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Adoption Network regularly receives reviews, and we’re happy to share them with you. Below is our Google+ rating where we have recommendations from many happy families. Also check out our reviews from Yelp and Facebook.

Very friendly staff! Felt very comfortable talking with the adoption advocate there. Hoping to be working with them in the near future!

~ Sonja

I cannot say enough wonderful things about ANLC. These people have become extended family to my son and without them, I wouldn't be a mom today. From my first phone call to my finalization hearing, there was someone with me every step of the way. It was such a struggle for me to come to the decision to adopt as a single parent, but once I made the decision, I knew I was in good hands with ANLC. My advice to anyone considering adoption is to call them. I never felt pressured, but I always felt supported. They answered all of my million questions throughout my entire adoption process and I will be forever grateful for that. Adopting my son was the best decision I've ever made and he is worth every penny, every tear, and every minute I waited for him. Now that we're together, it is so clear that we were always meant to be a family.

~ Erin

We waited a long while to be selected by a birth mother. We remained patient and prayed daily. The ANLC staff was supportive, caring and did truly care about us. God Bless and THANK YOU!!!

~ JP

As adoptive parents we would highly recommend Adoption Network Law Center without hesitation. We began our adoption journey in October 2015 and with the love and support from ANLC we survived 3 disruptions and were finally blessed with our beautiful baby girl in Sept 2017. As a same sex couple we were nervous about picking the right agency for us and with ANLC we felt supported every step of the way. The entire staff is professional, dedicated and compassionate. They were always available to answer any questions or concerns and even provided a few "pep-talks" when needed. A very heart felt thank you to Kris, Marta and Mary for bringing our family together and for welcoming us to the ANLC forever family!

~ Sara

We are so thankful for ANLC and how they have helped our dearest dreams to come true! We have used them for 3 of our 4 adoptions and would highly recommend them for anyone wanting to grow their family through adoption. They are professional and compassionate and are ready and willing to answer the hundreds of questions and calm the fears that are so real in any adoption venture. Adoption is an emotional roller coaster at best and they do an excellent job of making it go as smoothly and stress free as possible. Thank you Danielle, Mary, Tammy and all the others that we have worked with over the years. You are our heroes! Now excuse me while I go and squeeze my darling children!

~ Luis

Hello I'm Kyra and my experience was great if I could do it again I would I didn't have much support but Mrs Tricia was very helpful and a great support system for me everyone was professional and nice I love the family that I chose and to any one out here looking to go through a adoption agency this one is great I recommend it to every mother​ out here that's needed that support for there situation

~ Kyra

I can not say enough about how wonderful our experience was, not only was everyone kind, knowledgeable and understanding to us, but our birth mother as well!!! We brought our child home one month after signing up with your agency and we love our birth mother and father as well as the birth grandparents and tell everyone how amazing Adoption Network is. I wish I could name all the amazing people we got to work with! We had been through "the system" and were so scared to take this journey, but we had such amazing help every step of the way. This can be a truly scary time. Birth mothers change their minds, things can go wrong, and having a team of loving people to hold your hand through it makes such a huge difference THANK YOU ANLC!!!


Adoption Network was easy to work with and always available. We felt supported through the process and had the perfect ending to a very long journey! We can't wait to use them next time.

~ Carmen

We looked and spoke with other agencies, but ANLC is the one that we choose because when first speaking to them they treated us like family and not just another number. ANLC staff are all amazing they were there for us from the start and continue even after adoption was complete. We continue to keep in contact with them. Danielle and Mary are true ANGELS they will always be a part of our family. We are truly thankful to ANLC for our blessing. She has brought so much joy our family. If you are looking for an agency this is the one.

~ Monica

It's the scariest thing that we had ever done, putting absolute trust in the hands of a company that we had researched on line, but honestly knew little about!! From start to finish, our hands were held and everything was taken care of!! When we were ready to call it quits, our miracle call came!! ANLC made sure that not only the LEGAL aspect was taken care of, but that our Birth Mother was assured a safe place to reach out and call when she needed help more than ever!! We thank ANLC for completing our family puzzle with professionalism, dedication and love!! Now 18 months later, we couldn't have imagined not making the phone call - Highly recommend!!

~ Joseph

Everyone at ANLC were so professional and very supportive from beginning to end of our adoption journey they became like part of our family. We are so thankful that we chose them to make our adoption dreams come true, we now have a little baby girl to call our own. Thanks ANLC!

~ Mike

My wife and I could not be happier with our experience with ANLC. Each staff member was caring and attentive to our needs throughout the entire process. We would highly recommend ANLC to anyone wanting to start a family

~ Tony

We are so blessed with our daughter, having her in our arms in almost 9 months to starting with ANLC was a miracle, dream and now reality. ANLC was amazing-the staff were so supportive throughout every step of the process. We couldn't have asked for a better staff full of compassion, knowledge and true investment in our adoption plan. Thank you ANLC for making our dreams to become parents come true!!

~ Erik

My wife and I needed to heal after a painful "family friend" failed adoption attempt. We looked at several agencies and chose ANLC. We could not be happier. We were there at our daughters birth and have been blessed ever since.

