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"After enduring unfathomable heartache while undergoing numerous fertility treatments over a 5 year period, God had a very special angel planned for our lives all along and words just cannot begin to express our pronounced joy watching His plan unfold. God had a grand plan for our lives and has truly blessed us beyond measure."

Dave & Amy


"Jackson and Logan mean the world to us. Their beaming smiles and cheerful laughter brighten the lives of everyone they come across. Through faith, careful planning, and the unselfish gift of two birth mothers we are parents. Thank you ANLC for guiding us through every step of our adoption journey."

Scott & Tricia


"In March 2013 our little angel was born and lives changed forever. Ali brings so much happiness to all around her. She is, and always will be, the center of our world. We can't imagine our lives without her. Thank You ANLC!"

William & Becky


"The adoption process for us would best be described as “a dream come true,” meant to be, experience! Six weeks after we finished our paperwork, we were chosen by Birth Parents. We developed an incredible relationship with them throughout her pregnancy and learned about them and their families and now know about our son’s background. We were in the delivery for his birth and as soon as he was born, there was a connection between him and us. Even our Birth Parents sensed it and felt so at peace with their decision of choosing us. Christian is an amazing blessing and has added so much love and joy to our home."

Kevin & Tracy


"Neriah was born on February 18, 2013. She has been the most amazing addition to our family. She is full of energy and her personality lights up a room from the moment she enters it. She captures your heart upon your first interaction with her. Our journey with ANLC was so fast and smooth. We had Neriah in our arms within 3 months of going live. Adoption is an experience unlike anything else in life. We wish everyone was fortunate enough to experience what we have through the help of ANLC."

Joshua & Elisabeth


"The gift of adoption has blessed our family three times! With the addition of Hudson, all of our dreams came true! After three failed matches in three months, we had almost given up hope. Then on my way to pick up our children from school, we got THE CALL. Someone had picked us and the baby was being born the very next morning on the other side of the country! Hudson, you are our perfect angel! We are so blessed to have you in our family and you truly are a dream come true!"

Brian & Lisa


"We are so amazed at what a sweet, caring, funny and intelligent little boy Bodie has grown into - I can't imagine our world without him! Bodie bring a little joy to everyone he meets - he has such a good soul and a loving heart. He is what makes our family complete! I never thought I could feel such true joy but Bodie really does make my husband & I want to be the best people, the best parents and the best role models possible."

Kevin & Gianna


"We simply cannot imagine our lives any other way than with our precious Adalyn. We count ourselves richly blessed and are honored and privileged to be her forever parents (“Daddy” & “Mommy”). We are so very thankful for the ANLC team and their genuine care and guidance they gave us through our entire adoption journey."

Vince & Kimberly


"Life doesn’t get any better than our little trio. We are so blessed to have beautiful, healthy, smart children. It’s been a joy to watch them grow into their own little personalities over the past 6 years. Thank you ANLC for guiding us through our journey not once, not twice, but three times. Without you none of this would have been possible!"

Thomas & Wendy


Ryne was born in February 2011 and we are forever grateful for Adoption Network Law Center. Ryne brings immense joy to our family and his carefree spirit makes everyone around him happy. We are very blessed.

Andrew & Stephanie


"We tried to grow our family for over 4 years before turning to ANLC for help. Within nine months of our profile going "live" to birth parents for consideration, we were given the greatest gift of our girl. She has brought such joy to our lives, and we hope that we can do the same for her as she grows. She has been such a blessing, and we are so grateful to ANLC for their role in bringing us together."

Jose & Stephanie


"After two disruptions in our adoption process, we were beginning to wonder if our dream of having a family would ever come true. Then, we got the call that a birth mom had chosen us and a boy would be born in a few weeks. Two days later, they called us back and said it wasn't one boy but it was twins! We were overjoyed! Austin and Noah are the happiest, sweetest boys and bring joy to everyone they meet. We are so thankful to Adoption Network Law Center."

Kevin & Barbara

Lola Claire

"Lola Claire is sweet and sassy and full of life! She brings a smile to our faces every day! She loves to play outside and swing and slide and ride her tricycle. We are blessed beyond measure!"

James & Tricia


"We could never have imagined how amazing adoption would be. We owe this all to Adoption Law Network for making our dream a reality. Ethyn is the most amazing little guy. He is full of personality and his tight hugs and kisses will melt your heart. He is our treasured gift."

Karen & Juan


"It’s hard to describe our adoption journey with words. At times it was devastating, arduous and daunting. The wait seemed insurmountable when we wanted this family so desperately! Our friends and family said our baby would find us. Our ANLC family said have faith. The love and support carried us through and when Jackson was placed in my arms for the first time I knew a love so powerful it couldn’t be measured. He was so worth the wait!"

