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That moment you get home, with your new little one and all your flowers and balloons, and the doctors and nurses are gone and you ask yourself, “What do I do now?”

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Adoption is a unique journey for Adoptive Parents, for Birth Parents and for Adoptees. It is often an uncharted journey as well, which leads to questions and uncertainties. That is why we strongly emphasize the importance of adoption education.

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Before an adoption can take place, there are specific regional laws and qualifications concerning adoption that must be met. To help you navigate the laws, we’ve provided a list of information according to each region.

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How can we possibly thank you for changing our life? We have struggled with having additional children, but we were comforted by the belief that God had other plans for us to have another child. We had researched many different options, but felt strongly that Adoption Network Law Center was the answer to our prayers.

- Brad, Jen, Derrick, and Luke

We signed up in the beginning of May 2002. We found the photo album and pictures for the website to be taken care of quickly and with much ease. Our dear birthmother letter was hard, and yet now I know that if you just write from your heart your chosen birthmother will be your match in every way. We were matched with our first birthmother in August of the same year. I was in total shock, because it was so quick.

- Ron and Michele

Our innocence was obliterated when our ob/gyn couldn’t find a heartbeat at 12 weeks. We were crushed. Surely this couldn’t be happening to us. Devastating losses happen to other people, but to us?! As we sat at lunch trying to absorb and comprehend the doctor’s words, we agreed to begin the adoption process.

- Sal and Jon

People stop us wherever we go and talk about how beautiful she is and how happy she seems.

- Andrea and Mike

There aren’t enough words to express how blessed we feel right now. Thank you for all you have done to make our dream come true. Rachel is an amazing little girl…what a sense of humor she has! She is the life of the party and the light of our lives.

- Charley and Maria Jacob

We went down to visit Todd’s brother on December 29th in Virginia. For many years we’d go to their home on Christmas Day, but for some reason -and no coincidences here, we decided to wait until 12/29. We were on our way to dinner when I got a phone call from Adoption Network Law Center telling us that they have a baby girl for us and that she is in Virginia. I said, “Oh that’s funny, we’re in Virginia visiting family.”

- Todd, Lori, Lexie and Kate

Ellie’s adoption is now finalized. For that incredibly joyous day we have everyone at Adoption Network Law Center to thank. Everyone was caring and helpful in facilitating communication with our Birthmother and guiding us through the legal pathways that led to our finalization. I will never forget the genuine warmth and tremendous support we received from those individuals whom we have only met over the phone.

- John, Kathy and Ellie

We were amazed that you were able to create our family in the short time span of only seven months. When Sharron told us that we would be parents within nine to twelve months we thought it was too good to be true. But, miracles do happen.

- Jose and Donna

If you are looking for evidence that miracles DO happen, then please read this letter. We have adopted both our sons from Adoption Network Law Center in the past 8 months! Our Precious John Henry was born less than 3 months after we signed up with Adoption Network Law Center and our beloved Jackson was born not quite 6 months later.

- Carrie, Johnny, John Henry and Jackson

I was there when her water broke and I actually drove her to the hospital. She allowed me to stay with her during the entire birth process and allowed my husband to listen in by telephone, since he was home due to being in the middle of a big trial. It was wonderful on every

- Brent and Jennifer B.


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