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We had a wonderful experience with ANLC and thanks to the wonderful staff we have our first child, a beautiful son. We look forward to using your services again.

~ ANLC Family

Professional, helpful staff. We were matched with a healthy couple that was expecting a beautiful baby girl in a very short timeframe! We were not expecting such a wonderful match in such a short timeframe specially following years of struggle and disappointment with doctors and infertility treatments.

~ ANLC Family

We loved ANLC. Everyone was very informative and friendly.

~ ANLC Family

We are so happy we started the paperwork in late August by October we had our child.

~ ANLC Family

Everyone we have worked with at ANLC has been kind, supportive and advocates for building our family. We never have had to worry whether everything was being taken care of, ANLC has always been on top of things and led us every step of the way, now through 3 adoptions! We recommend them to anyone interested in adopting!

~ ANLC Family

We had a wonderful experience with ANLC. We were truly blessed with God led us to use ANLC. Every day, as he grows and smiles, we thank god for him and our experience. We can't express how thankful we are to ANLC and our birthmother.

~ ANLC Family

Our experience with ANLC was and is amazing! People cannot believe our amazing adoption story and how quickly our daughter came to us. Everyone on your staff is professional, kind, sincere and caring. We've told many so people about ANLC and will continue to recommend you. We hope to use your again in the future! We know we picked the right partner. We are so blessed and our lives have been changed with the arrival of our little one. Kate has brought us so much joy -- THANK you!!

~ ANLC Family

Hello, I write this letter as I watch our beautiful new baby girl soundly in her cradle. Words cannot describe how my heart is feeling. I called your law firm last June after Mike and I had just found out that our second round of Invitro did not work. I was heartbroken and weary that the road to growing our family had become so long and full of disappointment. When I made that call, I had so many doutbs in my head. "Could I love an adopted child like I loved my own children?" "How long would the process take?" "What happened if the birth mother changed her mind?" My fears quickly melted away when i watched the DVD sent as a result of my conversation with your intake worker. I saw other women on that DVD who had looks of pure joy on their faces as they described the adoption process. I had not had that look in a long time and knew instantly in my heart that this as the answer to all of our prayers. While the process took us almost 8 months and we did have a failed match along the way, I would not trade our journey as it brought Addie into our home. She is loved and adored by everyone. Thank you seems so little for all that you have done. Karen was wonderful in helping us get started. Kitty and Kelly did a great job in calming our fears when our wait grew long. Ellen was amazing during the match process and specially at the hospital. God truly has placed the right people at your law firm to minister to couples such as us. Someone said to me the other day that I as glowing and I immediately began to smile knowing that I too now have a look of pure joy on my face. Thank Adoption Network Law Center for helping to heal my broken heart and bringing a smile back to my face. Lots of love.

~ Jo, Ellen and Mike

We had several phone calls and your consultant took the time to explain every step, answer the same questions several times. Her knowledge and support really helped us to make our decision to proceed. Your marketing staff was so supportive when it came to our photos and profile. Rally assured us it really does come together. The monthly follow up calls were nice. Made us feel like we weren't alone or forgotten while we wait to be matched. The advisor was incredible, without her support and hand holding we never could have done this. We waited for updates on our Birthmom, to hear how she was and we felt confident ANLC was taking great care of her as well. Your staff came to be like our extended family. We were fortunate and had close to a perfect situation but it was wonderful to have their support during this stressful process. Your staff came to be like our extended family. We were fortunate and had close to a perfect situation but it was wonderful to have their support during this stressful process.

~ ANLC Family

I am looking out the window watching the snow blanket the countryside in pure white fluffiness as my two baby girls quietly take their naps. The living room, however, is not quite as peaceful. It is a wonderful mess of toys, sippy cups, crushed cereal and various crayons strewn about. I am crying because I’m so happy as I reflect back on the past 17 months. After trying to have a baby of our own for 2 years, my husband and I decided it was time to look into the possibility of adoption. Everyone was saying that we should “just relax and wait,” that we “were still young and that nature would soon take its course and we would get pregnant.” After all, we were only 25 years old. But that wasn’t what we wanted to hear! Who can “relax” when all you want to do is hold a baby in your arms? We had always wanted to adopt a baby, even if we could conceive, why not now? We were ready and willing and if God wanted us to, he would lead the way and open all the doors we needed. We looked into international adoption first, since I had spent time in Romania with orphans there before we were married. But Romania was closed. The other place we had in mind was China, but we weren’t married long enough, weren’t old enough and the wait was a long 2 years or more. These we sensed were clearly closed doors. Moving on, I merely did a random search online and ANLC was the first to come up. I clicked on the link, showed the info to my husband and within a month we set up an appointment for a phone conference. Everyone was so sweet and friendly, we didn’t even look anywhere else! We were so excited and ready to follow our dreams to the baby that God had chosen for us. ANLC made everything so smooth and fun. We simply didn’t mind getting all the photos, letters and other paperwork in order. We submitted our information on May 1st, we were chosen by our birthmother June 25th, and our baby was born July 29th. Our parents hardly had time to prepare to become grandparents!! We were successful in giving them some much needed grey hairs! Before the process, we thought for sure we would wait a long time, possibly a year. After all, we were one of the youngest couples posted online. But God brought us to our birthmother and our baby girl, not a moment too soon or too late! The relationship with our birthmother is still one we cherish and hold dear to this day. We can’t thank her enough for the blessing she has been to us and the blessing she has given us. She was just a week old when we found out that we were pregnant! Sadly to say, at 6 weeks, I misscarried that baby. Two months later we conceived again and carried to term a baby girl, Lana Faith who was born Aug 8th (a year exactly to the day that we brought her home)! Now tell me that God doesn’t have a sense of humor!? Now at 17 months old, our sweet baby is a big sister. It is such a delight watching her grow and now interact with her new sister. She gives her hugs and kisses and it makes my heart just melt! She is a continuous joy and makes us laugh as she jumps and runs and chases her favorite doggy all over the house! If you have thought about adopting, stop thinking and take the leap of faith! Its amazing! And like us, you will look back on years of joy, smiles, and tears of happiness. Adoption is a true miracle. Having a baby by adoption is quite the same as having a baby born of your own body. It’s no different love. And to that, I know first hand. They are yours from the heart at the very beginning. It’s hard to describe just how much I love them both in the same way…can I show you in tears? Thanks again to God and the staff at ANLC. Love

