may contact:

Carol Slater, Liaison and Outreach Coordinator

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