Tom & Debbi


"Adeline has been a true blessing to us, our friends, and family. Adeline is nearly 4 now, and we could never imagine our life without her in it, after all she’s the boss. We will be forever grateful to all the wonderful people at ANLC who worked for 2 years to bring Adeline in to our lives. Their kindness and encouragement kept us going on our life changing journey."

Jim & Monica


"Each adoption journey is an adventure, and ours culminated in the gift of an energetic and fun-loving boy. We had a wonderful experience with our birth mom, who wanted us to watch Isaiah's birth and was intentional about Isaiah bonding with us immediately. We are so grateful for her. Isaiah brings inexpressible joy to our lives, and to nearly everyone with whom he interacts. He loves to be outdoors playing at the park, visiting the zoo or running in the backyard. We cannot imagine our lives without him, and are so thankful for the Adoption Network Law Center!"

Thomas & Jessica


"Tristan is a bright and intense light of happiness and joy."

Simon & Marina

Emily & Caden

"We adopted our daughter Emily 3 years ago and she is such a funny, energetic, loving little girl and big sister. 5 weeks ago we were blessed with our little man, Caden. We are so blessed to have had ANLC with us throughout both of our journeys. Everyone we worked with were so supportive, loving, and caring."

Gary & Dana


"Our journey to Noah was and continues to be a complete reminder of God’s love, grace and mercy for our family. It doesn’t matter that we do not share similar looks or DNA; the love we share with him is beyond measure. From the first time our birth mother handed him to us, there was always a sense that this was the little baby we’ve been looking and praying for."

Jeremie & Katy


"It has almost been two years since we adopted our precious Jozie Layne. Jozie has filled our lives with such joy and laughter I can't imagine life without her. I look forward to seeing her amazing smile every morning and thank god every day for the strength that took us on this amazing journey to find her."

Shawn & Anta


When Sandra and I began this journey with Riley nearly three years ago, we couldn't have been more blessed with a healthy and happy child who touches hearts and draws smiles from everyone she meets.

Russell & Sandra


"Noah is energetic and the most loving boy you will ever meet. You will never have a bad day with him around! ANLC is our second home!"

James & Courtney


"My husband and I were fortunate enough to be blessed with this perfect little boy in May of 2014. He was the gift we'd been waiting to complete our family. Every day we are thankful that Adoption Network Law Center was able to help us make that dream a reality."

Brendan & Krista

Nathaniel & Adalyn

"After experiencing the loss of our triplets, and praying through our healing process, the Lord blessed our family twice within a 14 month period with the birth of our precious son Nathaniel and our daughter Adalyn. We are delighted to share that they are growing into strong, healthy, intelligent little ones. Nathaniel and Adalyn exude pure joy as witnessed through their contagious smiles, filling our lives with beautiful singing, dancing, special creations, adventure and unending love."

Vincent & Kimberly


"Garin was born on June 17, 2011 and we were fortunate to be present for his birth. Since Garin was able to smile, he has been lighting up the world. He is so full of love, joy, and the desire to make people laugh. Our adoption journey has not been easy and we continue to face daily challenges, but the sound of his laugh and the warmth of his hugs truly melts our hearts. He is exactly where he is supposed to be and we wouldn’t change a word of his adoption story."

Charles & Valerie


"Our adoption journey was filled with ups and downs, but we are so happy with the outcome! Baby J was more than worth the wait! He is an amazing blessing to our family!"

Todd & Alice


"It has been 3 years since we became the proud parents of Mason, and we are so grateful for each and every day! We couldn't have asked for a more loving, affectionate, intelligent child. We love him more than words can express and we thank ANLC for all of their help."

Ryan & Rochelle


"After many years of trying to become parents, we made the life-changing decision to adopt through ANLC. We could not have made a better decision. Rilyn is the absolute light of our lives and our love for her grows every day. We will forever be grateful to our Birth Parents and to ANLC for the indescribable gift they have given us. We are the family we always wanted!"

Ryan & Rebecca


"The support we received from ANLC throughout the waiting and adoption process made us feel like we were surrounded by friends. They were there for us through difficult times and during the happiest moments of our journey, as we welcomed our baby girl. The moment Zoe entered our lives, our happiness multiplied immeasurably! Her place in our family and in our hearts was clear from the start. Zoe is such a sweet, fiery, tenacious little soul and she makes friends and spreads giggles wherever we go. We simply cannot imagine our lives without her and we feel very fortunate to have found ANLC to help unite us."

Chris & Jaime


"This is Asher at one year. He was born 1/24/15 and there has not been one day that has passed without us giving thanks to God, our birth mom and ANLC for our beautiful gift. It's true, the longer and harder the road, the sweeter the ending."