~ Kurtis & Aimee

Dear Adoption Network Law Center, There are not enough word to express how thankful we are for all your help in our adoption journey and our new bundle of joy, Angelica Jade. When we first began dating, we knew that we would someday get married and start a family together. We knew we could not have any children of our own but we knew we could always adopt. After we got married in 2011, we began our adoption research. In February of 2012, we had our first appointment with ANLC. Six months later we were fortunate enough to be chosen by a wonderful birth mother. Shortly thereafter we were blessed with the birth of our angel, Angelica Jade, on September 28, 2012. The adoption process was a very emotional experience. There is that unknown insecure feeling of what could or will not happen. We read many adoption testimonials but we did not believe it would happen so fast. It was very comforting to know that ANLC was there to guide us every step of the way. Everyone at ANLC was so helpful, friendly, and encouraging. Angelica is the happiest baby. Her smiles just melt your heart. She has dramatically changed our lives for the better. We truly have been blessed with this new addition to our family. We definitely would recommend and use ANLC again. God bless you all.

~ Christian & Sal

I just wanted to send a quick thank you to all of you who have helped Andrea and I start our family. Last week, I flew back and finalized the adoption for Jaxon. It has been a very long and bumpy journey and I am so thankful that this little boy can now be called our son. His smiles at the end of a long day are the highlight that I look forward to seeing. Jaxon is pushing 16lbs or more on his 3rd month. He is a big boy. He is trying to start rolling over and he started telling us wonderful stories in his baby talk.

~ Jim & Andrea

I sit here reflecting on the journey that got us to this place in our family; this completeness that never was before. When you think of how things just fit together, like a jigsaw puzzle, it causes you to look at the wheels that were set in motion. The decision to adopt comes, for some, after a road full of hardship and pain from loss and disappointment. When you reach that point in your life, you need someone who has faith bigger than yours that things will work out, and the means to put the wheels into motion for you. ANLC was able to do that for us. When you begin your adoption process, knowing which professional to use is a scary start. For us, it was the same overwhelming feeling of wondering who to go with, which type of service would give us the best opportunity for exposure, and who had the largest expectant parent base to show our profile. It is quite a daunting feat! Upon receiving a follow up call back from ANLC after an internet query, I knew immediately we were on the right path. At our consultation, all of our questions were answered, our fears were talked about, and the decision was left up to us. What were we waiting for? The decision to go with ANLC to bring our daughter into our family was a natural decision for us. At every turn we were met with kind words, encouragement, and returned phone calls. When we asked for references, they were freely given and each couple we spoke to was open and honest about their experience and expectations. We were scared, but confident. Our Consultant was available to us by email or by phone any time we needed her. Our process was timely and exciting. We knew exactly how many hits our profile got each month and how many paper profiles were handed out. At a time in your life where nothing is within your control, we were offered support and guidance. The waiting is the hardest part but the day we received "the call" will be etched in our minds forever. While being presented with an expectant mom that was interested in our family, we were given full disclosure, able to ask questions, and talked with her that night on the phone. We were smitten, but realistic. Then the real wait and fear began while we waited for the birth of a child we prayed would be our daughter. During this time, the birth mother Advisor kept in close contact with us. We had scheduled weekly calls, but spoke almost every day. She was our lifeline. And the lifeline of our daughter's birth mom. ANLC did a wonderful job keeping us up to date while providing for the emotional and physical needs of the expectant mom that chose us. They were able to get her into counseling, take her to doctor appointments, and provide us with one on one glimpses into her personality and heart. A journey that is hard for both sides of the road, had a middle ground that we are forever thankful for. When our daughter's birth mom went into labor three weeks early, we were called immediately. We travelled 1900 miles and were with our daughter 18 hours after her birth. She has been in our arms every moment since. From the beginning questions of our adoption journey through the finalization, the staff at ANLC has always been there. We were lucky enough to have our daughter delivered in California where their office is located and we were able to meet in person several key staff in our walk. Adopting is a scary path, with many painful life events that bring you and your family to that decision. But it doesn't have to be. ANLC was our beacon in the dark, scary waters that led to completing our family. For that, we are eternally grateful.