~ Dave

We began the process with another agency that was recommended but it turned into three disappointing years. We decided to proceed with locating another agency. Adoption Network Law Center was highly rated and many families were quickly matched. However, the caring and responsive people of ANLC were what sold us. We had many fears about adoption including never being matched, a birthmother changing her plans and not having a healthy baby. We did not experience a disruption but the birthmother almost refused to sign her rights because she did not believe that we would continue the birthmother trust fund after the birth. On December 3, 2015, we feel in love with a 6 pound 5 oz. baby girl. Jazlyn had to stay in the hospital for 7 days to be observed for her withdrawal symptoms from opiates. She continued to experience withdrawals after her hospital stay and it lasted 2 months. She is now 7 months old and has reached every milestone. We love to hear her giggle, see her smile and watch her discover the world around her. We would not change a thing about our journey because we would not have our Jazlyn. Please keep your hope alive, an open mind and know ANLC will be with you every step of the way. I feel like this agency was part of our family then and now. Betsy, Marta and Mary were our life line during the adoption and are the best! Thank you!

~ Bethaney

ANLC has been the answer to our prayers. Danielle and the staff at ANLC have been absolutely wonderful. They were with us throughout the entire process; we never felt alone and always felt assured that our greatest dream would be realized. After my wife and I found out we were unable to conceive we were devastated. ANLC immediately embraced us and made us feel like their only mission in life was to help us realize our dream of having a child of our own to love, and boy did they deliver. In less than 12 months after registering with ANLC, I was in the hospital cutting the umbilical cord of our beautiful baby boy. I can’t express the joy we feel every time we look at our son and how grateful we are to ANLC for being “human”. Everyone at ANLC was so available and genuinely compassionate, even the contracted entities provided outstanding services and support. ANLC is absolutely the best and we will always be grateful to them for making our family complete.


When my husband and I decided we wanted to adopt, we were looking for someone who would provide a positive personal experience. After researching, we chose to start the process with one of our local agencies. Even though the agency was in our home town, we would learn that they were not what we had expected. They did not return our calls and failed to support us when we had questions or concerns. I was devastated. We had spent a lot of time and money with them. In my heart, I knew there was a child out there that was meant to be in our family. I was so nervous to look at other places across the nation. If I couldn't get the help and support locally, how could I ever expect it from someone in another state? From the moment I spoke with Betsy, she instantly calmed my nerves. She took the time to explain and answer my questions. Never once did I feel pressured. Each time I spoke with her, I became more sure of the decision we were about to make. After speaking with Kris, we took the leap with ANLC and it was the best decision we ever made. With each step, I felt like someone was right beside me holding my hand. My phone calls were quickly returned, my questions were answered, and everyone was always positive and reassuring. In less than a month we were preparing to bring a baby home. After a couple weeks, we learned that child would not be coming home to us. Even though we had hit a hurdle, I still had faith. Never would I have imagined that 2 days later our lives would change. We received a call early in the morning that our little girl was already born. Even though we were flying across the nation, I felt like Mary, our adoption adviser, was with us. She made sure everything was arranged for us when we showed up. She made sure there was someone at the hospital to help us. She checked in with us frequently to make sure everything was going well. Not only were we supported, ANLC made sure that our daughter's birth mother had the support she needed as well. We have a wonderful open adoption. Our little girl is the light of our lives. I thank God each day for bringing us to you. THANK YOU ALL for everything! Because of you, Miracles do happen. Meghan and Dave

~ Meghan

We adopted our baby girl through ANLC, and couldn't be happier. After trying the government-county route and being delay for two years, we turned to ALNC to help us adopt. In under a year, we were matched, and our girl was born in early 2012. Through the process, we were helped to express our best attributes to birth mothers, and to understand the process fully. I was also very impressed with the emphasis that they put on the well being of the birth mother, as this was also a concern of ours. I urge anyone considering ALNC to make the trip to Lake Forest, CA, meet the owners and staff, and see how great this outfit really is.

~ Michael

The only reason I cannot give 5 stars to ANLC is that the adoption process is daunting, filled with questions and down right scary. What I can say is that because of ANLC, we have the most beautiful little boy and it took just over a year for the entire process. We looked at a number of different agencies and to be honest, ANLC just seemed to be the right fit for us. We're thinking of adopting again, and I won't hesitate to use them again... It's a roller coaster ride for sure...

~ George

When we decided that adoption would be the way we would start a family, the process seemed so complicated and we did not know where to start. After speaking to a couple of agencies, we had a consultation with ANLC. Everyone we dealt with at ANLC was so knowledgeable and so willing to answer all of our questions. We instantly know that we wanted to work with ANLC to make our dreams come true. ANLC helped us through every step of the process. We could call whenever we had any questions or even just to talk about whatever we needed to. ANLC helped us build our website and gave us guidance in writing our birthmother letter. We were so incredibly fortunate to be matched with our baby only 12 days after our website went live. We also learned that our baby would be due in 2 months!! We were beyond excited and ANLC was right there to help make sure we accomplished everything we needed to in those short months. Everyone at ANLC was so patient and kind and was so willing to talk to us while we waited to help up overcome our fears and anxieties. Our birthmother was in our same state just a few hours away. We met our son only hours after he was born and we were able to have him in our own room at the hospital almost every moment until we took him home. I fed him his very first bottle and changed his very first diaper! We were so blessed and fortunate to have found ANLC. Everyone we dealt with at every stage treated us like we were family. We could not have had a more amazing experience with ANLC. Our son is now 11 months old and we are celebrating our his first Christmas and our very first Christmas as a family!

~ Lynne

We couldn't be happier with the services provided by ANLC. Adoption is a very stressful process, but ANLC was able to guide us steadily through everything in a very loving and caring way. Their staff is excellent, knowledgeable, and highly trained. After going live with ANLC, we were matched with a wonderful birthmother within three months, and our son was born within eight months. Our dreams of becoming parents finally came true because of the help we received through ANLC. We couldn't be happier at this point in our lives. It was a wonderful experience all around.

~ Stephen

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