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Over the past several years, ANLC has enjoyed offering free adoption services to one family each November in honor of National Adoption Month.

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Here’s a brief recap of the happy families we’ve helped to build by offering pro bono adoption services:

Previous winners include:

Charles and Alyssa have been married for 8 years. At 14, Charles went through chemotherapy and radiation for Hodgkin’s disease. While thankful that these treatments saved his life, Charles and Alyssa were unable to conceive a child naturally. In August, Charles and Alyssa joyfully welcomed their son, Judah into their lives.

Michael and Preslie met and fell in love while working in a group home for adults with disabilities. Both went on to become elementary special education teachers. After 5 years of trying to start their family, they made the life changing decision to adopt. Michael, Preslie and their son, Walter are now a forever family.

Toby and Stephanie had always wanted a family. Having served around the world on mission trips, they always had adoption in their hearts as well. When they could not conceive naturally, they knew that their desire for a family would be fulfilled through adoption. Toby and Stephanie and their daughter Sophia are now a forever family. After their adoption journey was complete, Toby and Stephanie were surprised to find out they were pregnant and Sophia is now a delighted big sister.

David and Melissa were high school sweethearts, married for 19 years, who had been trying to adopt for 4 years prior to partnering with ANLC. In March, they accepted an adoption opportunity with a baby boy who had just been born. In July of that year, David, Melissa and their son, Brian, officially became a forever family with the finalization of their adoption.

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