~ David and Kathy

On November 30, our lives were forever changed. The happiness and sense of completeness that we felt when we held our newborn son for the first time cannot be put into words. It was the end of an adoption journey that began just over a year prior, but it was just the beginning of our new life as a family. When we first reached out to ANLC, we were scared, nervous, and anxious as we knew we were heading down a path that neither of us had ever envisioned. However, from the moment we first spoke with an adoption consultant, to the congratulatory phone call we received from our adoption advisor after Hudson’s birth, ANLC was there with us for every step of the way. They gave us comfort. They gave us guidance. Ultimately though, they gave us hope. That hope became a reality on November 30, and we realized, our journey was just now beginning. We cannot thank the staff at ANLC enough for all the encouragement you gave us during our adoption process and we know that if the door for adoption is ever opened again for us, we will be seeking your help once again.

~ David & Ashley

As we sit here looking around our living room this Thanksgiving holiday, we are overjoyed at how much that we have to be thankful for…we are thankful for the many toys that are strewn and scattered about the room; we are thankful for the sound of little feet up and down our hallway. For, you see, these little things are a dream come true for us because at one point in our lives, this is a sight and sound that we feared would never grace the walls of our loving home. Our journey began on our wedding day, as we pledged our love to one another and to God, and then we looked forward to all that would follow, and our hopes had always been to be parents. After 12 years of marriage and several pregnancy losses, our hearts were broken, but we knew that God was leading us elsewhere…we were actually at a point where we could feel God saying to us, “ I am waiting on you…” which is exactly why our adoption story is truly remarkable. We had been considering and reviewing adoption entities for some time, but in October, we came across Adoption Network Law Center, and from the time that we received our information packet, we were instantly assigned to an adoption consultant, and they were there every step of the day at all hours of the day to answer our questions and give endless support. At this point, we began to fill out the required paperwork, and by February, we had competed one of our adoption profiles and were in the process of finishing a secondary profile. We braced ourselves for the possibility of waiting many long months, but before we were even able to complete the second profile, and after only two weeks, we were contacted by ANLC saying that we had been selected by birthparents…we were speechless and overjoyed! From the beginning, we connected with our birthmother through a supervised phone correspondence, and she connected with us as well. From there, we decided that we would like to meet one another the next month. In fact, it is amazing just how well it all fell into place because my husband had a conference in Denver in April, which was much closer in timing and in location to where we had to be to meet our birthparents. We flew to meet our birthparents, and from there our lives will never be the same because we met two people who we will forever be grateful for because of their ability to give life to their unborn child, and for their ability to give to us the desire of our hearts. On June 1 at 10:00am, Larryn Daniel, our magical moment tied with a blue ribbon, arrived in our arms and forever into our hearts. We will forever be grateful to his birthparents and to the journey of how he came to be; we are grateful to our adoption consultant for her unconditional support, and we are grateful to God for truly blessing “the broken road that led us straight to our son, Larryn”. Today, we stand profoundly amazed at the miracle of life and at watching our son grow and thrive. It is such a blessing to see our son enjoy his childhood, as he stands before us now in his dinosaur pajamas playing with his trucks and cars and making “Broom… Broom” sounds. “Some people come into our lives and they leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same.”(Unknown) We have been blessed with a gift, and we will never be the same. Love and Blessings!

~ Bryan, Erica, and Larryn

We are LOVING parenthood. Denise is the greatest blessing we could ever ask for in life. We are very thankful to everyone at Adoption Network Law Center for assisting us on our journey. You guys rock!

~ Judge & Christie

Dear ANLC, Our son Miles is now 9 months old. It’s hard to believe that this time last year, we got the call from our Advisor at ANLC letting us know Miles’ birth mother had chosen us! We want to thank our Advisor, our Consultant, and the ANLC family for their help in introducing our beautiful baby boy into our lives! Our journey to Miles was not a short one. After infertility treatments, miscarriages, and a dossier submitted to China (we’re still waiting), we landed at ANLC’s doorstep in the summer of 2010. We were living in Japan at the time, and other entities had told us our overseas status might make it difficult to match us with a birth mother. In our first phone interview with our Consultant at ANLC, she assured us that ANLC had had success working with families living abroad. We signed on, and six short weeks after being live on the site, we were presented with an adoption opportunity with a birth mother whose baby was due in May. Sadly for us, weeks out from the baby’s due date, the birth mother changed her mind. We were devastated, but decided to give it another shot. We waited for what seemed like an eternity, but, in reality, it was just four short months. I still remember the day our adoption advisor, contacted us about Miles’ birth mother: it was August 5, and we were waiting out a typhoon in Okinawa, Japan. We were so excited, but also skittish after the last time. Our Advisor held our hand through the entire process. On November 16, Miles was born. We caught a plane (luckily, we had moved back to the States, so it was only a cross-country flight, and not a trans-Pacific flight), and held our sweet baby boy for the first time the following morning. We cannot say enough about the encouragement and support that ANLC, and our Advisor in particular, provided us throughout this journey. There were moments along the way, when I think we might have given up without her support and insight. Every morning, when I go to take Miles out of his crib, I think how lucky I am to be his mom and how happy I am that we waited for him! Thank you, ANLC, for helping us on our journey to become a family.

