Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy?

Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy?

We may provide free assistance with living expenses, housing, and other support services.


How to Adopt a Newborn Baby

Looking for your precious baby?

We can help you find and adopt a newborn baby to fulfill your dreams of parenting.


Find the Perfect Family For Your Baby

Pregnant? Find a family ready to adopt.

Find a loving home to provide your child with everything they need to thrive. You decide!

Adoption Network - Safer than Adoption Agencies

Safer Than Adoption Agencies

As a Law Center, we are better able to recognize scams and ensure the integrity of the adoption process.

Unlike adoption agencies, ANLC is held to a higher standard and has a legal obligation to protect its clients' interests and advise of any red flags.

ANLC works with its network of attorneys and agencies throughout the U.S. to ensure the most legally sound adoption plan, thereby protecting the interest of all parties.

Multiple attorneys are on staff to guide you through the adoption process and provide oversight. Emotional and financial realities of adoption are explained.

ANLC ensures that background checks, medical records and home studies are obtained.

We work to reduce potential legal risks involving Birth Fathers.

ANLC's legal team is involved as needed during the post-placement period to assist with birth certificates, IRS letters, insurance letters and finalization questions.

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Unplanned pregnancy adoption packet

Want To Adopt?

How to Adopt with ANLC Adoption Packet:
To help you learn more about your options, we will send you our FREE Adoption Information Packet. There is no obligation and you will receive:
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How to adopt with ANLC Adoption Packet

2019 ANLC Calendar Kids


Dominic & Samantha

"We are so humbled and honored to have been chosen by our children’s birth mothers to be the ones to raise them. We are in awe of the choice they made to give these beautiful children a better life with us than they could give them. We are forever grateful to them and to ANLC for creating our beautiful family. Dominic and Samantha are everything we ever dreamed our family would be, and not only do we have them, they have each other. Our family is now complete. Thank you ANLC!"
Joel & Andrea

Massimo & Maximiliano

"Massimo and Maximiliano: our life, pride and joy."
Mark & Maria

RaeLynn Rose

"Our journey was filled with ups and downs, like so many others, but we could not be happier with how it turned out. We have a beautiful little girl who is the love of our lives. We had a failed adoption and what we didn’t know then was that the plan for us was to have this miracle come into our lives and make us a family. The phrase ‘worth the wait’ is so true. RaeLynn Rose is such a happy baby, she’s independent and fearless and loves to play, laugh and give big hugs. She’s as beautiful as her birthmom and we cannot express enough how grateful we are to her. We are truly blessed."
Steve & Angie


"I remember the day my son, Christian, was born like it was yesterday. I was so excited that I left my coat and hat on the airplane. ANLC was superb during the entire process. The most difficult time was the anxiety caused by my social worker. I would call my liaison regarding this situation - she was very comforting and encouraging. I truly appreciate ANLC for changing my life in such a wonderful way with the addition of my son. Christian is such a pleasant little boy. I love to hear his laughter. He has been a heartfelt blessing to ME, my immediate and my extended family. Thank you ANLC for this magnificent union."

Adeline & Annabelle

"Adeline and Annabelle bring us such joy into our lives, it was truly a miracle to have one beautiful daughter Adeline come into our lives. Then, 3 years later we were doubly blessed with Addie’s baby sister Annabelle. Adeline and Annabelle completed our family, and every day we are thankful for our ANLC family for making our dream come true."
Jim & Monica


"Our baby girl, Nevaeh, is such a huge blessing. We waited 2 years before we got chosen. She was worth every minute. Words can’t describe how much we love her."
Travis & Rochelle


"Waiting was definitely one of the most difficult parts of our adoption journey. Waiting for a placement. Waiting for the birth. Waiting to hold our son. Waiting to take him home. Waiting for his first steps and his first words. Sometimes we can become so busy waiting for what comes next, that we miss the precious moments in between. Rowan has taught us the importance of slowing down, listening, watching, and enjoying each and every moment. We are beyond grateful for our precious son, his birth mother, and ANLC for making all these special moments possible!"
Ben & Allison


"A playful and charming little man, Lyndon has brought so much joy to our hearts and home. He loves to explore the outdoors, read books, play with his tractors, and “help” us. Hearing him call for “Mommy” or “Daddy” is an answer to our prayers. Adoption has given us a beautiful blessing!"
Lynn & Alisa

Liam & Amelia

"Our family has never felt more complete and fulfilled as the day(s) Liam and Amelia came into our lives. Our adoption journey was an amazing blessing and our hearts have been overfilled with love. We are grateful every day for our birth mothers who were very brave and courageous in their adoption decision. Liam has a huge heart, is a protector of his sister, full of life and energy and loves the great outdoors. Amelia is determined, outgoing, articulate and loving and enjoys being a part of all that her brother does. Thank you ANLC for making our dreams come true!"
Tom & Jill


"Tommy is worth every dollar I spent, every tear I cried, and every minute I waited for him. The day this most beautiful, perfect little man came into my life was the day that everything I ever worried about before disappeared. I know in my heart that he and I were meant to be together. It just took a little patience and a lot of faith until we finally found our way to each other and became a family. "

"Becoming a mother through adoption has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. I have no doubt that my little girl will continue to change the people that she meets as she fights through her severe cerebral palsy diagnosis with persistence and strength. Being chosen as her mama is an honor and a privilege and I will always be her biggest advocate."


"Amelia is our family’s miracle! Being her parents fills our lives with an overwhelming amount of joy, gratitude and most of all love. We are so grateful to ANLC for all their love and support throughout our adoption journey and the friendships beyond. We absolutely adore Amelia’s birth mom and are so blessed to have her as a part of our family. This wonderful little girl is loved by so many!"
D & Sara