Adoption Network Founders First Successful Adoption Story

Our first successful adoption was the Harrison family, who adopted twins, Emily and Nathan, in 1995. Here is their story told by Adoptive Mother, Sylvia Harrison:

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Our family just returned from a wine tasting trip, celebrating our twins’ 21st birthday! Can it be that it was 21 years ago we held in our arms for the first time our tiny boy/girl twins? Hear our story and how this all unfolded, as if on a magic carpet ride!

We had been trying for 5 years when my husband lost his mother suddenly and he said to me a few months later “I am no longer someone’s child but I need to be someone’s parent.” This melted my heart and we vowed on that Friday night to start looking into adoption. The next morning I went for a massage and out of the blue the therapist asked if I knew of anyone looking to adopt! It had only been 12 hours when we were introduced to Carol and Allan Gindi, our “guardian angels”! They had a birth mother who was expecting twins and asked if we would be interested.

From the moment we started to dream of adopting to the moment we held our precious babies it had only been 5 months, a true miracle!

We remember the Gindi family traveling with us to meet our birth mother in the desert and then back again for the birth of the twins. Carol was there to take care of every question and concern that came up. Lauren was just a little girl, Allan had not become a lawyer and there was no office. This was a family who took pride in making other couples dreams of being parents come true! Theirs was a similar story so they understood the pain of this journey as well as the joy!

We put our trust in their hands and never looked back. We were their first adoption and want to congratulate the whole Adoption Network Law Center – you make happiness happen! We have remained friends with the Gindi’s and have watched our families grow up. Carol still calls our kids “her twins”! We are blessed…

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