~ Amy and Rob

The call came, appropriately enough, in the parking lot of Babies R Us: Our baby girl had been born! She surprised everyone by coming far earlier than predicted. I was at the store checking out car seats since we needed to have one for our home study. The amazing array of choices was bewildering and I walked out thinking, oh well, I have time to decide what to buy... Suddenly that call came in and everything changed - my husband Geoff and I had to leap into action! When we had our first meeting with our Consultant she gave us a great overview of the process and explained how ANLC would help us. We had talked to other adoption entities and liked how ANLC did things. When we asked that anxious question that everyone must ask, “How long will we have to wait?” Our Consultant told us - with a twinkle in her eye – “Well, I can’t make any promises, but I don’t think you’ll wait very long…” It was a classic case of “be careful what you wish for,” because before we knew it the call came. Within weeks we had been selected by a birth mother in Kentucky, and she was due in less than 3 months. Soon we learned that our birth mother had a complication that meant she would be delivering the baby a month early – and then our already accelerated timeline moved ahead even faster when our little girl decided she was ready to be born, 7 weeks ahead of schedule! This would be our first child after years of infertility so we were ecstatic to be chosen so quickly, but also in a panic because we were in no way ready for a baby. We scrambled to complete our home study and all the application paperwork. Fortunately the agency that ANLC put us in touch with, was great to work with and they helped make sure everything got done on time. The adoption attorney in Kentucky who ANLC connected us with sent another huge set of forms and helped us get the KY documents done (we were still completing forms in the car on the way to the hospital to meet our new daughter!). Eventually the seemingly endless pile of paperwork and the long honey-do list melted away and we were on our way to our dream of becoming parents. It started off a little scary. With Maddy born 7 weeks early and more than 2,000 miles away we were excited but apprehensive. Was the baby ok? What should we do? Who could help us? ANLC calmly talked us through the process and helped us understand what would/could happen, how others had managed with their premature babies, what to expect and what questions to ask. We felt confident that we were making the right decision to adopt Maddy and made our way to Kentucky right away. While attending to Maddy in the neonatal ICU unit, the ANLC legal team were amazing, helping us get Maddy covered by our health insurance, getting our CA paperwork completed and working with our wonderful attorney in Kentucky. While we concentrated on bonding with our new daughter, the ANLC team was behind us every step of the way making sure everything went smoothly. Our KY and CA paperwork cleared in record time and by the time Maddy was released from the hospital, happy and healthy at only 2 weeks old and just 4 pounds, our paperwork was done and we were ready to go home! Our CA adoption hearing also came in record time and before we knew it we were in court with an ANLC lawyer calmly talking us through all the steps - she even knew the judge. It all happened so fast. We were the first ones called into the courtroom and before we knew it, we were signed, sealed, and delivered – Maddy was ours! We can’t thank ANLC enough for their expertise, compassion, experience, and guidance throughout the whole process. It was overwhelming and confusing at times and we could not have done it without them. We are now loving every minute with our sweet little girl, she is the light of our lives and we so thankful to ANLC for helping make us a family!

~ Geoff & Sue

Dear Waiting Parents, We heard about ANLC through a couple who had just adopted a baby through them. She told me that ANLC was wonderful and had walked them through each step and she was SO right. We set up a phone appointment and were extremely impressed. It seemed we had so many questions and every one was answered by a caring staff member. We completed our home study, etc. and were soon posted online. A month and a half later we got the phone call. I will never forget that moment! We were told that our baby was almost here, and we were miles away! We were not expecting a call with a baby about to be born and were not prepared with many “baby” things, so we made a hurried trip to a few department stores for the necessary supplies and were soon on the road. We were so excited we could hardly think straight! We arrived in Wisconsin the next afternoon and met with our wonderful social worker for an hour of paperwork and then just us two went to the hospital. It was a dream come true when we saw our little boy, Kaden, for the first time. He was absolutely adorable and we loved him the minute we laid eyes on him. Tears of joy streamed down our faces. He was our gift from Heaven. Since he was a “baby born” situation we had to stay in the state for two weeks and again ANLC helped where they could. We did not meet the Birth Parents then, but we met them a month later, on court day. We fell in love with them immediately and we think they are the most wonderful Birth Parents anyone could ever ask for! We still keep in contact through email and pictures. Kaden has made us happier than we ever thought possible and we thank God every day for our little miracle. We again want to thank ANLC for making this miracle possible and we look forward to using them again as Kaden will someday need a playmate J. Our love and thanks