Michael & Michele


"Our journey to Noah was and continues to be a complete reminder of God’s love, grace and mercy for our family. It doesn’t matter that we do not share similar looks or DNA; the love we share with him is beyond measure. From the first time our birth mother handed him to us, there was always a sense that this was the little baby we’ve been looking and praying for."

Jeremie & Katy


"We thought we knew how much love and joy Kanyan would bring to our family, but it is so much more than we could have ever imagined! Kanyan is our little ray of sunshine!"

Mike & Sheila


"My husband and I had started the adoption process in September 2010…but he died unexpectedly in December 2010. One year later, I decided to begin the journey by myself. I received a call from ANLC on 9/7/12 that I had been selected by a birth mother. On 9/21/12, my daughter, Aubree, made her entrance into the world. My dream of becoming a mother was finally a reality. I’m beyond grateful that her birth mother made the unselfish decision to place her for adoption. God could not have placed a more perfect child in my arms and heart."



"This is Sebastian ("Bash") born on 2/12/2014. He fits into our family like a glove and we could not imagine life without him. Bash is so much like his Daddy already and never takes his eyes off of his Mama. We had an amazing experience with ANLC with the way they handle everything, their professionalism, and how they express empathy to all parties involved."

Douglas & Shirley


"Emilia has been a true blessing, and most incredible gift that we have received from God. Her adoption journey taught us the true meaning of unconditional love! We just couldn’t be happier. Emilia Isabel is a true testament that you should never give up on your dreams.... And that miracles DO happen!"

Emilio & Carmen


"From the moment my precious son Marshall arrived in this world, he has been warming hearts and charming everyone in sight. His electric smile and laughter light up any room. The fact that I get to be his mom makes me the luckiest mama in the world and my heart explodes with love in a way I could never fully describe. I thank God daily for his incredibly courageous Birth Mother and for ANLC for bringing us together. They were there for us through every twist and turn, and my gratitude flows eternal. I chose to embrace the journey and trust in God’s plan, and ANLC helped place the most perfect soul into our family."



"Adoption truly is love. I had no idea how much fun becoming a parent would be. Becoming an adoptive parent is scary with so many emotions in the in the adoption triad. It’s both challenging and rewarding. We have so much respect for the birth parents and love sharing Samuel’s milestones with them. So many people love this boy, it’s amazing!"

Scott & Mellisa


"Three years ago we brought home the most incredible little man. His laugh is infectious, his curiosity insatiable and his imagination knows no bounds. We didn’t just grow our family by one bundle of joy that day, but by the dozen thanks to an amazing open adoption. His entire family loves him beyond words. A year later we brought home Benjamin and life has been busy ever since!"

Thomas & Debbi


"We didn't give Austin the gift of life, life gave us the gift of Austin. This truly magical little boy arrived smiling in 2015 and our family has been shining ever since. Our adoption journey has been the greatest blessing of our lives. Our extended family, including Austin's Birth Parents and ANLC has transformed what family means to us."

Mark & Sarah

Ethan & Ivy

"We want to thank ANLC so much for making our dreams come true. We have adopted two, perfect, beautiful children through ANLC. Ethan was born in 2011, he knows how to light up a room with his smile and laugh. He enjoys entertaining us with his singing and dancing. Ivy was born in 2014, she loves to make silly faces and has a great sense of humor. She melts our hearts and she’s our perfect little princess. Our lives have been blessed with the greatest joy that a family could ask for."

Bryan & Barbara


"There will never be enough words of thanks to express how grateful we are to Justice’s birth parents for choosing us. He has made our family complete and our hearts whole. There is nothing better than waking up and seeing his smiling face every day or seeing the world through his innocent eyes." "Because of ANLC we have the family we always dreamt of."

Neil & Crystal


"Eleanore is such a joy in our lives. Every day is an adventure full of smiles and laughs."

Roger & Sara

Lola Claire

"Lola Claire is our sweet bundle of sugar with a personality larger than life! God truly blessed us with the happiest, sweetest, sassy little girl. She brings our family and friends so much joy and her smile and love for life is contagious! She loves to explore, dance, bake and play outside. Bath time is her favorite and the more bubbles the better! There are simply not enough words to express our LOVE for our sweet sugar! We are blessed beyond measure! We can’t thank ANLC enough for helping us through the wonderful journey of adoption and bringing Lola Claire home."

James & Tricia


"Adelia came to me October 9, 2016. She is precocious, laughs easily, is extremely strong, loves to play and has a predilection for giggles for just about anything. She loves to swing outside and loves her library story time."

Julie Renee

Neriah & Annabeth

"We adopted Neriah, who is now 4 and Annabeth, 9 months, both through ANLC. They both bless our family beyond what words can express on paper. Their bond as sisters is undeniable! The people at ANLC have become an extended part of our family that we will forever love and be grateful to for bringing us our girls."

