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That moment you get home, with your new little one and all your flowers and balloons, and the doctors and nurses are gone and you ask yourself, “What do I do now?”

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Adoption is a unique journey for Adoptive Parents, for Birth Parents and for Adoptees. It is often an uncharted journey as well, which leads to questions and uncertainties. That is why we strongly emphasize the importance of adoption education.

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Before an adoption can take place, there are specific regional laws and qualifications concerning adoption that must be met. To help you navigate the laws, we’ve provided a list of information according to each region.

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It is
actually quite difficult to put into words what our adoption journey has been
like. Yet, at the moment, I am sitting in the study of our home listening to
the sweetest sounds I believe I’ve ever heard. They are coming from our
daughter, who is now almost 8 months old.

- Jeff and Dawn

Margarethe was wonderful from the start answering all our questions, calming our fears and laying out the adoption process clearly. We became confident that ANLC would be the ones to help us find our child.

- Pete and Danielle

There are not enough word to express how thankful we are for
all your help in our adoption journey and our new bundle of joy, Angelica Jade. 

- Sal and Christian

Our innocence was obliterated when our ob/gyn couldn’t find a heartbeat at 12 weeks. We were crushed. Surely this couldn’t be happening to us. Devastating losses happen to other people, but to us?! As we sat at lunch trying to absorb and comprehend the doctor’s words, we agreed to begin the adoption process.

- Sal and Jon

We were really surprised at the
individualization and never felt like we were “just another number”.

- David and Melanie

I read many of the letters similar to the one that I am writing now. I believed that if good things could happen to others through adoption, then good things could happen for us too. We were matched with a beautiful, smart 18-year-old girl. As you know, she and I became very close. I did not experience any of the territorial, threatened feelings that I thought I might. I opened my heart to this girl, and she opened her heart to me.

- Kevin, Tracy and Aidan

I honestly
trust and believe in the adoption process thanks to loving professionals at ANLC. If ANYONE
needs reasurance and wants to hear in detail an amazing story we have, I
would love to share our experience and help them. God Bless all of you who
help make dreams come true.

- Augusto and Rose

As you read this, we know you’re filled with apprehension over one of the biggest decisions of your life. You’ve probably already been down the road of infertility treatments and maybe you have explored adoption using an agency in your area. We can truthfully say we’ve ‘been there, done that’. THANK GOD we were unsuccessful!

- John and Sandi

Our journey began in 2001. We had decided to start IVF cycles because I have severe endometriosis. We completed 4 cycles, and were beginning to feel like it will never work when we discovered I was pregnant!! To add to our joy, we found out that it was twins, a boy and a girl! We were on cloud nine! I had a relatively easy pregnancy at the beginning, I had the glow!! Then, at 22 weeks, I went into labor. Our world came crashing down around us.

- Jay, Kelly and Hayden

We are so happy we started the paperwork in late August by October we had our child.

- Jeffrey and Bria


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