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Adoption Network regularly receives reviews, and we’re happy to share them with you. Below you can find reviews from Facebook where we share beautiful adoption stories and many recommendations from happy families. Also check out our ratings from Yelp and Google+.

We started trying to build our family several years ago and struggled and tried different options. When we finally settled on adoption, we chose ANLC and it was a great decision. The staff was very helpful through the entire process, from the initial meeting to filling out paperwork and through the placement. They held our hands when we needed it and provided encouragement along the way. I'm sure you have many questions like we did and ANLC can answer them. After starting the process in early 2017, we received the best Christmas gift ever. Our beautiful baby boy was born a week before Christmas and we have enjoyed every moment since then with him. He is crawling now and getting into everything. Pretty soon he'll be running everywhere and getting into trouble along the way as he explores his big, new world and our home and lives. Thank you ANLC for making our dreams come true!

~ Susan T

The staff there is amazing. They made a stressful time in our lives much easier. We would definitely work with them again and recommend them to any family thinking about adoption.

~ September C

Six years ago my husband and I made the decision to begin the adoption process. The very first year we found ourselves overwhelmed with knowledge. Not knowing what to do, we enlisted the help of friends to narrow down our options. ANLC was actually found and recommend to us by my mother. The whole family was impressed with the national network ANLC had complied and the resource they had been for so many other families. I am so glad that in the midst of all the research Mom helped us find ANLC. We were fortunate that we were given Danielle and that she guided us each step of the way. She was available to us at every turn. She eased all our fears and helped us through each hurdle. Five years passed and Mark and I had come to terms that we may live a life with just us two. Waiting was the hardest part of the journey. Thankfully, we renewed that last homestudy and in September we recieved our call that a birth mother wanted us. There is no doubt in my mind that we waited for this specific child for a reason. We were always ment to be together. The ANLC staff helped us stay patient and on track for this precious one. I would suggest to all families looking to adopt to utilize ANLC. Our adoption was not in California and the law firm they connected us with was stellar. Post placement, the staff continues to have our best interests at heart. Mark and I will forever be thankful for ANLC.

~ Caressa L

We were with other agencies over the course of 7 years without being able to start a family. We started working with Adoption Network Law Center and were very quickly matched. We never thought it was going to happen. They are truly wonderful. They made the process of emotions easier. They are always a phone call away. Our beautiful little girl is almost 4 months old. It will happen. Do not give up hope, stay with the process and keep your faith.

~ Mandee B

My husband and I have had a great experience with Adoption Network Law Center! We officially began the adoption process in January, our profile went live in February, we were chosen by a birth mother in March, and we brought home our beautiful baby girl in August. The team at ANLC was very helpful, friendly and motivated to bring a baby into our lives and we were very impressed with the quick turnaround time. They worked with us very conveniently (despite being located across the country as we live in Indiana) through emails, texts and phone calls. Highly recommend if you are ready to add to your family!

~ Chelsea P

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