~ Anson, Venessa and little Kaden

It is actually quite difficult to put into words what our adoption journey has been like. Yet, at the moment, I am sitting in the study of our home listening to the sweetest sounds I believe I’ve ever heard. They are coming from our daughter, who is now almost 8 months old. Jeff and I believe that where we are now and what we have in the life of our daughter is not only a miracle, but also a blessing from God; this whole process was ALL in His timing. We began the journey during the fall of 2009, following infertility trials and much heartbreak. When it seemed almost hopeless, we prayed and asked for direction for our lives and our family since we felt the desire to be parents. We both knew that God clearly desired for us to trust Him and proceed in growing our household through adoption. We experienced the long process of paperwork and marketing. Then, July, we received the call. A birth mom had selected us and we were so excited to be expecting a baby boy. This adoption opportunity did not work out, and we went through the process of loss and grief. When we acknowledged that God had His perfect hand in this situation, we found peace and rest. Another birth mom selected us the summer of the next year. Yet this opportunity also fell through and we found ourselves going through the same roller coaster ride, but with a deeper dip. Yet in that moment and through the process we knew what was in our hearts, so we continued in faith and with hope. Then, when we least expected it and definitely could not have been more surprised, we received the “third time’s the charm” call. It was in October that we were again notified that we were selected by a birth mother who was to give birth in December. We were so fortunate to have been able to be there on the day that our daughter was born. To back track for a moment, when we spoke with our contact person through ANLC we were told that the birth mother had shared that, “your profile was the 3rd one in a big stack; my mom and I both pointed at yours and didn’t look anymore. We knew that you were the family!” That was a day when both Jeff and I felt inexpressible joy that we were now parents, but as well there was a confident assurance that God is faithful! That said, our journey was not without heartache, worry, stress, and at times even doubt. Yet, when God calls you to begin a journey such as adoption, there is never a time when He is not in total control of every situation! Our lives were wonderfully blessed and very happy before the birth of our daughter. Yet, since that day in December, there has been nothing but a sense of overwhelming blessing and more complete joy that has filled our family! Because of our journey, Jeff and I continue to pray, with empathy, for families who believe that through the adoption process, their families will grow and be blessed. We continue to pray for birth parents that believe that their most selfless act will bring unimaginable joy and happiness to families! And we are so thankful to know that we have the blessing of being parents to our daughter, our handpicked gift from God!

~ Jeff & Dawn

When our youngest was two, we entered the adoption world. We were with a private adoption agency who specifically worked with newborn placement. We waited. And waited. And while we waited, we began to see that there might be a different path for us to welcome our next child. Two years into the process, we welcomed an older child, Chris, from foster care into our home. Within two years, we had built a bond and completed an adoption. He is a great big brother! We had been very blessed. We had three funny, charming, wild, mischievous sons to raise! However, without meaning to sound greedy, I still didn’t feel done. I felt like we were missing an important piece to our family puzzle. My heart ached for another child. So we looked about. We interviewed agencies. We researched and prayed. After some time, we felt that ANLC would be the right fit for us. We began the process. We filled out paperwork, tried to give an accurate feel for who we were, and hoped that there would be a reason for all this work. Within about six months of signing with ANLC, we got a call that there was a baby for us. Our hearts leapt in anticipation! The baby was born within a few days and we were headed out to meet his birth family. ANLC helped us find and work with an incredible adoption lawyer in the state. While we waited for paperwork to be signed and to be released from the state, we had frequent interaction with ANLC as they worked with the Baby’s birth mom and with us as we transitioned to our new roles. Charlie is now eighteen months old and we all love him to pieces. We still keep contact with his birth family and we have enjoyed visiting with his amazing birth mother who sacrificed her happiness for his. She is awesome! We are very grateful for the work that ANLC does! With their hard work, we were able to add the final touch to our family. Thank you!

~ Kristen and Chad

We are the parents of three amazing sons, but the path to have them was a roller coaster ride. Faith, patience and perseverance paid off – with help from ANLC. My husband and I started trying to build a family early into our marriage, but found no reason why we were experiencing difficulties. We ended up using in-vitro fertilization (IVF), and on the third attempt I gave birth to our first son in 2004. Keeping the difficulty we experienced in mind, just seven months later we re-started IVF again in hopes of eventually having a second child. But after two more years of attempts, with countless medical procedures and miscarriages, we eventually recognized that having another child was immeasurably more important than the natural desire to have that child be our biological offspring. I went through a lot of heartbreak and tears to reach that point. Looking back, I wish I could have reached that decision years earlier. Once we embraced adoption, it made so much sense! We spoke with many adoption entities and selected Adoption Network Law Center. We completed the paperwork and “went live” in June; just six weeks later came the call that we were waiting for - a birth mother had picked us and she was on her way to the hospital to deliver “our” baby. Sadly, we soon learned she was hiding information about the adoption from the birth father, and when confronted about having him sign off his parental rights, the birth mother withdrew from working with ANLC, thus ending our hopes of adopting that child Just a month later we received another call from an Advisor about an adoption opportunity, but after reviewing the profile of the birth parents, and doing some research of our own, we found an arrest record for drugs that was not disclosed by the birth parents, and we feared that there might be other issues that had not been disclosed; with a very heavy heart, we declined the opportunity. Only five weeks later, ANLC called again, and we were thrilled - this situation sounded perfect. The birth mother had placed a baby with ANLC only a year before, so everyone was comfortable working with her. After some odd problems setting up and conducting our initial phone conversation, we learned the birth mother had been accused of promising a baby to more than one family in the past. We finally held our phone conversation with the birth mother and felt reassured that she was committed to working with ANLC, but a few days later, a family from another state called ANLC to see if they had been contacted by the same birth mother - this second family had found the birth mother online and had their own "contract" with her, and had been sending her checks to help her cover expenses. ANLC immediately contacted local authorities; we later learned that both birth parents had been arrested for trying to extort money from one family while promising the baby to another. Having experienced these disappointing false starts in the adoption process, it would be easy to become discouraged, but we kept our focus, channeling our need to do something into adjustments to our profile and updates to our photos. It would be another four months before we heard back from ANLC with another adoption opportunity. Finally, in February, we received the call that we had been picked by a birth mother and, after speaking with her, we knew we had finally found the right opportunity. We were in touch with our birth mother throughout her last trimester (and even spoke to the birthfather), then flew to California to meet her in person for dinner the night before labor was induced. Evan was born the following day, and the minute he was placed in our arms (only a few minutes after he was born!), we felt that he belonged to our family. But it was still a very different experience than completing my own pregnancy and giving birth myself, and we had to absorb this different process. Within a few days, the birth parents had signed off on all paperwork, the required waiting period passed and Evan was ours. We stayed in California a total of eight days before we could legally leave with our son. Imagine taking a four-day old baby to Legoland, the beach and out for dinner! We got some strange looks, but we made a special holiday of the trip. Then within two months after we brought Evan home came a bigger surprise – I was pregnant! Although this pregnancy was considered high-risk and needed some additional care to sustain it, I gave birth to our third son in March the next year. We are certain this would not have been possible had we not adopted Evan first. We send photos to our birth mother and exchange e-mails twice a year, and I love having the person who chose life for Evan and chose us to become his family, be able to follow his progress, thank us for making him part of our family, and tell me how beautiful our son is.