Joshua & Lis


"Our family is the happiest it has ever been from the second Bash was born. The love we have for our precious son is unmeasurable and we can’t imagine a moment without him. His spunky personality is a perfect blend of both of us. Much gratitude to ANLC for taking such care to ensure that everything fell into place just as it was meant to be."

Doug & Sam


"Our little boy is the love of our lives and we cannot even begin to explain the joy he brings us each and every day. It is like every day is Christmas over and over again!"

Joshua & Jeanne


"Amelia is our family’s miracle! Being her parents fills our lives with an overwhelming amount of joy, gratitude and most of all love. We are so grateful to ANLC for all their love and support throughout our adoption journey and the friendships beyond. We absolutely adore Amelia’s birth mom and are so blessed to have her as a part of our family. This wonderful little girl is loved by so many!"

D & Sara

"Becoming a mother through adoption has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. I have no doubt that my little girl will continue to change the people that she meets as she fights through her severe cerebral palsy diagnosis with persistence and strength. Being chosen as her mama is an honor and a privilege and I will always be her biggest advocate."



"Tommy is worth every dollar I spent, every tear I cried, and every minute I waited for him. The day this most beautiful, perfect little man came into my life was the day that everything I ever worried about before disappeared. I know in my heart that he and I were meant to be together. It just took a little patience and a lot of faith until we finally found our way to each other and became a family."


Liam & Amelia

"Our family has never felt more complete and fulfilled as the day(s) Liam and Amelia came into our lives. Our adoption journey was an amazing blessing and our hearts have been overfilled with love. We are grateful every day for our birth mothers who were very brave and courageous in their adoption decision. Liam has a huge heart, is a protector of his sister, full of life and energy and loves the great outdoors. Amelia is determined, outgoing, articulate and loving and enjoys being a part of all that her brother does. Thank you ANLC for making our dreams come true!"

Tom & Jill


"A playful and charming little man, Lyndon has brought so much joy to our hearts and home. He loves to explore the outdoors, read books, play with his tractors, and “help” us. Hearing him call for “Mommy” or “Daddy” is an answer to our prayers. Adoption has given us a beautiful blessing!"

Lynn & Alisa


"Waiting was definitely one of the most difficult parts of our adoption journey. Waiting for a placement. Waiting for the birth. Waiting to hold our son. Waiting to take him home. Waiting for his first steps and his first words. Sometimes we can become so busy waiting for what comes next, that we miss the precious moments in between. Rowan has taught us the importance of slowing down, listening, watching, and enjoying each and every moment. We are beyond grateful for our precious son, his birth mother, and ANLC for making all these special moments possible!"

Ben & Allison


"Our baby girl, Nevaeh, is such a huge blessing. We waited 2 years before we got chosen. She was worth every minute. Words can’t describe how much we love her."

Travis & Rochelle

Adeline & Annabelle

"Adeline and Annabelle bring us such joy into our lives, it was truly a miracle to have one beautiful daughter Adeline come into our lives. Then, 3 years later we were doubly blessed with Addie’s baby sister Annabelle. Adeline and Annabelle completed our family, and every day we are thankful for our ANLC family for making our dream come true."

Jim & Monica


"I remember the day my son, Christian, was born like it was yesterday. I was so excited that I left my coat and hat on the airplane. ANLC was superb during the entire process. The most difficult time was the anxiety caused by my social worker. I would call my liaison regarding this situation - she was very comforting and encouraging. I truly appreciate ANLC for changing my life in such a wonderful way with the addition of my son. Christian is such a pleasant little boy. I love to hear his laughter. He has been a heartfelt blessing to ME, my immediate and my extended family. Thank you ANLC for this magnificent union."


RaeLynn Rose

"Our journey was filled with ups and downs, like so many others, but we could not be happier with how it turned out. We have a beautiful little girl who is the love of our lives. We had a failed adoption and what we didn’t know then was that the plan for us was to have this miracle come into our lives and make us a family. The phrase ‘worth the wait’ is so true. RaeLynn Rose is such a happy baby, she’s independent and fearless and loves to play, laugh and give big hugs. She’s as beautiful as her birthmom and we cannot express enough how grateful we are to her. We are truly blessed."

Steve & Angie

Massimo & Maximiliano

"Massimo & Maximiliano: our life, pride and joy."

Mark & Maria

Dominic & Samantha

"We are so humbled and honored to have been chosen by our children’s birth mothers to be the ones to raise them. We are in awe of the choice they made to give these beautiful children a better life with us than they could give them. We are forever grateful to them and to ANLC for creating our beautiful family. Dominic and Samantha are everything we ever dreamed our family would be, and not only do we have them, they have each other. Our family is now complete. Thank you ANLC!"

Joel & Andrea

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