Adopting A Child Benefits

Adoption can be viewed from many different angles. The Birth Parents, the Adoptive Parents, and the child themselves all have a different point of view that colors what adoption is to them. For some, adoption is a touchy subject. For others, adoption is viewed as something frightening and worrisome, and still others view it as a gift and a total blessing. In truth, adoption can be all of these things, but no matter which angle you’re coming from, you can agree that there are plenty of advantages that come with and from adoption.

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“My advice to a Birth Mother would be to stay focused on the gift that you are giving especially to this child, giving the adoptive child more than you can at that time and giving them the gift of life basically twice.” – ANLC Birth Mother

Advantages of Adoption: A Multifaceted Blessing

Adoption can be viewed and experienced from a variety of different situations, it is only natural that the advantages that come with it are varied as well. Knowing just how adoption can positively impact you will help you in making your decision to adopt or make an adoption plan for your child.

Advantages for Birth Mothers

There are usually a number of different circumstances in making a decision to place your child for adoption. Fortunately, adoption comes with a lot of resources and advantages for birth mothers.

Typically, women who choose adoption:

  • Have a Higher Chance of achieving their goals: Adoption can provide women with the opportunity to pursue an education and or achieve her goals.
  • Are Still Able to Be A Part of Their Baby’s Life: Even after adoption is chosen, mothers are still able to be a part of their child’s life. Depending on the relationship they’ve chosen, they can receive letters, emails, photos, and even phone calls. In some agreements, the birth mother may even visit her child. This helps many women know that their adoption decision was the right one.
  • Have Peace: Mothers have peace knowing their precious child is being raised in a safe, loving environment.

Advantages for Adoptive Parents

Adoptive Parents and families get a number of advantages of their own from adoption, but the strongest one remains to be that families get to either have children for the first time or get to add to their already existing family.

Adding a child to the family is always a blessed experience. Through adoption, you are able to experience the absolute joy of children in the home, sometimes when having children seemed impossible due complications. Same sex couples, infertile couples, and single adoptive parents are given the opportunity to experience and observe the gifts of children and family first hand.

Advantages for Adoptive Children

Adoption may give the most advantages to the children themselves. With adoption comes ample opportunity, and many adoptive children are able to receive the following:

  • A Life Their Parents Wanted for Them: Many birth parents choose adoption because they are unable to provide the life they desire for their child due to personal circumstances. Adoption provides the child a loving home to grow up in, in the kind of environment the birth parent always envisioned for them.
  • Love and Support: Adoptive children’s stories of adoption begin with love. The love and adoration of their birth parent and their adoptive parents. Adopted children may also experience growing up with extended family which could include siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

If you are considering adoption, knowing these advantages can help you in making your decision. Adoption is a commitment that includes more than just a list of advantages. We are committed to helping you in making your decision. No matter what road you are on or what you ultimately decide to do, we are here to support you. Call us at 1-800-367-2367 anytime.

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