~ Eric & Lisa

To all the Wonderful Staff form Adoption Network Law Center There are no words that can describe how grateful we are with each one of you!!! After many years of treatments and failed adoption attempts...WE FINALLY BECAME PARENTS!!! Its feels like a miracle, in the most wonderful season...X-mas !!! I just wanted to let you know that we really value all the support you gave us during this process... helping us to keep the strength and faith during all this time. My baby is an incredible testimony of the power of hope and prayers... I just can't describe how wonderful the process was, and how happy ALL my family is right now. Emilia Isabel has been received in Puerto Rico with SOOOOOO much love !!! This baby will have a better life filled with love and support... and it was possible because of YOU!!! and what you do each day!!! All of you will be in our hearts and prayers....and we will be forever grateful. OMG !!! What an incredible, committed, and competent professionals you are !!! and wonderful human beings. I can tell you love what you do.... and have so much passion on saving this babies lives !!!! I admire your life purpose... and only hope that you can continue successfully this self-rewarding journey! With all our love...Many blessings,

~ Emilio & Carmen

I am a single lady and my biggest dream in life was to be a mother. ANLC made my maternal dream come true! I had three unsuccessful rounds of IVC with a sperm donor, two of which resulted in miscarriage. I then decided to look into adoption. I began my search with domestic adoption agencies because I wanted to adopt a newborn. I had a difficult time finding an agency that would work with a single parent. Even ANLC had not worked with that many single moms over the years. Words cannot express the emotions I had the first time I held my daughter. All my worries of the world vanished and overwhelming love, happiness and joy filled my heart.

~ Lisa

Adoption changed our lives not once but twice. We were truly blessed and forever grateful for the wonderful blessings of our sons. After several rounds of infertility treatments and much money spent, we decided that we were being led to adopt. We weren't sure where to turn, but we found Adoption Network Law Center and figured we would check them out. We also spoke to several other entities, but decided to go with them because we saw what a huge network they had across the country. We adopted our first son, Landon in 2009. Our profile and home study were finished at the beginning of April and by April 12th we had been picked by a birth mother. Our birth mother was wonderful and included us as part of her pregnancy. We got the sonograms pictures, talked frequently, and heard the heartbeat over the phone. We got to be in the delivery room with her. Everything was taken care of for our birth mother and for us to make this a smooth process all organized through ANLC. Landon has been such a blessing. He is so smart and we are truly blessed to have him as part of our lives. In 2012, we decided we wanted to adopt again so that Landon had a sibling and to complete our family. We decided to go with Adoption Network Law Center again because of our great experience there the first time and how quickly we were picked and blessed with our son. Our profile was up and working by mid-February. At the end of February we got a call saying we had been picked by birth parents! We could not believe that we had been chosen. ANLC moved quickly because our birth mother was due in March! They arranged everything with a great lawyer and social worker. The process was very smooth and we were on a plane March 12 to Louisiana because our son, Louis was being born. We were so blessed again by great birth parents and a wonderful social worker. After our birth mother signed the papers, our social worker took us all out to dinner, (birth parents, adoptive parents, baby, and social worker). It was such a wonderful time and we were glad to get to know both of the parents so we can tell Louis what great people they are. We were truly blessed to have the opportunity and be chosen to be the parents of two adorable boys. We felt very supportive and had such a blessed and wonderful experience with ANLC. We would strongly recommend them to any parents wanting to have a wonderful adoption experience.

~ Nathan and Kara

Adoption is no easy process on either side, and it demands a sensitivity to all of the emotions that can be felt - good and bad. ANLC has not only been very professional in the handling of all of the details of our adoption, but I admire the way they have cared for the birth mother and for us. Our 'call' came a year after we experienced what we thought would be the adoption of a newborn, but the birth mother chose to parent her child. I applaud the fact they did not condemn the birth mother, and they were very supportive of us. During the year of waiting, they were diligent to keep in contact with us and encourage us. At the moment we went to meet our children, I think the ANLC family was just as excited as we were! Our process to finalize our adoption has been a longer road than expected, but at every turn, ANLC has provided great wisdom, legal counsel, legal services and encouragement. ANLC has been a champion for our family, and has invested their time, energy and efforts into seeing that our children are able to be raised in a family that loves them and wants to provide a way for them to succeed in life. I am very thankful we made the choice to use ANLC.

