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That moment you get home, with your new little one and all your flowers and balloons, and the doctors and nurses are gone and you ask yourself, “What do I do now?”

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Adoption is a unique journey for Adoptive Parents, for Birth Parents and for Adoptees. It is often an uncharted journey as well, which leads to questions and uncertainties. That is why we strongly emphasize the importance of adoption education.

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Before an adoption can take place, there are specific regional laws and qualifications concerning adoption that must be met. To help you navigate the laws, we’ve provided a list of information according to each region.

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We were ‘live’ on the website as of May 11, and we were matched on June 26. Amazing! And our birthmother was due July 8.

- Elena (and Cliff)

Thanks for the wonderful staff we have our first child, a beautiful son.

- Jonathan and Shana

We can hardly believe our daughter is almost five months old now. It seems like five minutes ago we were meeting her for the first time just after she was born.

- The DeLuca Family

We wanted to thank you so much for helping us adopt our first child, Drew. We were amazed that you were able to match us in just a little over five months. Andrew Nicholas is such a special child and we love him dearly. He recently turned 6 months old, has blonde hair and blue eyes and is 21 pounds and 27 inches long. He smiles now every time he sees us and has a great laugh.

- Dave, Renee and Drew

When we first came to Adoption Network Law Center, we never dreamed we would be the parents of two such beautiful happy children. First we were blessed with Lauren 3½ years ago and then again with Spencer this past summer. Initially we were very skeptical as we waited to be matched and kept hearing that “the right child for us hadn’t been born yet”. Although the waiting was difficult, it was only with the help of Adoption Network Law Center that our dreams came true.

- Steve and Megan

How can we possibly thank you for changing our life? We have struggled with having additional children, but we were comforted by the belief that God had other plans for us to have another child. We had researched many different options, but felt strongly that Adoption Network Law Center was the answer to our prayers.

- Brad, Jen, Derrick, and Luke

It has been so long since we last talked and I am sorry it has taken me this long to get a note out to you. Ron and I want so much to thank you and the Adoption Network Law Center for all the help you have been to us in starting our family. Who would have ever guessed that it would all happen so fast?

- Ron and Lisa

We are so grateful for being introduced to Adoption Network Law Center. The staff supported both our family and the birthparents, answering questions and providing sound advice based on experience. My husband and I, in describing Adoption Network Law Center to others, always comment on the staff’s commitment to finding the right match and promoting the interest of the adopted baby. We have since referred two couples to Adoption Network Law Center and we intend to sign up with your agency again.

- Kathleen M.

We are so very happy. You have to feel pretty darn good about what you do for people. This match was perfect. We strongly feel that God made Ian for us. He is perfect in every way. We are so deeply in love with him. Marie can’t stop kissing him and Tim loves to just hold Ian from the time he gets home from work to the time he goes to bed. He makes Ian smile and laugh with just glance. The three of us are the happiest family on this earth.

- Tim and Marie

As you know, Aimee and I experienced five plus years of grueling infertility. We initially looked to the Adoption Network Law Center for one reason, to build our family through adoption. We got much more. Your guidance not only matched us with the perfect birth mother in less than two months, it also helped us grow as caring, loving, and trusting parents.

- Aimee, Joe and Connor


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