~ Christin

ANLC helped us find our miracle. Our site went live in July 2013 and in May 2014 we received the call that our precious daughter was born! Although the waiting is tough the ANLC staff was always there reaching out and reassuring us. Our adoption hit a small snag (nothing to do with the ANLC or us) Carol and Tina were in constant contact and providing us with updates. Aside from that one small issue that was completely out of their control the rest of our adoption went smoothly. Our beautiful precious daughter is now 18 months old and the most amazing little girl! Our prayers were answered with the birth of our daughter and we were blessed to have ANLC walk us through the journey. We hope to be able to expand our family in the near future and look forward to working with the amazing people at ANLC again!

~ Lisa

ANLC was our choice when we decided to adopt a baby. I'm not going to lie be prepared for all the necessary paperwork you will need to fill out. Rest assure it will all be worth it at the end. We joined ANLC in late May 2014 and when we finished our profiles and went live the first week of September 2014 by the 3rd week we got our call that we had been selected. On November 14 2014 we became the parents of "A Beautiful Daughter ". We were able to have her for during Thanksgiving & Christmas last year and I have to say that it has been the most magical year of our lives. During the adoption process you will go through an emotional roller coaster. I wouldn't change it for the world. I cannot say enough about the people at ANLC. You will not be disappointed during your journey! ANLC will guide you every step of the way. When we had questions or concerns we would get responses within 24 hours. If we decide to adopt again will will go through ANLC.

~ Angelique

ANLC was wonderful and we have a beautiful baby girl. Our first birthmother changed her mind on the second day. When we returned home ANLC was there for us to get through it. Within 2 weeks we were placed with another birthmother. But that didn't work out. We were placed with third and final birthmother less than a month later and had the best experience. We feel like ANLC did everything they could to make our dreams come true. Very friendly and helpful staff. Thank you Marta & Ellen.

~ Rayleen

We started our adoption process with ANLC back in November of 2013. Everyone that we worked with was so awesome and supportive and help guide us through the whole process. They wanted to make sure we had the best resources. Our profile went live in December of 2013 and we got a call in May of 2014 that we had been chosen! Again, ANLC walked us through everything and were right there every step of the way. I could call them with any questions and they were right there to help. Our baby girl was born on October 31, 2014 and we were in the room as the birth mother gave birth! The whole process was as flawless as an adoption can be. What I loved so much was that not only did ANLC handle everything for us, but the whole process was quick which is what we were hoping for. Thank you ANLC for being awesome.

~ Nicole

ANLC helped us find our miracle. Our site went live in July 2013 and in May 2014 we received the call that our precious daughter was born! Although the waiting is tough the ANLC staff was always there reaching out and reassuring us. Our adoption hit a small snag (nothing to do with the ANLC or us) Carol and Tina were in constant contact and providing us with updates. Aside from that one small issue that was completely out of their control the rest of our adoption went smoothly. Our beautiful precious daughter is now 18 months old and the most amazing little girl! Our prayers were answered with the birth of our daughter and we were blessed to have ANLC walk us through the journey. We hope to be able to expand our family in the near future and look forward to working with the amazing people at ANLC again!

~ Lisa

We adopted our daughter in 2013 and our son in 2015. We were nervous, scared, excited and anxious about adoption but ANLC helped us through the whole process from beginning to end. With their help we received the two most wonderful gifts from God and we thank God every day for the blessings.

~ Shannon

Each of our adoptions were met with different experiences, challenges, and heart warming experiences that helped us know that we each have a plan that is greater than us. When we came to ANLC we had already successfully adopted once through a private situation. The second time after a year of trying on our own and working with other programs, we found ourselves still wondering where this missing piece to our family was. We were grateful that ANLC matched our readiness to push forward and be up and available through them in a short time. We felt such an urgency to do so that we were up in just a few weeks after meeting with ANLC and then they created a miracle. We were chosen by an amazing birth mother in 2 weeks. We are about to celebrate the 1st birthday of our dear E and are hearts are full as we loook over this last year. Not only did we gain a daughter, we have an amazing birth family in our lives that are truly an extension of our family. We are so thankful for ANLC making us feel a part of their family as they helped us grow ours. They were always just a phone call away as they helped us navigate the time as we anxiously awaited the birth. Whenever we had concerns, it was met without judgement and a desire to help them resolve. We love the women that helped us and thank them for their countless hours!

~ Christine

It has almost been 3 months that we brought home our beautiful bundle of joy and answer to prayer! ANLC has been an absolutely amazing staff full of compassion, caring and loving people that have made this experience full of support, constant education and guidance to make it a smooth process. Creating a bond and connection with our birthmom and then having our daughter placed in our arms almost 9 months from signing with ANLC was so much more than we could have ever dreamed of and now has become true and our reality! Thank you ANLC!! Blessed and chosen is what our daughter is to us, forever grateful is what we will be to our amazing Birthmom!

~ Stephanie

My husband and I started the adoption process last February. It was hard for us at first to reach out to ANLC. We were nervous, excited, and scared of what the process was going to be like. From the start, ANLC guided us with great care, step by step, through the paperwork, profile pictures, etc. We never felt alone even during the hardest part - waiting for a match! We received a call this past summer, which changed our life in ways we could never have expected. ANLC was there with us the whole way. We never questioned what the next step was or who to call or what to do next. We are so grateful for our experience, and I would not change a thing - not even some of the heart ache we had leading us to this amazing experience. Adoption opened our hearts in ways we couldn't imagine. Waiting is by far the hardest part, but in the end, every minute you wait for your call is worth it a thousand times over when you're holding your precious baby. Thank you for all your guidance ANLC.

~ Catherine

What a fantastic experience! If you've chosen ANLC you're on the right path. It is truly a journey with a wide array of emotions but the journey is worth it. Being parents has brought my wife and I a level of joy and happiness we never thought before possible. From the day we called ANLC to the day I held my newborn baby girl was 7 months and we we blessed to have a tremendous birth mother. She is amazing! Speaking of amazing, the team an ANLC walked us through the entire process and held our hand every step of the way. Wendy, Danielle, Bari, Ellen and everyone else at ANLC. We can't thank you enough. If you are considering adoption, I cannot say enough good things about ANLC. Feel free to PM me with any questions. Good luck on your journey!

~ Michael

At start, I (husband) didn't even know you could adopt newborns and from the beginning (2010) ANLC was there for us and encouraged us in so many ways so to be patient as well as work through a few obstacles along the way. Never once did ANLC doubt that our miracle of gifted life would not fill our arms one day. As mention below, Carol and her colleagues had become part of our family since initial contact. Their guidance, prayers, and encouragement enabled us to be prepared and ready when the call/email notification came in. Michele, born on 27 Oct 2014, filled our hearts with joy and happiness like never before!-) His arrival was only connected to us by the determination ANLC had; especially Carol, in order for us to have our miracle come true. It most likely will take some time and lots of energy, but the process will work for you with the help of ANLC to. Of Note: We adopted while being in the USAF and stationed overseas.

~ Marshall

My husband and I are so grateful for the pivotal role ANLC played in our adoption journey. We have been blessed with three amazing biological daughters, but we both knew that one day we would like to adopt. We didn't have a clue where to begin. From our very first Skype meeting with Betsy, we knew we were in the right hands. ANLC provided personal yet professional support. It is because of their extensive network that we were able to celebrate the birth of our son in only 10 months! Not only did we fall in love with our beautiful boy, we also fell in love with his young birth mother. We chose to bring her home with us. Now our son is 9 months old and thriving and his birth mother is getting ready to move out and launch her new life! Thank you ANLC for making dreams come true and for changing so many lives!

~ Lisa

My wife and I are getting close to celebrating our first year with our son and the people at ANLC made that possible! They were here with us from the beginning to the end. Through the adoption that did not quite work out until we had our perfect baby boy! It took us some time for our son to find us. We had begun to lose hope but the staff at ANLC kept our spirits up. They listened to our concerns and helped us make a plan. They were there for us when one adoption fell through and they were there to give us the great news about our son! The staff at ANLC treated us with compassion and understanding. They heard our concerns and celebrated in our joy! They treated us like part of their family and I will be forever grateful!

~ Shawn

Because you are reading this, you are clients of ANLC. Let me first say, you made the right choice. My husband and I adopted in 2009 and 2013. The first adoption we were matched in 4 months. The second adoption was over a year. Either way, the wait can be full of anxiety, full of questions and uncertainty, full of still grieving for that baby you couldn't conceive on your own. It is natural to feel all of those feelings, but don't let them overtake the other feelings you should be experiencing of anticipation, hopefulness, knowing this road you are taking will end with the birth of your baby and becoming a family that you have dreamed of for so very long. I have helped many of my friends and other adoptive couples experiencing nfertility and I encourage them to think of this as the most amazing journey you will take in your life, a journey that will end with becoming a mommy and daddy. Don't lose focus on that. ANLC has your best interest at heart and they are professional, caring and compassionate throughout the whole process. As you go through these upcoming holidays, the emotions will no doubt be on that roller-coaster. My only advice to you is that you have the power and control to either choose to focus on the negative or choose to focus on the positive. Think of your journey; focus on what's yet to come; believe, because it will happen. God bless.

~ Jennifer

ANLC has helped us make our dreams of having a family a reality. After years of infertility and waiting for a miracle, ANLC helped us complete our family. They were with us through every step of the process and continue to check in on us, 6 months later. ANLC made adopting attainable. With their help, we were blessed with our little guy, Luca. He has made our family complete and our lives 100% better. He is so loved by our family and friends. We could not imaging life without him. We think about ANLC often and know that when we are ready to adopt again, we will be using ANLC to help us get another precious member to add to our family.

~ Keri

During this holiday season we want to tell you that this is the right choice to start or grow your family. My husband and I started this journal ast year and now find out selves with our sweet baby girl. She is everything to us and it is all thanks to Adoption Network and the great people they have working their. I know you may be thinking right now will some one ever pick me? You are checking your website manager to see how many people have looked at your profile and trying not to make personal plans because you could get called at any moment. The advise we can give you is to hold on and don't worry it will happened. When it does you will be ready and be get ready to change your life for over. All we can say is that it will happen. God Bless you and we pray you will soon be match with a birth mom that will give you little miracle. Happy Holiday.

~ Adalberto

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